Scott Kerr: quick jam with some cool licks

Scott Kerr:
OK, So I just got this thing out of the box today and decided to videotape a quick jam. As usual, rusty as hell, so I'm sorry about the slop playing. I used the DR880 for the guitar tone also, just a preset (p08 1959 lead) and jammed over a preset groove (56 Rock Ballad) and basically hit record on my imac, and videoed the damn thing.

So far I really like how I can plug my guitar into this unit, and control it's volume, the bassline's volume as well as the drumline's volume separately. Although I doubt I'd use this as my 'guitar rig' It could come in handy in the event of a meltdown or tube explosion... drum samples sound good, and it was simple to hook up to my computer. Now to go try and make some of my own stuff up on it. I'll post more as I go!

DR880 guitar