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Eric Johnson,Joe Bonamassa: House OF Blues 2012

Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa - January 19, 2012 - Hollywood HOB

George Whitty,Dave Weckl,Ric Fierabracci: Vladivostok 2010

George Whitty,Dave Weckl,Ric Fierabracci: Vladivostok 2010

Brett Garsed,Marco Minnemann,Ric Fierabracci: Vladivostok Jazz Festival 2009

On November 12-15, 2009 Vladivostok hosted its 6th annual International Jazz Festival. The U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok supported the participation of the stellar trio of Marco Minnemann, Ric Fierabracci, and Brett Garsed.

Marco Minnemann & Ric Fierabracci and Brett Garsed / Vladivostok Jazz Festival 2009

Paul Gilbert: NAMM week highlights, new Fireman, live show and Geek Festival

Paul Gilbert: NAMM 2012 live series

Interview w/ Paul Gilbert on Ibanez Guitars & Bullet Cables : Gear Talk! Winter NAMM 2012

HD - 2012 Guitar Geek Festival - Paul Gilbert Live! - Technical Difficulties - 2012-01-20

Tom MacLean: To-Mera recording

TO-MERA fronted by vocalist Julie Kiss — has entered Hardbeat Studios (HAKEN, LINEAR SPHERE) in Wembley with producer John Papas to begin laying down the drums for the group's upcoming third album. The majority of the new CD recording sessions will take place at guitarist Tom MacLean's recently built home studio.

To-Mera Drum Recording, Day 1, 2012

To-Mera drum recording day 2.

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G interviewd by Toneking Seymour Duncan NAMM 2012

Interview w/ Gus G on FIRE Blackouts Guitar Pickups - Seymour Duncan Booth Winter NAMM 2012

Warren DiMartini: Tone King talks Seymour Duncan NAMM 2012

Interview w/ Warren DiMartini on Seymour Duncan Pickups & Charvel Guitars!

John Petrucci: discusses US V Europe shows at Pollstar

If we do more U.S. touring it would most likely be in the summer time.

You guys are huge overseas, maybe bigger internationally than in the U.S. Have you pinpointed a reason for that?

It’s a very good question. I’m not 100 percent sure why. It could be a cultural thing. When we tour in America, the shows are great, and the fans are just as passionate and excited as anywhere else in the world, but in other parts of the world, in parts of South America and in parts of Europe and Asia, the size of the venues and the amount of people we get at concerts is considerably more. Differences of playing to 20,000 people as a headliner as opposed to 5,000 or 6,000. Yeah, there’s a significant difference.

In some cases it’s something that we’ve built. Like the UK, for example. The first time we played in London we played a club. We built to the point where we were able to now headline and sell out the Wembley Arena. So sometimes it’s a matter of working hard and going back and building it. And in some countries you’re going for the first time, and there’s an amazing amount of people because there’s an anticipation possibly. Further into our career, if we hit a country for a first time, like a couple years ago going to Moscow in Russia for the first time, or wherever it may be, then having a developed career backing up it, then those initial shows are very big.

We’ve built from the beginning. I do remember the first couple of times coming to Europe, and we played clubs and smaller places.
In Europe, they do have the festival opportunities that we take advantage of, which we don’t really do in the U.S. So maybe we’re hitting a lot more people that maybe never heard of us in that sense. So that might be a reason as well. more pollstar interview


Dream Theater - John Petrucci Interview

Carljohan Grimmark: Working with Fullforce

to give You a brief update I have had the chance to make an album and tour with the new swedish metal band FULLFORCE.​​The guys in the band are Mike Anderson, vocals (Cloudscape), Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force) Stefan Elmgren (ex Hammerfall) and Tommy Larsson (ex Heed). Keep Your eyes open for Fullforce in the future. I've had a truly GREAT time and lots of fun with these guys.​​ ​​I also had the great opportunity to play guitars AND keyboards with christian rock pioneers JERUSALEM in the summer of 2011

Nadine Gressett: The Top Five Things Musicians Can Learn From Designers

The Top Five Things Musicians Can Learn From Designers
As musicians, we are constantly looking for inspiration...a really epic film you saw last week, a guy sitting across from you tapping their foot, and even the train that goes roaring by as you wait for it to pass. Inspiration seems to appear without notice and leaves you with new insights into your music. This inspiration, this creative perspective is not only crucial for creating great music, but for getting that great music HEARD.
In the creative industry, it are the designers that have the most to contribute in relation to making you and your music be perceived as irresistible. Why look at design? Well, besides from also being creatives, designers in general have excelled at the art of instantly drawing attention with their work.
So let's look at the five biggest things that musicians can gain from designers.
1. Understand Your Style and Your Audience
Designers for Pepsi know exactly who their target audience is when they are developing an ad campaign. They have spent a lot of time understanding their ideal fan - the exact people that would not only notice the ad but are highly likely to purchase the product. Do the same thing with you and your music. Who are you wanting to get noticed by? And would these people be attracted to your music to begin with? Your ideal fan will vary greatly based on the type of music you play and the image you project. Take some time to understand your ideal fan, then really go all out to incorporate your style in your promotions. Place your stamp on everything that you do. Otherwise, you will be perceived as simply another band with nothing separating you from all of the thousands of other bands grabbing for attention.
2. You Only Have A Single Chance to Make a First Impression
You don't simply write your music to be heard, you write it to be felt. In your promotions, remember the same is true, in order to attract their attention, you must do it in a way that connects with the viewer. Whether you're creating a stellar album design, super sleek download cards, or lust-worthy merchandise - the most memorable pieces will always go beyond just function and will evoke an emotional response. When those potential fans or industry reps see your material, do they just see it or are they immediately grabbed and compelled to connect with you? This is how your band can get through the noise. This is how you will make a powerful first impression.
3. Less is More
In the design industry, there is a popular saying, "simple is beautiful" When you think about the most compelling ads, the most enjoyable websites, the even most creative furniture - they are those whose beauty is found in their simple design. The viewer is not overwhelmed with a thousand things to draw away from what you actually want them to experience. Just like how you avoid overplaying in music, design your marketing materials in a way that gives the observer a chance to rest their eyes and a moment to relate to your message. Both in your music and in your brand identity, less is more, and often "more" is just more.
4. If It Isn't Selling, Then It's Not Creative Enough
Do you have something meaningful to say? Are you fascinated with making something that has never been done before? If the answers to both of these questions is "yes", then make sure your promotions are as creative as your music. Don't confine yourself to the way things have previously been done within the industry, but create impact by being creative and sharing things that have meaning both for you and your fans. If your fliers aren't attracting people to your shows - reevaluate. If you're not getting any responses from the press kits you're submitting - reassess. If very few people are buying your merchandise - rethink. What can your band do differently to get the desired result? Keep in mind, you are an artist, not only when it comes to your music but also when it comes to getting it heard. Make sure that it is unique enough to draw attention and incite people to action.
5. Know When to Follow the Rules and When to Reinvent Them
Sometimes the rules apply, many times they simply get in the way. Learn the best practices of designing your brand and promoting your music, then keep what works and trash the rest. You will distinguish yourself from all the other bands grabbing for attention by doing something different, by being something different.
In Summary
How can take these five things and apply them both to your music and your marketing? What will you do right now to separate yourself from just another good band?
About the Author:
Nadine Gressett specializes in graphic design for musicians with Indie Graphic Design, where we show you how to make a lasting impact in the music industry. We combine marketing expertise, music industry knowledge, and graphic design skill to visually express your unique voice. Sign up now for free marketing and design tips at

Tommy Emmanuel, Richie Sambora, Stochelo Rosenberg: guitar master and kings gigs

Please see the invite below for the "Let Us In" Guitar Master Class benefiting the Woman and Cancer Fund. This very special event will be held

Feb 18 - Los Angeles, California
Space is very limited, and the cost is $1000

Please write to

with any questions

Tickets on sale soon for the March 2012

Kings Of Strings tour in Europe featuring Tommy Emmanuel Vlatko Stefanovski and Stochelo Rosenberg

Gil Parris,Steve Howe: to play BB kings... Steve sings his praises

GP Headlining B.B. Kings N.Y.C., Main Rm on Thurs March 22nd
* "Grammy-Nominated Guitar Virtuoso Gil Parris...Picks the GUITAR HITS ! Hendrix, Santana, Beck....Blues and Beyond !"
Get tickets now for best pricing !

Steve Howe:
Yes. Last year, I went to a guitar festival -- they call them guitar shows -- where there's hundreds of guitars and people selling guitars. I was walking around and I went past this guitarist who was playing and I hovered around and thought, 'This is really nice,' and I went down a bit further and looked at some other guitarists. When I came back I did the same thing; I hovered around and then I looked down and it was a guy called Gil Parris, an American guitarist. He's got a video out. He plays kind of fusion, bluesy stuff. I thought, 'This is really lovely.' So I stopped for a bit and said, 'Hi.' And he said, 'Wow' (laughs). And we had a chat. I feel, in a way, I have a great position I always dreamed I might have. This other side, apart from being known as a guitarist, is that with other guitarists, we might become friends and we kind of get on because of what we do. When I meet up with guitarists like that, I make a little contact. They send me CDs. So there's a little bit of that. more

Gil Parris live at Monster Music NY 10/29/11

Gil Parris - Little Wing - Hendrix Cover - Live at Monster Music NY 10/29/11

Fabian Anderhub: rocking blues

Fabian Anderhub and band delivered an energetic set, when they performed at 'Gebouw-T', in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands on, Sunday January 15th, 2012. They were supporting Wishbone Ash on their European tour.

Anderhub Fabian: vocals, guitar
Rob MacDonald: guitar
Sandro Cadeddu: drums
Domenic Romanelli: bass

Extract from band website:
Growing up in Canada, Fabian Anderhub already played at the renowned Montreal Festi-Blues " and "Jazz-Festival ". In his childhood, the family emigrated from Switzerland to Canada. The guitarist and singer inherited both worlds; city life in Quebec and quiet inspiration in Switzerland. The opposites told him about life: Being a well-regarded and respected player (having played more than 200 concerts in Canada alone) and having been poor: His family struggling to survive as farmers in Switzerland, ultimately forced to try their luck elsewhere.
Meanwhile, Anderhub is back to Europe. In 2010, his debut album, 'Left Line' is released, showing off pure bluesrock -- dusty, traditional licks played in a modern fashion; up-to-date tone and sound as opposed to nostalgia. With his recent 2011 record, 'It's a Blues Thing', he explores his veins even further. As the title suggests, it's his tribute to the raw and intense roots of his blues attitude, ranging mostly from midtempo songs to heartfelt ballads. All of them were recorded live with his band. Anderhub is already back in the studio recording his third album. This time, he's focusing on rock in its original bone-crushing manner: 2 guitars, bass and drums.
Band website link:


News: YouTube reported that it served a trillion video in 2011

YouTube's statistics continue to boggle the mind. It revealed today that it serves 4 billion videos every day, a 25% increase in the past eight months. YouTube users upload one hour of video every second, which has prompted Google to create an annoyingly cute website to visualize this awesome stat. At the end of 2011, YouTube reported that it served a trillion videos that year, about 140 views for every living human being. more

Hedras Ramos: announces Xotic Effects endorsement!

Hedras Ramos
I'm extremely honoured and delighted to announce my new endorsement with Xotic Effects!

Uli Jon Roth: Hendrix revisited NAMM 2012

Uli Jon Roth All along the watchtower.AVI

Uli Jon Roth Little Wing

Richie Kotzen: live show NAMM 2012 - series

Richie Kotzen: live show NAMM 2012

Karpenko Stas: For Thise About to Shred competition

for those about to shred - Karpenko Stas entry

Джулия (А-студия) Guitar improvisation

Dragianni: Bossa Dorado - Fractal Audio Axe Fx acoustic simulation

Ibanez RG2120XTB piezo & Fractal Audio Axe Fx acoustic simulation test ... please don't mind about playing this time - this is just a sound check! :)
Dragianni - Bossa Dorado

Mike Portnoy, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian: NAMM 2012 series

Mike Portnoy, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian: NAMM 2012 series

Devin Townsend: full interview

Interview Devin Townsend (uncut)

Tom Richardson: Lick of the Week 18

Get the tab at
Tom's 'Lick of the Week' Number 18! Subscribe for a new lick every other Monday!
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Consider leaving a video response if you manage to nail this week's lick!
This is a bluesy lick in the key of A. The lick is played with a triplet feel (3 notes per beat, count: 1-trip-let, 2-trip-let, 3-trip-let etc...) Knowing which note starts on a beat will help you to get the feel of the lick. While practicing it may be helpful to slow the lick down and accent every note at the start of each triplet grouping to emphasise the rhythm.
It starts with the open A string, then a hammer on to the 3rd fret with the second finger and thento the 4th fret with the third finger. This leaves the first finger free to bar across the D and G strings to play the notes at the second fret. The slide from the 6th fret of the G string to the 7th fret is played with the little finger leaving the first finger free again to bar across the B and E strings at the 5th fret.
There are two half tone bends in the lick, the first note (B -- 7th fret E string) of the first bar and the last note at the 11th fret of the G string with some added vibrato!

Lick of the Week 18 - Tom Richardson

Pedro Molina: rock jam


Zakk Wylde: Guitar Roast by Sharon Osbourne

Zakk Wylde was the guest at the Guitar World Rock And Roll Roast late last week, and he was fried by Sharon Osbourne, Jim Norton and other rock and roll royalty... but he told us he had something up his sleeve.


News: by 2030 over half of all guitar players will be women

A short teaser from the feature length documentary "She Rocks" featuring the greatest female guitar players past and present and their struggles to gain notoriety in a male dominated field.

She Rocks

She Rocks Documentary

She Rocks promo

Kristen Capolino,Mike Kerr: Eventide Namm Show 2012

Kristen Capolino and Mike Kerr at Eventide (Namm Show 2012)

Mike Kerr and Kristen Capolino Blues Jam (NAMM 2012)

Atanas Shishkov: Firesound V£ demo

"I`m very excited to present the brand new ultimate overdrive - Firesound V3!
An amazing boutique high quality 100% analog booster-overdrive.

Hand-crafted in Bulgaria, cool design and very easy to use,
this pedal gave me a better lead sound, work in combination with my trusty
Johnson J-Station amplification.
The tone with Firesound is more solid and I do feel very comfortable
when I play my tapping and legato runs.
Here is my configuration!
Now you can hear how it sounds!"
Check out Firesound-3 and order it here :
Atanas Shishkov

FIRESOUND-V3 PROMO / Atanas Shishkov - Time Table by Tony Macalpine /

Andy Timmons: Harmony Central NAMM interview

NAMM 2012 - Andy Timmons

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Roland Iron Maidens NAMM 2012 - series

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox Guitar Shredding mode

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Roland Iron Maidens NAMM 2012 - series

Mike Portnoy, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian

Mike Portnoy, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan and Derek Sherinian will be headlining SABIAN Live on Friday January 20, 2012 at the Sheraton Park Hotel (next to the Hilton) in Anaheim CA as part of the NAMM Show.

Also appearing will be Virgil Donati with Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip and Dennis Hamm; Tony Royster Jr. and friends; and special guest appearances by Orestes Vilato and Sandy Perez

Mike Portnoy with Billy Sheehan, Tony McAlpine and Derek Sherinian - Sabian Live NAMM 2012

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati,Jimmy Haslip: NAMM jam 2012

Virgil Donati with Allan Holdsworth, Dennis Hamm and Jimmy Haslip playing at the annual Sabian Live concert at HAMM 2012 in Anaheim, California

Johnny Hiland: There is None Hi'er NAMM 2012 - more stunning playing

Johnny Hiland at Namm 2012 There is None Hi'er

Will McFarlane: Tom Anderson Guitarworks booth at NAMM 2012

Fans of Michael Lee Firkins are sure to like Will McFarlane's playing

Great guitarist and great guy, Will McFarlane, putting an Tom Anderson Tele through its paces with some wonderful pedal steel licks. I have a new obsession in life! My apologies for not getting more of Will's face in the video - I was fascinated by what he was playing and wanted to see as much of that as possible.

Will McFarlane in the Tom Anderson Guitarworks booth at NAMM 2012

Danny John: Mr. Twister gets a five star review

Danny John Trio:
Yesterday I had never even heard of Daniel John and today he is one of my favorite guitarists ever.

This album was recorded in 17 hours, but you would never guess. It’s a testament to the amazing talent of these artists. If they were painters this would be their Mona Lisa. If you are looking for a perfect Rock/ Jazz Fusion album, this is it. Look no further. full review

Oziel Zinho: Jaspion theme

Opening theme of the show The Japanese FANTASTIC Jaspion Facebook Page Facebook Profile Ozielzinho @ Twitter

Jaspion - Theme

Joe Bonamassa: Interview NAMM 2012 Gibson Guitars NAMM

Joe Bonamassa is a supremely talented blues guitarist who is on the fast track to becoming a household name. His guitar skills are well recognized, and have helped him earn himself a Gibson Custom Shop signature Les Paul, a Gibson USA signature Les Paul, and now, an Epiphone version too. He's also a super nice and down to earth guy. He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule behind the scenes at NAMM 2012 to talk to The Music Zoo about his relationship with Gibson and what's coming down the line in the future. Thanks Joe!

Joe Bonamassa Interview NAMM 2012 Gibson Guitars

Alex Skolnick: AmpKit Metal at NAMM 2012

Alex Skolnick was totally on when he played to a packed Peavey booth crowd at NAMM 2012 on January 21st. He shows off an amazing metal setup he calls "Skol Budda Crunch" based around AmpKit's Budda SD30 amp model. As always, Alex is amazing at cutting quick loops and then jamming against them. He's connected into the Peavey sound system using the just-announced AmpKit LiNK HD via its dedicated Line Out port.

Alex Skolnick Plays AmpKit Metal at NAMM 2012, Part 1

Alex Skolnick continues with more metal at the packed Peavey booth crowd at NAMM 2012 on January 21st. He continues with his "Skol Budda Crunch" setup based around AmpKit's Budda SD30 amp model. He's connected into the Peavey sound system using the just-announced AmpKit LiNK HD via its dedicated Line Out port.

Alex Skolnick Plays AmpKit Metal at NAMM 2012, Part 2

Paul Wardingham: announces forthcoming release ‘The Human Affliction’

Paul Wardingham Announces Forthcoming Release ‘The Human Affliction’
Australian guitar shredder and producer, Paul Wardingham, has announced 'The Human Affliction' as the title of his new instrumental cyber metal album.

Wardingham, who released his acclaimed debut 'Assimilate Regenerate' in 2011 through Enigmatic Records, says this second full-length will be a concept album.

“I wasn't planning on making an album like this for a few years, but the music began to take on a life of its own and a story materialized from the themes of each track” says Wardingham. “Assimilate Regenerate was conceptual in that it was inspired by science fiction, future technology and the effect it has on society, and I have always had visual references in my mind associated to the music I write, so it feels quite natural to progress to an album like this.”
Currently in the pre-production stage, Wardingham hints at what to expect stylistically from this new effort.
“I would say it's going to be darker, more progressive and more epic than 'Assimilate Regenerate', still with a heavy dose of melodic shred and ambient synth work like before.”

Today, Enigmatic Records released an official teaser poster and a new website design to promote the upcoming release.

“We're all very excited about the direction of Paul's new album,” Enigmatic Records Marketing Director Johnny Cheng said. “Right now, we're working closely with Paul and DarkZen Design to articulate the album artwork, promotion and packaging. ‘The Human Affliction’ is going to be something very special.”
'The Human Affliction' is set to be released mid 2012.
For more information, go to,, and

Remy Hansen: Major 7 arpeggio insights

Maj7, Dom7, Min7 Arpeggios

Francesco Congia: Plays Funk Slap With Mama Pickups

Francesco Congia Plays Funk Slap With Mama Pickups

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh,Bruce Kulick,Marq Torian: Key Club Goin Down

Tony MacAlpine,Bruce Kulick,Marq Torian @ the Key Club Goin Down

Tony MacAlpine live@ Key Club 1st song

Tony MacAlpine live@Key Club 3rd song

Roberto Restuccia: Jam Track Jam

YAMAHA PAC212VFMJT JAM by Roberto Restuccia

Emil Werstler: Improvisation Clinic Part 2 of 5

FPE-TV Emil Werstler (Chimaira, Daath) Improvisation Clinic Part 2 of 5

Matthew McGhee: tapping 8 String Solo Guitar

8 String Solo Guitar - A Better Place - Matthew McGhee

Darius Wave: MusicOff 2012 jam only

MusicOff 2012 - non-contest entry by Darius Wave

Frank Gambale: 2012 NAMM interviews

2012 NAMM: Frank Gambale Interview

Vinnie Moore: Daydream - NAMM 2012

Vinnie Moore performed at the 3rd Annual Namm Jam at the Grove,
Anaheim, LA, California with John "JD" DeServio on Bass (Black Label Society), Richie Monica (Tantric) on drums, and Mike DiMeo (Riot) on keyboards and vocals.
Here they perform DAYDREAM

Vinnie Moore performs DAYDREAM at Namm

Vinnie Moore performs MELTDOWN at Namm

Vinnie Moore performs OVER MY HEAD at Namm Jam 2012

Vinnie Moore performs FIRE at Namm Jam 2012 with John "JD" DeServio on vocals

Vinnie Moore performs TOO HOT TO HANDLE at Namm Jam

Katalina Gonzalez: Mandala II



Davide Montorsi: dorian dreaming

It's time to study :)

Nick Sandt: Rendlesham Forest - original tune

Nick Sandt:
I started working on this 11 months ago. It doesn't really take me that long to make a song. I just had a rough year last year. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did making it. "Renovatio" is coming very soon

"Rendlesham Forest" Nick Sandt

Lorenzo Venza: MusicOff Video Contest 2012

In case you missed this fluid solo... here it is again... and then subscribe to the facebook channel

MusicOff Video Contest 2012 - Lorenzo Venza

PJ d'Atri: La Catedral - Preludio saudade

PJ d'Atri
This personal collection of videos represents essential guitar literature honouring some of my favourite guitar music. The pieces I try to interpret underline some exceptional moments of guitar music and guitar history, highlighting the fantastic abilities and achievements of trailblazers and true icons of my genre. Players such as the unique Jason Becker, a musician with a truly larger-than-life gift, the incomparable Randy Rhoads, Augustin Barrios, a prince among guitarists to the very origin of all music, Maestro Johann Sebastian Bach. I take no credit for the music for none of which was written by me. Enjoy the sounds, y'all...
PJ d'Atri plays "La Catedral - Preludio saudade" by Augustin Barrios


PJ d'Atri :
This personal collection of videos represents essential guitar literature honouring some of my favourite guitar music. The pieces I try to interpret underline some exceptional moments of guitar music and guitar history, highlighting the fantastic abilities and achievements of trailblazers and true icons of my genre. Players such as the unique Jason Becker, a musician with a truly larger-than-life gift, the incomparable Randy Rhoads, Augustin Barrios, a prince among guitarists to the very origin of all music, Maestro Johann Sebastian Bach. I take no credit for the music for none of which was written by me. Enjoy the sounds, y'all...

PJ d'Atri plays „Air (Prelude)" by Jason Becker

Jan Laurenz: Bandura 55 Strings... another amazing looking instrument

first steps on Bandura by Jan Laurenz,just discovered this fantastic Ukranian instrument!
there are many true "virtuosos" on Bandura to discover on the Net.
I have big respect for the "real" bandura players and of course just try to
play it as good as i can as a beginner....

funny thing:

For thouse who wrote comments about changing a 12 string guitar beeing hell
(stick,megatar,beartrax ecc...) just try to change the strings on this one (bandura) hi hi

I did,55 strings,yes that was hard!

first steps on Bandura by Jan Laurenz

Peter Tiehuis: live fusion in Utrecht

Freeform jazz improvisation from renowned Dutch guitarist Peter Tiehuis and band, when they performed one of their regular gigs, at the acclaimed 't-Oude Pothuis venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012.
Extract from Peter's website:
One of Holland's leading guitar players, Peter Tiehuis's versatility has enabled him to play almost any kind of music and has led to many recording dates, also in Belgium, Germany and England, for records and broadcasting.

In 2008, he formed his own Peter Tiehuis Trio with contrabass player Frans van der Hoeven and drummer Arno van Nieuwenhuize. In this setup he's experimenting with totally improvised concerts based on electronics, effects and soundscapes.
Over the years he has played with Toots Thielemans, Benny Goodman, Freddie Hubbard, Stan Getz, Tania Maria, Al Jarreau, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Charlie Mariano, Vince Mendoza, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, the Yellow Jackets, Jasper van 't Hof, Gino Vannelli, Cliff Richard, the Brecker Brothers, Ilse de Lange, Randy Crawford, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Steve Vai, Adrian Belew and many others.
After teaching for about 10 years at the Amsterdam Highschool of Arts, he regularly gives guitar workshops. Since 2005 he is part of the Paul Berner Band (with fellow guitar player Ed Verhoeff, drummer Hans van Oosterhout, Michael Moore on reeds, Paul Berner on contrabass). With dutch star singer Trijntje Oosterhuis he is doing small tours and gigs. Together with bassguitar player Theo de Jong and percussionist Bart Fermie he formed the trio '3HandsClapping' which resulted in their cd "Shaman Dance". Lately he's collaborating with the dutch flugelhorn player Ack van Rooyen and the New York poet/writerEdward Field to work on a cd recording where poems and music are mixed.
From Poolguitar blog:
Peter Tiehuis is Holland's number one session player. As one of the guitarists of the Metropole Orchestra he has played with many great names in the business. You may have seen him next to Steve Vai, Pat Metheny or John Scofield. Not many guitarists can do this and win the respect of these outstanding collegues. He has played on countless cd, film scores and commercials. He still finds time to play with his own trio 3HANDSCLAPPING with bassplayer Theo de Jong and percussion player Bart Fermie. Check out his website for some amazing audio files of his new impro-project with Arno van Nieuwenhuize on drums and Frans van der Hoeven on bass.