Sunday, 16 January 2011

Leslie West: with Racer X's Jeff Martin on drums

Leslie West - Mississippi Queen w/ Jeff Martin on drums

Neils Vejlyt: The Infinite Overture pt.1 release date approaches

Danish progressive metallers Infinity Overture return with their second album “The Infinite Overture pt.1”. Led by the superb guitar and compositional skills of Neils Vejlyt, the band have taken a step away from the symphonic metal slant of their debut to mark the start of altogether darker and more distinctive journey with enhanced progressive elements blended with gothic textures.
Album promo page :

Fabrice Lacourt: Aeolien Groove in E - a super tasty treat

Aeolien Groove in E - Fabrice Lacourt

Guthrie Govan: live at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Guthrie Govan stopped by our boothh at NAMM and played a few songs, be sure to have a listen to this! Guthrie Govan has made TonePrints for our new pedals, see more on our web site.

Guthrie Govan live at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Harvey James: RIP dead at 58

Sherbet Guitarist Harvey James Dead: Sherbet have lost their 58-year-old guitarist Harvey James who lost his six-month battle with lung cancer.

As a member of the ARIA Hall Of Fame played in stacks of Aussie bands (including Ariel and Mississippi) before he joined Sherbet in 1976. One of Oz music's biggest pop bands from the seventies they recorded one of Australia's most popular hits, "Howzat". more

Sergey Golovin: Uncle Eddie - brown sound cool playing

Sergey Golovin-''Uncle Eddie''(AMT S1 Demo)

Tommy Ermolli, Daniele Liverani, Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits release date

Italian progressive metal band Twinspirits return with their third album “Legacy” on 18th February 2011 on Lion Music.
As a preview of the new album the band have released a promotional video for the track “Slave To This World” which can be viewed at

“Legacy” marks the second album of vocalist Göran Nyström in the band, and his voice delivers another commanding performance over the material penned by band mastermind and keyboardist Daniele Liverani. Guitarist Tommy Ermolli takes a heavier role this time round whilst the rhythm section of bassist Alberto Rigoni and drummer Dario Ciccioni hold down the complex patterns with precision.
Full information on the album release to follow shortly.

Sam Bell: New YouTube Channel

NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL (and some 8 string improv)

Sam Bell:
Mask of Judas E.P now on Itunes and Amazon worldwide!

Hey guys!

My band Mask of Judas has a brand new E.P on Itunes and Amazon!



Please help support the band by going to those pages and checking out the tunes!

thank you!


Rob Chappers,Guthrie Govan: NAMM jam

Rob Chappers at NAMM with Guthrie Govan

News: OMGuitar - ipad shreds

App link: OMGuitar is the most realistic iPad guitar app. It can even be the last chance at auditions!

Audition with iPad Guitar (OMGuitar)

Keep up with Chrome news on your Android

Auto-updating list of news stories about the Chrome OS. Lists news from major websites, television, newspapers. The developer of this app is in no way affiliated with the Chrome Operating System more

Steve Stevens,Marty Friedman, Steve Morse, Kiko Loureiro: NAMM 2011 sneak peaks

NAMM 2011 sneak peek inside Steve Stevens & Josie Marty Friedman Steve Morse

Travis Montgomery: Wintersun - Death And The Healing solo - WOW

Nailed it!
Wintersun - Death And The Healing solo

Rob Chappers,Misha Mansoor: Periphery NAMM

Rob Chappers at NAMM 2011 with Misha Mansoor from Periphery and Tony Pimental

Rob Chappers: Matchless Xcaliber 35

Rob Chappers at NAMM 2011 with the new Matchless Xcaliber 35

News: Harmony Central 2011 Day 2 Highlights

WNAMM 2011 Day 2 Highlights

Orianthi: TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Orianthi signing at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Guthrie Govan: TC Electronic booth at NAMM

Guthrie Govan playing at the TC Electronic booth at NAMM

John Longhitano: Guthrie Govan Guitar Contest

Guthrie Govan Guitar Contest - John Longhitano

News: Greg Riley's NAMM photos

Jack Osborne, Andy Wood, Guthrie Govan

Mr Riley and Rob Chappers

Plus all the NAMM gear including Schecter guitars... yeah right!
Spot the Schecter guitars

Guy Elyahu: Bar - kokhva guitar idol III

Guy Elyahu Bar - kokhva

Ionut Ciucle: Radioactive guitar idol III

Ionut Ciucle - Radioactive

Sergei Zagurskij: Witch guitar idol III


Bryan Rason: Guitar Idol 2010

First Love (take 2) - Bryan Rason - Original - Follow Your Bliss - Fingerstyle

Aurelien Budynek: "AB Custom" guitar demo

Aurelien Budynek (DareDevil Squadron, Cindy Blackman) talks about his "AB Custom" guitar, built by Atomic Guitar Works.
Includes live footage of DareDevil Squadron, Cindy Blackman's Another Lifetime, Stratospheerius, Juke...

Aurelien Budynek - Atomic Guitar Works' AB CUSTOM demo

playing live with super drummer Cindy Blackman

Cindy Blackman's Another Lifetime - Where

Sam Coulson: Screaming Strat tested to it's limits

Screaming Strat - Sam Coulson

Si Hayden,: Acoustic on Fire 2006


Ruggero Robin: blues and acoustic

Ruggero Robin joke in blues in musical store.wmv

Pietro Nobile Ruggero Robin Acoustic Duo.wmv

George Bellas: how do they do that?!

Adrenalin Rush - George Bellas - Guitar Rage

Yuri Koch: a little funk fusion!

Yuri Koch - Improviso Funk

Lukasz Kulczak: Shred This Too

Łukasz LUKI Kulczak - Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION!!!

Belial Baez: Hola... Fender American Standard in Spanish!

"This is an spanish spoken review of a Fender American Standard Stratocaster.
I hope spanish speakers can enjoy this review."

Fender American Standard Stratocaster Review para

Jimi Hendrix: looking for that special birthday or anniversary treat?

Designed to inspire you from the moment you enter the room; to capture the ethos of Hendrix and ultimately be a sanctuary where Hendrix himself would enjoy spending time. Conceived by interior designer Mary Gannon and her senior associate Cynthia Garcia – a stay in The Cumberland’s ‘Hendrix’ suite is not-to-be-missed for any Hendrix fan or design junkie.

Think exquisite statement lighting, flamboyant colours and psychedelic stylised patterns, authentic fabrics uncovered in vintage fairs and from specialist collectors. The room showcases an original 60s printed panel called ‘Peacock’ by Mariji Isola for Marimekko, along with a wall of framed originals of NME covers from the 1960s featuring the rock legend.

Centrepiece of the room is a flaming three-metre Hendrix mural by renowned graphic designer Andie Airfix, whose previous works include designs for Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Airfix drew his inspiration from Hendrix’s infamous ‘guitar flambé’ show finale.