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Adam Ironside: Sanyo Pedal Juice Giveaway Winner (DirtBox)

Adam Ironside says:
Congratulations to the winner!

Thankyou all for entering.

Sanyo Pedal Juice Giveaway Winner (DirtBox)

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition RESULTS

Brett Garsed and Di Marzio would like to thank you for all your hard work as Brett Garsed announces in reverse order the top 5 winners of the Shred This III competition.

The judges for the competition were:

Brett Garsed:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks:
Laurie Monk:

The Prizes:
1 Pick Your Own DiMarzio pickups!
2 10 pack Ultimate Fusion Tuition DVD set by Derry Gabel
3 Ibanez DS7 distortion pedal from Magnus Olsson
4 Rick Graham,Chris Brooks, Magnus Olsson in Melodic Soloists CD collection
5 Tristan Klein - Universal Mojo CD

A list of CD's that Brett Garsed's appears on:

The intro music:
Brett Garsed , The undoing from his CD Big Sky.
The outro music, Brett's solo from Loch Rannoch, from Garsed Helmerich, exempt

Laurie Monk thanks, Brett Garsed, Larry DiMarzio, Magnus Olsson, Rick Graham, Chris Brooks and Tom Quayle... and the ever present Shred Junior... G'day mate! And not forgetting you!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition RESULTS

The Winners:
Bryan Aspey
Joop Wolters
Martin Miller
Nikolay Karageorgiev
Nick Maurer

See for my top 15, as Brett says it really should be a top 500... I know there were at least 60 plus great takes.

Lyle Watt: winner of Andy James gets the Prize List!

As announced back in July this year... Lyle Watt was chosen by Andy as the winner of his Andy James Guitar Solo Contest held earlier, here's his winning entry:

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest Results Video

Andy James felt that it had the right balance of chops, melody, timing and phrasing so well done to Lyle!

He's got some GREAT prizes:

From ESP:


And Blackstar:

Blackstar HT-DUAL pedal

Many thanks to Kelly from ESP UK and Joel from Blackstar - and to all who entered!


Andy James, Owen Edwards and James Edwards

Russ Parrish: steel panther current tour dates and interview

11 - Las Vegas, NV - Green Valley Ranch
13 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club
16 - Oberhausen, Germany - Konig Pilsener Arena
18 - London, England - O2 Arena (as part of Ozzfest)
19 - Cologne, Germany - Luxor
20 - Munich, Germany - 59: 1
21 - Berlin, Germany - Crystal Club
22 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
24 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
25 - Las Vegas, NV - Green Valley Ranch
27 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club

28 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
31 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Sodo

10 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
11 - Houston, TX - House of Blues

16 - Chicago, IL - The Cubby Bear
29 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues

Stefanie's Rock Show - Satchel Interview *Satchel audible*

Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Seven The Hardway TOUR CANCELLED

We regret to announce the cancellation of the Seven The Hardway tour of Europe.

Due to the delayed release of the album (August instead of April) and the booking of the tour immediately following European summer vacation, there has not been adequate opportunity to properly promote the record or the tour.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For ticket refunds, please visit your original place of purchase.

We plan to re-book in the future, once the new album has had a chance to be heard by our fans.

As always, we thank you for your continued support."

The self-titled album will see a North American release on September 14th. more

Aleksandar Sukovic: creamy 8-Finger Tapping Solos

8-Finger Tapping Solo #1

8-Finger Tapping Solo #2

Jean-Dominique Leonelli:Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010:DYSFUNCTION by Jean-Do Leonelli(new video)

Mazaa: Baba O'Riley - Synth part on Guitar

Baba O'Riley - Synth part on Guitar

Alex Stornello: Angels and Demons power fusion trio

Extracts from a live exhibition of Angels&Demons a new power fusion trio featuring:
Alex Stornello on guitar, Giorgio "JT" Terenziani on bass and Paolo Caridi on drums.
The band mixs fusion approach, funk rythm, metal influences and hard rock cliché. A new way to play fusion...
Angels&Demons is sponsored by FBT
Alex Stornello use Cicognani's amp - Imperium series
Giorgio "JT" Terenziani use Cicognai's amp - Indy series
Paolo Caridi use Pearl drums and Sabian Cymbals
search the band page in facebook to be always update about live and the release of their first cd

Angels&Demons - Power Fusion Trio

Muris Varajic: MK guitars interview

Interviewee turns interviewer for live4guitar as Muris Varajic interviews Mirza from MK guitars:
This is not a full time job for you, is it? When do you find the time?

Well, all my free time I spend in the workshop. I still call it a hobby, because I do it for other reasons than money. If I could afford it, this is the only thing I would be doing, and I hope, one day, it will be. Building guitars will always be more than a job specially for all the contacts and friendships that I forged over the years with people who play my instruments. That is priceless.

Give us some names.

I’m very happy that you play my guitar, Muris. I hope it serves you well. Bata Kostic from Yu Grupa has one, and I’m also working on a guitar for Vlatko Stefanovski. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted on the internet a guy called Chris Evans from Kent, England playing one of my guitars. There is a host of young upcoming players that come to me and I’m so glad to be a part of their development. full interview

Wayne Krantz: John Patitucci, Cliff Almond live 2010

Wayne Krantz, John Patitucci, Cliff Almond

Wayne Krantz - John Patitucci - Cliff Almond 9-5-10 10:30 show nyc iridium

Gary Gaske: fuming fusion!

Gary Gaske:
I was angry so why not play,,, I am playing a custom built guitar by me gary gaske,its got dimarzio 403's and seymour duncan AH humbucker in the bridge. The neck is a fender,, that I refretted and also shaved the back down a bit. The body is a old roadstar body. I routed a large cavity under the pickguard to give it more of a hollow sound,, also I put a orange drop cap on the tone pot. My backline is a peavey 50 + fender blues jr, run in stereo. I going thru a, xotic BB preamp pedal,and a yamaha magic stomp for a little delay. My setup sounds better inperson than it sounds on this video. Thank you for checking me out,, any questions feel free to ask . peace GG
Improvising over a jam track-peavey 50-fender blues jr- xotic bb pedal

Tim Miller: demo his Rick Canton guitar

Tim Miller playing his new Rick Canton guitar at bar 55 NYC 08-09-10

Shane Theriot: The Stratoblogster goes head to head!

Stratoblogster: Do you tour more abroad than in the USA? Where was your best ever audience? Where have you been best received?

Shane Theriot: I like playing in Japan a lot. The audience is very attentive and it's fun to have all ears like that. On the other hand, it's hard to beat New Orleans for the energy that a small crowd can have. People live to go out and hear live music here and if it's got a funky beat to it, they are going to react to it. more

George Lynch: Lynch Mob European tour dates

Oct. 30 - Nottingham, England - Firefest
Nov. 02 - Sofija, Bulgaria - Rockbar Fans
Nov. 03 - Budapest, Hungary - A38 Ship
Nov. 06 - Weert, Netherlands - De Bosuil
Nov. 07 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Heiniken
Nov. 09 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apollo 2
Nov. 10 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Atelier
Nov. 11 - Vienna, Austria - Szene
Nov. 12 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Rockfabrick
Nov. 14 - Modena, Italy - Matrioska Club
Nov. 17 - Paris, France - Le Divan Du Monde
Nov. 18 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Sticky Fingers S
Nov. 19 - Västerås, Sweden - Sigurdsgatan 25
Nov. 20 - Oslo, Norway - Smuget

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g Firewind USA dates


Nov. 04 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
Nov. 05 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA
Nov. 06 - The Gramercy - New York, NY
Nov. 07 - Les Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC, Canada

Yngwie Malmsteen: Relentless set for Christmas release window

Yngwie Malmsteen has set "Relentless" as the title of his new studio album, due in Japan on November 10 via Universal Music. more

Ron Thal: Gaffa interview

Gaffa intervew: Why was it just this year that your debut album was re-released?

- Because the record company finally decided it! Shrapnel Records owns all rights to the album and what came after, "Hermit", so I can not just self-publish it. It is entirely up to them what they will do about it, and after I switched companies in 1997, they have never reprinted it so nobody could get it - unless they found it in some obscure shop or at eBay. But then they contacted me last year and said they wanted to republish it and it made me piss happy! It will of course want to one's music is accessible to people, so we started working on new artwork and getting Sega numbers with.

I read that it took you six months to transcribe the entire album to the 200-page book, which also becomes available. Was it harder than you thought?

- It was harder than making the album! Just to make it, so I decided in 1997 to take every single guitar tracks and record them on tape. Then I listened to a few seconds at a time while I tried to think of how I had played it all and wrote it down and stuffed it into the software. This year I went through them so again - put them up neatly and orderly layout - and got them put into PDF files, created artwork and so on, and it took another six months. So it was something of an achievement. It was my personal Mount Everest, which I climbed!More

William Stravato: live in Bucarest, tribute to Jeff Beck!


Dave Johnson: 6th bite of that blue cherry

No noise here, just visceral tone.

Blue Noize Solo Competition_Take 6 by Dave Johnson

Shred This III: My Top 5 Competition RESULT

There were quite a few entries for the competition and it's great to see that many of you took the time to look at all the great entries and I guess you'll know how tough it is to pick a top 5 from so many great solos. OK, so the winner for the competition wins a copy of Jon Finn's latest CD:

Jon Finn: Bull in a China Shop Buy the CD

Some great little reviews and excellent reasons put forward for your top 5's, but there can only be one winner... and the winner, picked at random, is: Thomas Jordt.

Thanks to all of you who posted your top 5's.

Here are the competition entry reviews.

Tim Dutton:
For me it’s what suited the track front to back and not just amazing shred, so here’s my picks (should be a top 10 because there are others equally as good but…)

guitarholy Vinai Trinateepakdee - good playing, style suited the backing track.

Jakeynez – good playing, different and ‘outside the box shred’

SoNg1508 – great feel and chops, suited the style

joopwolters123 – nice feel, a few chops, suits the track

universalmind3000 Davide Pepi – good playing, suits the track and style

lukiamaryllis super feeling, good structure, nice outside tones, good sound
brendy36 great feeling and technique
akeae101 superb playing
ZarubinDenis great work with chords and nice sliding solo
maranhaoguitar good tone and mix, great fun with good improvisating
Cristobal Sanhueza:
1. Steph Lucarelli: Amanzing playing, fluid great ideas, very honest, great fusion tone.
2. Benny Nilsson: Very nice use of silence! Something very dificult to make by guitarrist.
3. Nick Meares: Emotive solo and clean tecnique.
4. EvesoundGuitar(i dont know the real name) : Diferent, fresh, fluid, nice acustic tone.
5. monkeyrg570: Powerfull playing, nice shred lines.
Matias Baeza: nice vibrato
Esteban Montecino: great use of armony
Elliot Noble: Best sound
Milan Polak: groove
Thiago Trinse:Nice playing
Joe Pinnavaia:
Axel Olson - Liked the tone and his legato
Brian Aspey - Very Fiery player with some great ideas.
Martin Miller - Liked his tone, phrases, note choices and use of the vibrato bar.
Tomo - This guy is crazy! His arps are some of the best integrated I have seen.
Stelios - He is the total package - great melody and phrasing with emotion and great technique!

Shred On!
Petar Ivankovic:
1. Bryan Aspey - the complete package
2. Damir Puh - great phrasing, tone
3. Silvio Gasquez - great licks
4. Joop Wolters - tone, great whammy bar work
5. Jeff McClelland - cool approach
Aco Pejovski:
Damir Puh, Vinai Trinateepakdee, Bryan Aspey, Mark McGuigan, Silvio Gasquez.
Carmelo Serrano:
1) João Neto, very nice riff, beautiful tone, nice video, touch of guitar.
Hi Lauri!

I love your laurimonk YT-channel. One of the best resources for contemporary guitar!

My Shred This III faves are

elwischi It's got all. He's building up tension, goes with the backing track, and he sounds always good. Good phrasing in the beginning, jazzy.

Bemolator. Although he's got a little intonation problem in the beginning, he picks up the pace and like elwischi he builds up tension. He sounds good: though he uses much distortion, he got lot of sound options out of his guitar.

paralleluniversemk I like his heavy laid back feeling in the beginning. And you'll never know, what he will do next

guitarjakku Wow, he's got rhythm, skills, sound options, he can play, whatever he want, I don't find anything I don't like. And he's got a new Suhr :-)) Unbelievable talented, this young guy!

bryanaspey Everything perfect. He also has skills, a good taste, he sounds good.

Cannot say, which one I find best. Maybe Jack Gardiner, because he seems to play most freely with the groove, not against it.

I got some more, which I see in the top... KolioK, juancortes1979, MrRuneberre and this crazy entry from NikoTsonevGuitar. But I had to kill'em you're asking for just five, don't you? ;-)

Best Thomas
Fabiano Rodriguo:
It is very hard to this!
but this is my first top:
Bryan Aspey
excellent melody and tone! Great technique
rock and fusion
Marko Vesovic
excellent fusion jazz cool and feeling for swing scales
hara lemes
great ideas melodic and perfect Resolutions!
franalonso great feeling and bends expressive , cool rock and ideas strong!
molina21000 fantastic player! excellent technique !
Roben Petros:
-Bryan Aspey
-Joop Walters
-Jeff McClelland
-Damir Puh
-Silvio Gasquez
Fabiano Rodriguo:
this is my top: Bryan Aspey, Marko vesovic, Haralemes, Fran Alonso and

Molina this players? cool and excellent technique. But is only my top.

Fayeed Tan:
1.) Bryan Aspey :
It's not everyday that you see a guitar
player who's got everything in his
playing, the FEEL, the TECHNIQUE,
His entry is my favorite! He deserves
the WIN

2.) Martin Miller:
He defines the meaning of Unique
note choice is perfect!

3.) Santiago Pagura:
I love the feel of his soloing, I love the
aggressive approach and with it comes
good style and great note choice

4.) Milan Polak
Speed, melody and technique! all in
his entry! Aggression in the
approach and angst in his tone

5.) Silvio Gazquez:
His melodies always has that

very very different from others
they may not always sound good but
it never fails to make you say
Hey! that's very clever
DenZ , Bryan Aspey , Millan Polak (only of speed), SoNg1508 , Brett Garsed :)
Osman Cenan CIGIL:
Thorsten Praest This is the best entry in my opinion.It's perfect,it's like he was talking via his guitar!
Vinai Trinateepakdee This one is also excellent,tone playing,note choices are all perfect!
Bryan Aspey Bryan's solo is one of the best as always!Top quality!
Fayeed Tan The solo nicely flows through the mix,very calm and relaxing!I like it!
William Stravato Garsed-like soloing!Great!
Ahmad Saad:
guitarholy - the playing style is consistent without being predictable, and the melody lines are interesting to follow. He also anticipates the changes very well. Great tone, and shreddy enough without losing feel.

ElWischi - This one is just really pleasing to listen to. Original and enjoyable tone, cool solo development, and lots of feel. Nasty licks too!

Milan Polak - the feel isn't always right for the song and there's a lot of contrasting styles going on, but his licks are so intense and so clean.

papuza - I like the way this guy plays the changes. Sick tone, and I enjoy how his style is kind of bluesy with the occasional burst of speed.

Forgosciga - besides the pink shorts I think this one is just a nicely flowing solo that doesn't show off but has personality... I get the feeling I'm watching part of really good blues improv set.

Gregor Hilden: full blue

1965 Gibson ES-335 Part 3 Clean

Andres Vickers: Letter From Home Touch Style

Letter From Home by Pat Metheny - Andres Vickers Touch Style Guitar

Sam Coulson, Riffguy: virtual jam session

Riffguy jams with Sam Coulson

Roine Stolt, Neal Morse: Mike Portnoy, Transatlantic live 2010

This is the first part of Transatlantic gig at High Voltage Festival 2010.

This is the SkyArts clip of the Transatlantic concert on High Voltage Festival 2010.

This was the last gig of the Whirld Tour 2010
A live DVD recorded during the tour at Sheperd's Bush in London will be out somewhere in the fall of 2010!

I was the tour manager. This clip has been recorded by BlinkTV and I did the audio mix. Enjoy watching!

Collin Leijenaar

Transatlantic - The Whirlwind live at High Voltage Festival 2010

Riccardo Vernaccini:Attracted To The Moon new CD promo

Promotional video for new album "Attracted to the moon".© 2010 Riccardo Vernaccini
Order your personal copy at :
Also available at Guitar Nine:
Video by Marco Voglini

Riccardo Vernaccini-New album promo video

Simone Bortolami: tribute to Jeff Beck

Simone Bortolami, MCR® by Donato Begotti graduated at Rock Guitar Academy (Milan - Italy) plays "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" (Jeff Beck version).

Simone Bortolami (MCR®) plays "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" (Jeff Beck)

Ignazio Di Salvo: Shred fusion - Funk solo

Ignazio Di Salvo:
Modal improvising with superipositions, multitonal scales, advanced triads concepts and modern rock tecniques

Ignazio Di Salvo - Shred fusion - Funk solo 1

Paolo Castillo: late afternoon jam... and beer

Late Afternoon Improv Jam 1

News: Shred This III - Results coming today

I've been beavering away in the results video hence the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Plus with a few technical hiccups along the way... did I mention technical hiccups by the way?!?! So not long now to the announcing of the result. I will also be posting the winner from the My Top 5 competition.

I think this has been the toughest of all the competitions we've done to judge, with so many great entries, particularly from new players. I've been just overwhelmed trying to narrow down my list. I think I had a top 55, but could have had a top 100!


Robert Marcello: ME-25 Theme

Taken from the Young Guitar Magazine (Japan) Issue May 2010. Special DVD featuring; Robert Marcello of Danger Danger.

Robert Marcello Demonstration #2 - ME-25 Theme

Check out Rob's Myspace page!

Robert Marcello - ME-25 Theme

Paolo Cortez: shred this III

The results coming today! In the meantime a late post for the competition

Paolo Cortez - Shred This III Brett Garsed Jam Entry

Tyler: shredding the line 6 Vetta 2 / Variax

Line 6 Vetta 2 / Variax - Demo

Line 6 Vetta 2 / Variax - Just For Fun ;-)

Yann Negrit,Tyler: terrifying jam

This is a very old video with an old digital camrecorder. sorry for the cheesy video format. This is a jam between Tyler (from Alive Inc) and Yann Negrit. This video was shot in june 2002.
Tyler VS Yann jam june 2002

Digital Fufux soon videos of Paul Gilbert, Bumblefoot and Mattias Eklundh

Jess Lewis: battling with fives

Jess Lewis:
A part of Guthrie Govans Great song - Fives. this was recorded ages ago, in March this year, before all the other 'up to date' vids... so errm, my attempt was not that great, lots of little (Big) mistakes (like the very noticable out of tune bend at 30 sec's.. yeah I know).. but, Oh well!.. thought I'd upload it anyway... (probably not a good idea.. but hey)

1. the picture quality is terrible.. so shield you eyes.
2. the sound quality is also terrible, so plug in your ears (or have 'no' volume). *please pay attention to no. 2 - as your ears may possibly burst during the 37 seconds of this video. Thanks ;)

Guthrie Govan - Fives (well.. a small part of it anyway) by Jess

Marius Pop: The M Theory EuroTour Dates

Marius Pop and The M Theory
7 Octombrie - Joi - Oradea, sala Arlus a Casei de Cultura, ora 19.00
8 Octombrie - Vineri - Cluj, Music Pub, ora 21.00
9 Octombrie - Sambata - Arad, Club Flex, ora 21.00
14 Octombrie - Joi - Bucuresti, Music Club, ora 21.00
28 Octombrie - Joi - Timisoara, Club Bunker, ora 21.00
29 Octombrie - Vineri - Oradea, Posticum (Jazzland), ora 20.00
30 Octombrie - Sambata - Resita, Club Rock, ora 21.00
11 Noiembrie - Joi - Sibiu, Club Bohemian Flow, ora 21.00
12 Noiembrie - Vineri, Fagaras - CoverClub, ora 21.00
13 Noiembrie - Sambata, Brasov, Deanes Irish Pub, ora 21.00


News: guitar center blog - Japanese guitar blog

You'll need the power of google translate for this one:

Joe Pinnavaia: Ab Major run

The September Lick of the Month is now available at for viewing and download

Joe Pinnavaia - Guitar Lessons Buffalo, NY - SeptemberLick of the Month

The video for the eBook Technique Builders has begun and I think that many of you will get something out of it. The compilation "Emerging Artists/Into Existence" is just about done with printing and packaging so I will keep everyone in the loop on when and where it will be released. The track "Ascension in the Desert" will be available to listen to at for only a little while longer. I will be taking all of the tracks down and putting up samples. I have to do it! Until next month.... All the best!

Joe Satriani: “Light Years Away” to get premier airing on planet rock

Joe Satriani, one of rock music’s most renowned guitarists, will debut the first track from his new album “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards” exclusively on Planet Rock Radio on Monday September 13th.

The song “Light Years Away” will air alongside an exclusive interview on the Nicky Horne show between 6pm and 10pm.

Satriani’s highly anticipated 14th studio album “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards” is released in the UK on Monday October 4th by Epic Records. The album dovetails Satriani’s autumn UK tour, that starts at the Manchester Apollo on Sunday October 17th. Planet Rock broadcasts nationally on DAB radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730 and online

Rusty Cooley, Oli Herbert, Mike Orlando,Jeff Beasley: Shred Guitar Roundtable

Shred Guitar Roundtable: Rusty Cooley, Oli Herbert, Mike Orlando, and Jeff Beasley

Greetings Premier Guitar fans and welcome to the Shred Guitar Roundtable! I’m Jeff Beasley and I’ll be your host for this evening’s festivities. You may know me from my “Lethal Guitar” column here in Premier Guitar, but I’m also a seasoned shredder from way back. I’ve brought some friends along to give you an awesome glimpse into the minds and licks of some of the top shredders in modern guitar. Rusty Cooley, Mike Orlando, and Oli Herbert will be joining me in this roundtable. Each one has provided video examples with corresponding tab and text explanations for every lick. more