Thursday, 10 February 2011

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry: Interview

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With their progressive blend of melody and brutality, Sweden’s Scar Symmetry are pioneering metal with their own distinct take on the genre. Per Nilsson makes his mark not only as one of Scar Symmetry’s primary songwriters, but also for his fluid touch on the guitar. His playing style quickly shifts from crushing extended-range riffing to elegantly-phrased solos that navigate the shifting sonic landscapes that he creates with his bandmates.

I had the opportunity to speak with Per in Worcester, MA during Scar Symmetry’s tour in support of their latest offering - Dark Matter Dimensions:

IC: How’s the tour going right now?

PN: Pretty good. We’ve played 4 shows so far, so it’s like 24 shows to go.

IC: It’s a big one. You didn’t do as much touring after Holographic Universe since you were going through the lineup changes.

PN: Yeah, we toured earlier this year in the US, we toured Europe once in support of the Dark Matter Dimensions album. But as you said, after Holographic Universe we went through the whole vocalist change, so we got stuck there for a while.

Per Nilsson - Scar Symmetry: Interview

Shawn Lane: Dark City one of Shawn's favourite films

Mitzi Lane:
Back from Dvd store found Dark City at a great price It's one of my Brother Shawn's favorite movies and one of the last ones we watched together! Also got Resident Evil Afterlife, Then a few oldies to make me smile, Close Encounters and Starman! I am set for the night !!!!!!

More at IMDbPro »
Dark City (1998)
A man struggles with memories of his past, including a wife he cannot remember, in a nightmarish world with no sun and run by beings with telekinetic powers who seek the souls of humans.

George Marios: available for session work

George 'Oh Yeah' Marios
Hi ladies and gents, just a heads up , i am now available for session recording via the internet as i have built a home studio. For availability, rates and info feel free to PM me.

Wojtek Justyna: Tree... Oh!? Suhr sounds like good fusion to me.

Wojtek Justyna Tree... Oh!? - "Every Heart Has a Beat"

Wojtek Justyna Tree... Oh!? - "Definitely Something"

Istvan Alapi: Ferenc Németh Onion Project

Istvan Alapi: Ferenc Németh Onion Project

Carl Verheyen: The Road Divides DVD

"THE ROAD DIVIDES" DVD is now available at

CARL VERHEYEN BAND - The Road Divides (Long

Arthur Lima,Ze Mauricio: the rise of the silver surfer!

Gravaçao da banda KURARE com participação do Ze Mauricio.

Dimitar Nalbantov: improvisations on those backing tracks!

Overloud TH2 Brunetti R-evo Amp - Dimi - SOLO

Overloud TH2 Brunetti R-evo Amp - Dimi

SONIC REALITY - Progressive DrummerTracks - Improvisation

Tom Quayle: demos Roland GR-20/GK3A for synth parts

Just got this today for an amazing price of Ebay and I'm chuffed to bits with it. I screwed the pickup into my cheap ass Yamaha Pacifica (really nice guitar) as it's going nowhere near the Suhr! . The tracking is immense if you get the technique right. This is mostly legato stuff so even more impressive really and it's tracking my dynamics and nuances really cleanly for the most part. Just a very quick vid - I'm gonna do a proper one when I get it hooked up to Omnisphere and Trilian!
Can't wait.

Sorry for the rubbish video quality.

Let me know what you think. This is being used for laying down synth parts on my album which is still in the works - I promise!

Roland GR-20/GK3A Test

Vinai Trinateepakdee: debut

AVAILABLE AT JAMTRACKCENTRAL.COM! Trinateepakdee makes his debut with his superb ballad 'Amen'. The download package includes full Tab transcription, high-quality video and audio and the backing track. Available from our online store NOW!


Robert Conti: Autographs Patron's Conti Jazz Guitar

Jesse Montemayor of Newhall, CA, traveled to the 2011 NAMM Expo in Anaheim, CA, specifically to have Robert autograph his new Conti Guitar! This event took place at the OnBoard Research Corp. (Intellitouch Tuners) exhibit following Robert's Saturday performance.
For all specifications, photos, videos, pricing, reviews on the Conti Guitar, please visit
The ORIGINAL No Modes No Scales® Jazz Guitar Resource

Robert Conti Autographs Patron's Conti Jazz Guitar

Richie Kotzen: Pisa "Borderline" 2010 and North Star Bar


Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign (North Star Bar) Insane soloing

Dave Weiner: Intro To Whammy Bar Usage

Guitar Lesson - "Intro To Whammy Bar Usage" Riff Of The Week® - 2/9/11 (S6:E12)

I like Dave Weiner's video lessons. But I would really be interested to know which players give the best free youtube lessons. Also what you think makes a good video lesson.

Milan Polak: Harmonizing A Scale 1/2

Harmonizing A Scale 1/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

Takayoshi Ohmura: Liv Moon - Japanese Symphonic Metal

LIFE OF THE MOON 待望 の 2nd アルバム が 完成!
The miracle plays four octaves jewel (Jewel), metal, dark solitary muse descended!Lead track from the album "Dance of Death ~ ~ Dies Irae" publish the full!
Guitar is one of the best Japanese Oomura Takayoshi fastest guitarist, a bassist playing the bass or guitar fast MASAKI join the fastest in JapanBlast hit, Maeda autumn air drummer, had to solidify the back-handedly population and absolute genius, Mina Waki Nishi dragon. Experience the visual impact of the case!

LIV MOON / "Danse Macabre ~ ~ Dies Irae"

Scott Jones: live 2002

News: Win over £2000 Ampeg Gear and be an Ampeg Product demonstrator

Do you have what it takes to be a demonstrator for one of the world’s leading bass amplification brands? Ampeg is offering one lucky winner the chance to win not only this opportunity but also the prospect of walking away with Ampeg gear worth in excess of £2000.
As a demonstrator the winner will be at the forefront of the low end scene, demonstrating the hottest Ampeg gear live at the new London Bass Guitar Show 2011. Then the winner gets to take home with the Ampeg SVT7Pro Head, SVT410HLF Cab and SVT15E Cab with a total RRP of £2103 inc. VAT
If you think you have what it takes to demonstrate these amazing products go to and upload a video of yourself showing how you can display your bass playing abilities. Your performance, exhibiting all things low end, will be judged by the editor of Bass Guitar Magazine and a senior member of the Loud Technologies Inc. / Ampeg team.
The successful budding Ampeg demonstrator will be notified the week before the show giving them plenty of time to rehearse before making their debut at the UK’s premier bass event, The London Bass Guitar Show 2011.  The competition is only open to UK residents.
And as if that wasn’t enough, during the show you will be presented with the wonderful Ampeg bass gear you get to take home.

To find out more about the London Bass Guitar Show visit and the competition visit
For more information about LOUD Technologies and Ampeg visit

Good Luck!

John Norum: EUROPE are set to film London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert

EUROPE are set to film the entirety of their London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert on Saturday February 19th. The concert will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in October 2011, and will also include a bonus live CD.
The London concert is part of Europe’s “Balls ’N’ Banners” UK tour which kicks off at the Glasgow o2 ABC on Thursday February 17th. The forthcoming DVD release will also include behind-the-scenes footage, including rehearsals and backstage banter filmed during the rest of the dates on the rest of the UK tour. Europe will perform music from their current album ‘Last Look At Eden’, plus classic tracks from their albums ‘Wings of Tomorrow’, ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘Out of This World’, ‘Prisoners in Paradise’, ‘Start From The Dark’ and ‘Secret Society.’
"We're taking some new directions with our songs, and we're exploring different styles,” says Europe’s lead singer Joey Tempest about the songs from the Eden album. "There is a definite classic rock vibe on some of the tracks... a tip of the hat to groovin', funkin' 70s rock songs, but ones we have bought into the here and now.”
Europe’s “Balls ‘N’ Banners” UK tour dates in full: Glasgow o2 ABC (Feb 17), Birmingham o2 Academy (Feb 18), London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Feb 19), Oxford o2 Academy (Feb 21), Bournemouth o2 Academy (Feb 22), Bristol o2 Academy (Feb 23), Manchester Academy 2 (Feb 25), Leeds o2 Academy (Feb 26) and Newcastle o2 Academy (Feb 27). Ticket Hotline: 0844 477 2000, 0161 832 1111 (Manchester). Book,

News: Guitar Addiction CD Guitar Solo Contest Winner

I won't give away the winner... more news to come"

Find out the winner: WINNER ANNOUNCED

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest Winner

Neal Nagaoka: Jason Becker Tribute

Neal Nagaoka:
Since I got a new replacement computer and also a replacement DAT machine for my studio that actually works, I decided I was going to share a track I only had on DAT that was originally intended for a tribute CD for Jason Becker called Warmth To A Wilderness but because of problems with my recording gear, my track was not able to make the cut in time.... Long Story. Basically My original ADAT tracks got eaten up and the player died. Couldn't get it fixed in time to redo it so the only copy I had was this demo bounced version on DAT that eventually my DAT player couldn't even play the tape anymore. Very Frusterating...... Anyways, I am finally able to play the demo copy again and just wanted to share it. It wasn't meant to be a final version. Sorry Jason. At least this way you know that I tried to do a version. I made this into a slideshow.

Jason Becker Cover of Images Tribute.mp4

Gianluca Russo: Bizarre Blackberry Improvisation

low quality audio (Blackberry smartphone)

Gianluca Russo Bizarre Impro

Santiago Díaz Garces: Advanced Technique Guitar lessons

In this new lesson we'll work on the 4 fingers tapping technique to understand it basic movement. In these examples we have chromatic variations with fingers combinations and string skipping. To work correctly on these exercise you have to pay specially attention to the movements of pull off (descendant legatos) of the right hand to achieve the correct sound of the note. These same ideas shown chromaticly in this exercise, can be executed in the same way on scales or chords, always focusing to the combination of notes betweens both hands. Have fun!

Clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : Tapping a 4 dedos / Four fingers tapping

On this new lesson we'll work the Sweep Picking technique in it's most advanced way with rhythmic combinatios and between different positions of the arpegios of the key of Am in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 strings. When practicing this kind of lessons, you have to focus to apply the right rhythmic figure written and the correct pick movement. Also is very important to star slow wih metronome until you can play the entire exerise fluid and clean. Remember to mute with the right hand the strings that were already played so you can achieve the cleanness to the final sound. Just take this as an example to apply it to your own compositions later Let’s work!

clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : Sweep picking

In this lesson we'll work on the string skipping technique, combining alternate picking with legatos over an apreggios cadente of 7ths and thriads (details in the video). The main points you have to focus on this etude are, legatos, working on them to sound in the aproppiate form and not only lift up the finger (mainly on the descendants), and the rhythm section, holding constant 16th notes and working with metrome, first slow and then increasing speed little by little, paying special atenttion in applying the right technique execution.
Hope you guys enjoy this lesson and whatever you need about the lessons, just ask

Clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : String skipping etude / Estudio de string skipping

Nott Sanpeth Mahavat: eight finger sea of saddness

Nott Sanpeth - Sad guitar tapping

Mario Suarez: Sweep picking, tapping, and arpeggios

Mario Suarez:
Arpeggio exercise played with sweep picking and tapping techniques
It is based on 3 movements or licks, in Am, B, D and Am.
The guitar is tuned in Eb (half tone below the "normal" tone).
These videos are not intended to "see how I play" but to introduce new exercises and help guitarists who need it. I'm sure many of you will perform these exercises better than me, but the goal is just that, Show some exercises for people to develop at their own pace ... even better than mine xD, AND THESE EXERCISES ARE DESIGNED AND COMPOSED BY ME. NOT TAKEN FROM ANY SONG OR GUITAR SOLO.
I hope these exercises to be useful in your learning... and enjoy them!
A greeting.

MIS EJERCICIOS DE GUITARRA #1: Sweep picking, tapping, and arpeggios by Mario - Maegirom -

Eric Maldonado: Fusion On 10's

Fusion On 10's - Eric Maldonado - Watch in 480p!

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders NAMM Jam 2011

Animals As Leaders NAMM Jam 2011 Bay Area Backstage

Michael Dolce: minor 3rds changes

In case you missed it...
Check this awesome video of Michael showing how to solo over a 1 chord vamp, Michael's effortless legato and fusion licks are enough to inspire anyone to pick up a guitar! Head over to and sign up for the newsletter to get FREE lessons so you can play like this... or try.
transcription by Levi Clay ;)

Michael Dolce - playing through minor 3rds changes

Marius Pop: The Mtheory playing Groove Hunter LIVE

Marius Pop and The Mtheory playing Groove Hunter LIVE @ Garantat 100%

Roy Marchbank: Celtic Fusion new CD Bluecolt demoed

composed by roy marchbank & Tommy Keane from the forthcoming CD Bluecolt

Tommy Keane:Uilleann pipes/low flute
Roy Marchbank:Guitar/production

Celtic Fusion- Roy Marchbank-Flymans Knuckle-full version

Roy Marchbank & Tommy Keane- The Leaving-Full Version

Celtic Fusion-Roy Marchbank- Bluecolt

Frank Gambale: FG1 Carvin Interview

Frank Gambale FG1 Carvin Interview

William Barton: Didge Fusion - tie me kangaroo down sport!

William Barton Solo Performance - Didge Fusion