Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jess Lewis: 'Feeling Fine' by Alex Hutchings

16 year old girl JESS LEWIS plays incredible version of 'Feeling Fine' by Alex Hutchings

Stelios Sfikakis: Wins Live 4 Guitar 3rd competition

Check out the full scores and details for this competition. I would like to thank the great guys over at live4guitar for inviting me over to help with the judging which wasn't easy yet again. A new format for me to judge and some great playing too.... but the winner is

Stelios Sfikakis

3rd live4guitar competition Stelios Entry

Now get on over to Live4guitar to check out the scores and results... whilst you are there don't forget to sign up. Plus check out the lessons

Joop Wolters: on the tele...


David Locke: VGS Neo Pro (Visions In Guitars)

VGS Neo Pro (Visions In Guitars) - David Locke

Gary Hoey: GHS Strings Overview

GHS Strings Overview

Gae Manfredini: a little latin for you

gae manfredini - cuban nights -

Michael Angelo Batio, Neil Zaza, Pop Woravit: Live in Bangkok

Michael angelo _Niel zaza _Pop Woravit _Jam_Going Down Live in Bangkok

Michael angelo Niel zaza Pop Woravit Jam " We are star" Live in Bangkok

Dhalif: Ernieball Musicman put through its' paces!

Dhalif plays Ernieball Musicman

Dhalif plays Ernieball Musicman 2

Manu Allicot: Suhr Anniversary 2008 test

Gear test : Suhr Anniversary 2008 Two Rock J2 Anniversary Eventide H8000 FW

Mattias IA Eklundh: Murder Groupie

Murder Groupie from the album Land of the Freaks, featuring V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera. Footage from Hellfest, France, 2010.

Freak Kitchen - Murder Groupie

Aurelien Budynek: Atomic Artist Profile

Atomic Artist Profile with Aurelien Budynek Part 1

Atomic Artist Profile: Aurelien Budynek Part 2

Jace Parales: Necrophagist - Epitaph solo

Necrophagist - Epitaph solo

Sloth Chubsteen: D Major Melodic Jam

A jam ispired by some of my favorite players Frank Gambale, Satriani, Eric Johnson, Neil Schon, and a couple melody notes from Star Wars. I have been battling serious tendonitis from work and hadnt played in a while but i almost think i am getting better by not playing becuase i can hear melodies in my head? Let me know your opinion. A big thanks to Daniel Penco for the awesome backing track and scale learning resources. Daniel's channel:
I am really happy with the tones of the mesa express 5:50 2x12. Been tweaking knobs on the amp for over a year now and i think i found my tone =) Thanks for watching!

Gear used: EBMM John Petrucci signature guitar, Mesa Express 5:50 2x12, Boss me 70, sony handycam, and windows movie maker. Not a direct recording just using the camera mic.

D Major Melodic Jam

David Shankle: online Lessons Promo

David Shankle/DSG/Holland/Manowar/ Online Lessons Promo Video by Christian Reign Gray.

Alessandro Ragazzo: Fives tribute to Guthrie Govan

Fives (Guthrie Govan) - Alessandro Ragazzo

Romain "Roo" Chapus: Mayones Legend

Mayones Legend performed by Roo

Joop Wolters: new blue strat jam


Rob Chappers: PRS Guitars at NAMM 2011

New PRS Guitars at NAMM 2011

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis: at Blues Jam Tracks studio

Alex Hutchings and Jess Lewis - at BluesJamTracks studio 22... Lucky Jess got a chance of a lifetime invite to jam with the master of guitar Alex Hutchings.  Full photo gallery

Rick Graham: I'll name that tune in

New Project

Post titles for the tune below!

Jodee Frawlee: Shred Knowledge play that riff contest

Shred Knowledge play that riff Contest Jodee Frawlee

Carlo Losavio: Crossroads classic track revisited

CROSSROADS - (R.Johnson)-(Cream) By Carlo Losavio

Michael Dolce: new master classes

Hi Guys,I'm starting to finalise my masterclasses if anyone is interseted in attending these Funk Fusion classes please feel free to register at check the list of places where i'll be taking it !

Michael Dolce master class promo

Alex Hutchings: jamtrackcentral interview

Alex Hutchings answers questions that many of you on Youtube have been asking.
Alex is in the studio talking to Jan Cyrka about his choice of tuning, ballads, light guage strings and his forthcoming album. Some playing too!
Check out Alex's products at....

Alex Hutchings Interview Jan 2011 for

Gabriella D'Ambrosio: She is Whispering - acoustic composition

Gabriella D'Ambrosio (Gael) - Whispering - original composition

Ronnie Montrose: Radio show days

Ronnie Montrose with Greg Kihn on 98.5 Kfox June 10th 2010

Huey Cam: Ronnie Montrose 04-13-10

Tymon Kruidenier: feverless fretless from a devious Exivious

Tymon Kruidenier:
Just some random, self indulgent noodling on my new fretless Steinberger. Nothing fancy, just showcasing the voice of my new instrument.

After converting a couple of guitars to fretless guitars some years ago I realized I love the freedom and added expression you get with such instruments. This is where the idea came from to make my own custom fretless Steinberger. I collected the parts from eBay and other outlets, stripped the body and stained/oiled it myself. The final assembly and installation of the neck and sustainer hardware was done by a luthier named Fren Asken.

The sock around the end of the neck helps to mute the open strings, a problem that occurs really easily with a sustainer pickup.

Tymon (CYNIC, Exivious) fretless noodling