Mario Suarez: Sweep picking, tapping, and arpeggios

Mario Suarez:
Arpeggio exercise played with sweep picking and tapping techniques
It is based on 3 movements or licks, in Am, B, D and Am.
The guitar is tuned in Eb (half tone below the "normal" tone).
These videos are not intended to "see how I play" but to introduce new exercises and help guitarists who need it. I'm sure many of you will perform these exercises better than me, but the goal is just that, Show some exercises for people to develop at their own pace ... even better than mine xD, AND THESE EXERCISES ARE DESIGNED AND COMPOSED BY ME. NOT TAKEN FROM ANY SONG OR GUITAR SOLO.
I hope these exercises to be useful in your learning... and enjoy them!
A greeting.

MIS EJERCICIOS DE GUITARRA #1: Sweep picking, tapping, and arpeggios by Mario - Maegirom -