Santiago Díaz Garces: Advanced Technique Guitar lessons

In this new lesson we'll work on the 4 fingers tapping technique to understand it basic movement. In these examples we have chromatic variations with fingers combinations and string skipping. To work correctly on these exercise you have to pay specially attention to the movements of pull off (descendant legatos) of the right hand to achieve the correct sound of the note. These same ideas shown chromaticly in this exercise, can be executed in the same way on scales or chords, always focusing to the combination of notes betweens both hands. Have fun!

Clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : Tapping a 4 dedos / Four fingers tapping

On this new lesson we'll work the Sweep Picking technique in it's most advanced way with rhythmic combinatios and between different positions of the arpegios of the key of Am in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 strings. When practicing this kind of lessons, you have to focus to apply the right rhythmic figure written and the correct pick movement. Also is very important to star slow wih metronome until you can play the entire exerise fluid and clean. Remember to mute with the right hand the strings that were already played so you can achieve the cleanness to the final sound. Just take this as an example to apply it to your own compositions later Let’s work!

clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : Sweep picking

In this lesson we'll work on the string skipping technique, combining alternate picking with legatos over an apreggios cadente of 7ths and thriads (details in the video). The main points you have to focus on this etude are, legatos, working on them to sound in the aproppiate form and not only lift up the finger (mainly on the descendants), and the rhythm section, holding constant 16th notes and working with metrome, first slow and then increasing speed little by little, paying special atenttion in applying the right technique execution.
Hope you guys enjoy this lesson and whatever you need about the lessons, just ask

Clases de guitarra / Guitar lessons : String skipping etude / Estudio de string skipping