Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry: Interview

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With their progressive blend of melody and brutality, Sweden’s Scar Symmetry are pioneering metal with their own distinct take on the genre. Per Nilsson makes his mark not only as one of Scar Symmetry’s primary songwriters, but also for his fluid touch on the guitar. His playing style quickly shifts from crushing extended-range riffing to elegantly-phrased solos that navigate the shifting sonic landscapes that he creates with his bandmates.

I had the opportunity to speak with Per in Worcester, MA during Scar Symmetry’s tour in support of their latest offering - Dark Matter Dimensions:

IC: How’s the tour going right now?

PN: Pretty good. We’ve played 4 shows so far, so it’s like 24 shows to go.

IC: It’s a big one. You didn’t do as much touring after Holographic Universe since you were going through the lineup changes.

PN: Yeah, we toured earlier this year in the US, we toured Europe once in support of the Dark Matter Dimensions album. But as you said, after Holographic Universe we went through the whole vocalist change, so we got stuck there for a while.

Per Nilsson - Scar Symmetry: Interview