Neal Nagaoka: Jason Becker Tribute

Neal Nagaoka:
Since I got a new replacement computer and also a replacement DAT machine for my studio that actually works, I decided I was going to share a track I only had on DAT that was originally intended for a tribute CD for Jason Becker called Warmth To A Wilderness but because of problems with my recording gear, my track was not able to make the cut in time.... Long Story. Basically My original ADAT tracks got eaten up and the player died. Couldn't get it fixed in time to redo it so the only copy I had was this demo bounced version on DAT that eventually my DAT player couldn't even play the tape anymore. Very Frusterating...... Anyways, I am finally able to play the demo copy again and just wanted to share it. It wasn't meant to be a final version. Sorry Jason. At least this way you know that I tried to do a version. I made this into a slideshow.

Jason Becker Cover of Images Tribute.mp4