Thursday, 27 January 2011

Andy James: Boston Rain Melody

Boston Rain Melody - Steve Vai Guitar Lesson With Andy James Licklibrary

Tenyu Nakamura: Chime song - nice ballad


Scott Kerr: quick jam with some cool licks

Scott Kerr:
OK, So I just got this thing out of the box today and decided to videotape a quick jam. As usual, rusty as hell, so I'm sorry about the slop playing. I used the DR880 for the guitar tone also, just a preset (p08 1959 lead) and jammed over a preset groove (56 Rock Ballad) and basically hit record on my imac, and videoed the damn thing.

So far I really like how I can plug my guitar into this unit, and control it's volume, the bassline's volume as well as the drumline's volume separately. Although I doubt I'd use this as my 'guitar rig' It could come in handy in the event of a meltdown or tube explosion... drum samples sound good, and it was simple to hook up to my computer. Now to go try and make some of my own stuff up on it. I'll post more as I go!

DR880 guitar

Rob Chappers: Orange Amps NAMM 2011

New Orange Amplifiers at NAMM 2011

Vinnie Moore: Daydream Brazil 2010


Marc Rizzo: Release The Kraken


Marc Rizzo Rehearsing Before his Solo Tour of the USA

Steve Howe: Ultimate guitar interview

You are known for having quite an impressive guitar collection. Were there one or two guitars that you stuck with most of the time during recording?

I tend to show up with about 25 guitars or so. Those are the things that I know I might need. What I like to do quite often is record the acoustic guitar parts first. Then we’ll have the acoustics where we want them. Then I’ll move on to the electrics. There are times when the Telecaster will provide the nice chord sounds or chunky rhythms. Then occasionally I’ll say, “I think that should be a Gretsch guitar or something.” There is always an opening to widen out the sound or add slightly different textures to the track. Sometimes a Strat is great for that as well. A Strat is a rhythm guitar that has one of the most familiar sounds in the whole world. When it comes down to lead work, a few different things happen. When I had done lead work – unlike past Asia records – I used my Gibson ES 1964. I can basically get parts going, so I did use that on quite a bit of it. Again, the ES Artist that I use onstage, it’s a guitar that I like to play. On Phoenix I was using the ES-5 Switchmaster on a few tracks. On this one I was using the 175. There are always contingents of full bodies, semi-acoustic electrics. There are the ES Artists, Les Pauls. It’s a wide family and interesting collection of sounds that I think are appropriate given the material.

Do you write your initial ideas on acoustics?

To even set up the electric and play, you’re usually thinking about something specific in mind. I do a lot more improvising and writing on acoustic guitars just because it seems to be what a pianist might do with a piano as opposed to a symphony. There are times when you get a sound or a certain tone on an electric guitar that gives you that sound you want. On this album there are a couple of places where the steel guitar comes in. That’s one of my favorite parts of the family of the guitars, playing the steel. For example, I used it on “Light the Way.” There is some steel, just like there was on “Alibis” on Phoenix. So the steel comes into play because it’s one of the noises or sounds or textures I can bring. Also, I have up my sleeve an autoharp. I like the plunky stringy sound of it. Basically I like to think the guitar as a colorful instrument. full interview

The 4 ZEight: stop motion

Facebook :
1hour of shooting, 5hours setting up .over 1000 cuts and over 20hours editing

Twitter : : @4zeights
Julian's Youtube channel:

Classic turn to Rock ! (Stop motion)

News: live promotion of Omis Guitar fest 2011

Tomorrow, Friday, live promotion of Omis Guitar fest 2011. on TV 16.30. You can watch it Live on stream , You need just to press button on LIVE STREAM :-) .
Sutra, Petak u 16.30, promocija Omiš guitar fest-a na TV Jadran, možete svi pratiti preko LIVE streama na

Greg Howe: Introspection Backing Tracks available

Introspection Backing Tracks:  The Introspection Backing Tracks are now available to download with the Tablature Book:
For more information on purchase, visit: more information on purchase, visit:

Alex Machacek: Ultimate Guitar Technique pentatonic concepts DVD

Now available from Abstract logix

Alex Machacek

Ultimate Guitar Techniques(DVD)

Learn pentatonic concepts and techniques with Alex Machacek. This superb DVD teaches a new approach to learning pentatonic positions and incorporating them into your playing. From 3 note patterns and arpeggios, to chord jams and sweep picking you will build the vocabulary to improve your own style and improvise more efficiently. Other topics include 5 note sequences, pentatonic fingerings, super imposition and a 'scale to lick' section. Also includes guitar jam tracks to practise and perform with. Alex Machacek is a highly regarded Los Angeles based jazz fusion guitarist. He is critically acclaimed by the likes of John McLaughlin and the late Shawn Lane for his innovative style. His influences range from Iron Maiden and Deep Purple to Allan Holdsworth and Frank Zappa. NTSC all region, 60 minutes

Joe Chawki: great things come in small packages...

One of my favourite players, it may be short... but you know what they say "great things come in small packages..."

the masked Marauder recording

Neil Rambaldi: Cliffs Of Dover

Neil Rambaldi - Cliffs Of Dover (Eric Johnson)