Rusty Cooley: guitar asylum TV

Rusty Cooley:
We are getting so much positive response to Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum TV. Yes, it will be on television starting in Houston, TX January 2011 and each episode will be online worldwide coming from the top 25 top video online venues (YouTube, iTunes, Sony, Samsung, Tivo, Blip, etc).

We have a great line up of guitar guests, many of them you already know and love and desire to be in your dreams! We will cover guitar tech and tips. Super Shredder Rusty Cooley, our host will also guide you through some quick lessons (quick because he's one of the fastest in the world!) and answer our viewers most important guitar questions.

Stay tune and see the likes of Mark Tremonti, John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis as well as some surprises we are waiting to unleash!