Friday, 14 January 2011

Volker Scheidt: guitar on the edge

Volker Scheidt
http://www.e-gitarrenschule-freiburg.deElectric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching in Freiburg
Back for shred in 2011!!
Here is Part 2 of the Shred guitar Discipline
which is a Tribute for the Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar
It start's very slow with a nice little melody on my George Lynch ESP Kamikaze:)
Then i jam with the Fender yngwie Malmsteen Strat against a Paul gilbert Backingtrack which i speeded up to play faster.....lots of fun
Yngwie was the reason why i started playing guitar back in i always loved Fender guitars......

I did this video just for fun..everything is improvised and created on the spot............
just the best for 2011 and make this a rocking year:)
The Melodic guitar chapter continues..........

Shred guitar Fury / Guitar on the edge with Volker Scheidt

Rob Chappers, Andy James: NAMM demo ESP LTD H1007

Rob Chappers tries the new ESP LTD H1007

Eddie Van Halen: New EVH models NAMM

NAMM 2011 - EVH

Roy Marchbank: posted his guitar album.

Dylan Roy Marchbank's EVH frankenstein

Byrd Avanti

Check out all the beasts including the YJM Fender... Roy Marchbank:
amazing acoustic tone, record a lot with this guitar its a bit o a tree t play live tho imo, changed the pickups for Texas Specials but even they dont do the guitar justice, undecided on replacements

Maximilian Bauer: Bumpy English!

Jammin' and introducing a composition of mine (bumpy English inclusive :)

Chris Broderick: NAMM and Jackson signature

Chris Broderick shows off his new signature Jackson at NAMM. More photos

Rick Graham: Rocky video has 4,000,000 views!

Training Montage - Rocky IV

Rich Murray: NAMM review day one... by Rich Murray

Comprehensive review and photo gallery from day one at NAMM by Rich Murray from guitar channel

Fletcher Barton: Death By Gluegun - Moocow

Fletcher & Death By Gluegun - Moocow (Original)

Rob Chappers: meets The Tone King at NAMM

The Tone King & The Monkey Lord (Chappers) w/ Special Guest from Artie Love Winter NAMM 2011

Saad Dada: Shred This III

Shred This III : Saad Dada

News: NAMM review day one... by NAMM

ANAHEIM, Calif., January 13, 2010—The first day of the NAMM Show drew a capacity-crowd to the Breakfast of Champions opening show session at the Anaheim Hilton in the early morning hours, where NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond welcomed numerous industry laureates who shared valuable industry insight with attendees.

The Breakfast of Champions featured Vic Firth, founder of Vic Firth, Inc.; Bob Zildjian, founder of Sabian Cymbals; Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder and special consultant, Roland Corporation; Jon Haber, founder and owner of Alto Music; Sam Ash, chief operations officer of Sam Ash Music Stores; Mike Huckabee, TV commentator and former Governor of Arkansas; Bobby Roberts, manager of Bobby Roberts Company, Inc.; and Bernie Williams, former New York Yankee and musician.

Gov. Huckabee and Williams spoke about their passion for supporting music education for children.

“Music and arts programs are vital,” Huckabee said. “I like to say it this way: They're not extracurricular, they're not expendable, and they're not extraneous—they're essential.” more

Salvo Vecchio: The Warm Light Of Night at guitar 9

The Warm Light Of Night is the first solo album by the guitarist from Turin, Italy, Salvo Vecchio (previously heard on the Attitude album), and features ten tracks ranging from heavy shred rock and fusion to the softer blues. The CD offers a number of intense rock instrumental tracks with catchy melodies, shredding solos and some very special guests like Gilbert Pot (former Elegy guitarist), Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine) and Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth and Vision Divine bass player), Sted Droetto (Highlord) - to name a few! Vecchio has tried to compose a deep and intense musical journey, where the search of emotions is his personal priority. Each tune has its own soul and the listener can cross from the heavy stuff to the smooth bluesy lands and back again, clearly hearing Salvo’s musical roots BUY

News: guitarnoize NAMM trail

guitarnoize Over 20 posts since Saturday mainly

Dennis Kresin: a super version of Donna Lee - Charlie Parker

Donna Lee - Charlie Parker

Don Alder: Yamaha A Series acoustic guitar at NAMM

Don Alder demonstrates the new Yamaha A Series acoustic guitar at NAMM 2011

Robert Marcello: First Look at Roland GR-55 NAMM

Oh yea, true synth geeks never sleep. We're still rolling on the new and updates from NAMM 2011. This one is really sweet with a first look at the all new Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer. Its got an all new USB enabled brain loaded with over 900 sounds. You can play up to four at time with detunings and all kinds of crazy stuff. Check out the rockin' demo live from NAMM 2011!

Follow all the Synth and Electronics news and updates live from NAMM 2011 all week long at

NAMM 2011 - First Look at Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer