Friday, 27 May 2011

Richard Hallebeek, Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Loureiro: European Summer Campus

Richard Hallebeek Sign up for the European Summer Campus coming this aug. 4-5-6-7, four days of lessons and playing from Richard Hallebeek, Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Loureiro..see you in Sicily! Welcome - European Summer Campus

Rafael Moreira: Baked Potato gets a flaming fusion roasting

Rafael Moreira guitar solo on "Slow Burn" live at the Baked Potato!

Andy James: Metal Edge Soloing Techniques

Andy James performs a solo taken from the Metal Edge Volume 1 Soloing techniques DVD availble from Andy James shows you not only how to play this solo on this DVD but all the techniques behind playing this solo and many others on the DVD. All licks and solos are written and performed by Andy James.

You will learn licks and techniques including string skipping, sweep picking, tapping techniques, alternate picking, metal rhythm techniques and much more. To check out the DVD head to

Andy James - Solo Performance - Metal Edge Soloing Techniques Guitar Lessson DVD Licklibrary

Sloth Chubsteen: burning up his ibanez scalloped 7 string

ibanez scalloped 7 string line 6 spider valve hd 100 head

Tosin Abasi: at the House Of Blues 2011

Animals As Leaders - On Impulse - Live @ House Of Blues, Hollywood CA - May 26th 2011

Dallton Santos: "Virtual Fusion" CD coming sooner!

Dallton Santos new Cd VIRTUAL FUSION - teaser 2011

Anthimos Manti: scarified

IBANEZ FIREMAN - Fuzz Universe (scarified cover by anthimos manti)

Leo Birzovitch: Try on a metal jacket

Try on a metal jacket for Steve Lukather. DFrans, Vovan Vopilov. Leo Birzovitch via mobile phone

Леонид Бирзович. Многоликая гитара 2010. Гран при.

Pedro Molina: time for a ballad

acoustic ballad.G.A.C.-Pedro Molina

Gianluca Ferro: Progressive Noise Live

Progressive Noise Live

Dhalif: Ernieball Musicman JP 6 BFR - oh you beauty!

Ernieball Musicman JP 6 BFR

Rick Graham: enter the lair of the beast! Studio tour alert!

Home Studio Tour

Jason Becker: Nothing can stop Jason Becker!!!

Help us help Jason and ALS sufferers: Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011). This show will be filled with lots of notes... all dedicated to Jason Becker ... join us!

Nothing can stop Jason Becker

You can also help Jason but adding to the funds for his upcoming documentary movie: The Story Of Jason Becker

Nicolas Waldo: Michael Jackson Black or White!


Sydnei Carvalho,Juninho Afram: Master Class

Sydnei Carvalho e Juninho Afram Master Class em João Pessoa

Tom Quayle: Sinus infection puts pay to Romania clinic gig... much apologies all round!

Tom Quayle:
Hey guys! Well, what a week of ups and downs these last seven days have turned out to be. Ongoing sinus problems have prevented me from jetting off to Romania next week as my doctor has advised me that flying at the moment could do some nasty damage to my hearing. It's gutting and I want to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone in Romania who was going to attend the masterclass and gig that my very good friend, Adriano Musaro, had arranged for me. I feel terrible that I can't be there and want to thank Adriano for being such a great friend and so understanding about the whole scenario. I'm finally being treated and should be fine in a few weeks but wow, what a pain sinus infection can be! more

Marty Friedman: DEUCE 1978 - 1980

Marty Friedman I was 16, opening up for D.C. heroes Face Dancer. I thought we totally rocked it, but the next day the newspaper tore us apart so bad, and in such detail. After saying how amazing Face Dancer was, "...unlike Face Dancer, opening act Deuce pounced the stage in their caveman punk garb with a mind numbing deafening volume...." Seeing this stuff gets me pumped before a show...Can`t wait to play for Athens tonite!!

Rick Graham: A beast of a new guitar :)


Christian Muenzner: special deal on new solo CD

Christian Muenzner Timewarp is ready to ship now! Just send 15€ for the CD + 3€ for shipping (worldwide, Germany only 1,50€) via paypal to . Make sure your correct shipping adress is included. If you don't have paypal, mail me at
The first 300 copies come with a free print lesson for guitar, so hurry up ;)
You can get the digital version at

Timewarp, by Christian Muenzner
‎12 track

Jimi Mitchell: The Intimidator new CD

Jimi Mitchell - The Intimidator CD ADD

Jimi Mitchell began playing guitar at age 16 but it was'nt until Jimi was 19 when he started to take guitar seriously after watching a video by Yngwie J. Malmsteen "Live IN Japan". A good friend of Jimi's by the name of Andy Haught from the band "Zeroking" showed Jimi the Yngwie video and Jimi became obsessed with Neoclassical Metal. Many coutless hours were spent from 1994 to the present learning how to play arpeggios, pedal note phrases, Harmonic minor, Natural Minor, Penetonic patterns and crushining Metal riffs. By 2004 Jimi started to write his first instrumental solo LP and it was released to the public in June of 2005. His first demo LP was called "I'm For Real " and it got Jimi some of the attention he had been wanting for years, but it was'nt until late 2006 when Jimi started to write material for his second instrumental masterpiece called "The Intimidator". The original LP was released in August of 2008. Jimi however felt that the album needed more and wanted to give his fans a better sounding album. In the Summer of 2010 Jimi met up with fellow Neoclassical Metal shred guitarist "Matthew Mills". The 2 instantly became good friends and lined up a series of shows and guitar clinics together on the East Coast in the USA. Matthew MIlls offered to remaster Jimi Mitchell's second LP "The Intimidator" and Jimi went for it. The finished product is what you will hear when you get Jimi Mitchell's 11 song LP The Intimidator" JImi did included two rough demos from the writing sessions for the album as bonus tracks. Currently Jimi Mitchell is one of Neoclassical Metal's up and coming guitar players. Giving the world a fresh taste of new Neoclassical Metal inspired by all of his influences ranging from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Stratovarius, and many more. Jimi MItchell is currently working on a new album and plans to release it by the end of 2011.

There will be more to come in 2011 and 2012 from Jimi Mitchell. He is currently in the process of recording the demos for his new album titled "Unhinging Time" which will feature some very well known names in the Power Metal and Shred Guitar scene.


1. Riding The Stratosphere
2. Gladiator
3. Queen Of The Nyle
4. Chamber of Secrets
5. Forever Young (Jenny's Concerto)
6. The Intimidator
7. Soulmates
8. 3 Wise Men
9. Uncertain Future
10. Psycotica (demo)
11. Under My Spell (demo)

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Milan Polak: T-Rex Reptile 2 demo

T-Rex Reptile 2 - Milan Polak

Darryl G Luma: String Insanity 2011

DARRYL G LUMA AS String Insanity 2011

Tony Waka: String Insanity 2011

Tony Waka String Insanity 2011 entry

Reece Fullwood: String Insanity 2011

Reece Fullwood 'STRING INSANITY 2011'

Cameron Barton: String Insanity 2011

Cameron Barton - String Insanity 2011

Frank Gambale: Return to Forever IV

Return to Forever IV: Guitarist Frank Gambale Joins Supergroup

Return to Forever IV: World Tour 2011

Paul Gilbert: metal assault interview

Andrew: When people talk about The Doors, it's always about Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek, and hardly anyone talks about the guitar riffs. Do you agree that guitarists of the earlier times are often underrated just because their riffs weren't exactly "complex"?
Paul: Yeah, sometimes complex things will catch the attention of musicians more. But I think a lot more people have heard the guitar intro to "Roadhouse Blues" than any Allan Holdsworth song. I think there is room for both in this world. I would be very sad if only one kind of music were allowed. more

Marty Friedman: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria 2011

Marty Friedman: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria 2011