Monday, 13 September 2010

Frank Gambale, Stu Hamm,Cyril Achard: French Guitar Fest 2010

Guitar Fest "Il pleut des cordes" at Pennes Mirabeau (France)
"Guitar festival 11, 12 and 13 november at Jas'Rod, Pennes Mirabeau, near Marseille in France.
11 november :
Cyril Achard, Louis Winsberg
12 november :
Victor Lafuente, Frank Gambale and Stuart Hamm
13 november :
Valérie Duchateau, Angelo Debarre, Christian Bon"

Guido della Gatta: Blue Noize

Blue Noize solo contest - Guido della Gatta

Bryan Aspey: Serious Rock Guitar iphone app coming soon!

Bryan Aspey: Serious Rock Guitar iphone app coming soon!

Stu Hamm: suitcases are a little worse for wear after recent flight

Stu Hamm is already in Romania at ZC3 getting ready for the weekend show... unfortunately his cases got a little mashed on their journey.

Stu Hamm says:
Alitalia could not have destroyed my bag any more if they had hired 2
gorillas and a polar bear with sledge hammers..I'm talking about my
heaviest duty haliburton-esque Delsey...super heavy and heavy duty...the spine is bent and cracked in 3 places and there are 2 gaping
arrived swarmed in duct tape...should be an easy process to get
Alitalia to refund me for the damage and new suitcase

Dhalif: guitar idol 2010

enjoyed this one.


Marcos De Ros: Brasileirinho, more Choro'n'Roll

Brasileirinho - Waldir Azevedo - Choro'n'Roll - Marcos De Ros

Frank Pearl: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 - Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song

Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: Double Vision competition winner announcement just hours away.

Today at 6 pm Brazilian time the finalists of Double Vision Contest will be announced on we had almost 500 guitar players participating and more the 800 videos.  NB I might be asleep when it is announced :)

DOUBLE VISION DVD CULTURAL CONTEST - Sydnei Carvalho & Alex Martinho

News: John Macaluso Italian Clinic Tour

John Macaluso Italian Clinic Tour

"Celebrating the reunion of the critically acclaimed band ARK, John Macaluso will be doing a drum clinic tour in Italy (September 25 - October 10). John will be performing drum clinics featuring the "Drumming Of ARK". He will be demonstrating grooves, fills, solos and ARK's writing and recording process. John will be performing with play along music tracks as well as playing solo.
Macaluso is also an independent touring and studio recording drummer who has recorded over 200 al- bums. Some of his credits include Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT, James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Riot, Starbreaker, KRS-1, George Lynch, Union Radio, Delmar Brown (Sting), Chris Caffery (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Vitalij Kuprij, Alex Masi, MAV (Heroes Temporis), Powermad, Spread Eagle, "Wild At Heart Movie" and more.
John will also be doing part of his clinic on how it is to work as a studio drummer/touring independent artist and give tips on recording albums, getting gigs, working with producers, touring stories and helpful hints. Also included in the clinic will be a drummers chop builder section. John will show techniques and practice methods to help drummers build hand and foot speed, play with click track, double bass, odd time grooves, world rhythms and more.
Macaluso released a drum book called "Repercussions" that was endorsed by Joe Franco (Good Rats), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and Bobby Jarzombek (Halford). Macaluso will be demonstrating sections of the book at the clinic as well. He will close with a question and answer section.
All clinics will feature an opening performance by Dario Ciccioni. At the age of 26, Dario is currently a full time member of three bands (empYrios, Hartmann, Twinspirits), has been a member of the VicFirth Edu- cation Team Roster since 2008, continues to participate in various projects as a freelance studio artist, and is equipped with a rapidly expanding resume packed with collaborations, recordings, tours, and numerous endorsements including VicFirth sticks, Paiste cymbals, Shure systems, and Glory Bound Ink clothing."

Greg Howe: new blue Laguna, thin super fast neck

Full view. Slightly thinner neck shape... not really thinner but a little less shoulder - fast! plus GH-6 pickup