Fabian Anderhub: rocking blues

Fabian Anderhub and band delivered an energetic set, when they performed at 'Gebouw-T', in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands on, Sunday January 15th, 2012. They were supporting Wishbone Ash on their European tour.

Anderhub Fabian: vocals, guitar
Rob MacDonald: guitar
Sandro Cadeddu: drums
Domenic Romanelli: bass

Extract from band website:
Growing up in Canada, Fabian Anderhub already played at the renowned Montreal Festi-Blues " and "Jazz-Festival ". In his childhood, the family emigrated from Switzerland to Canada. The guitarist and singer inherited both worlds; city life in Quebec and quiet inspiration in Switzerland. The opposites told him about life: Being a well-regarded and respected player (having played more than 200 concerts in Canada alone) and having been poor: His family struggling to survive as farmers in Switzerland, ultimately forced to try their luck elsewhere.
Meanwhile, Anderhub is back to Europe. In 2010, his debut album, 'Left Line' is released, showing off pure bluesrock -- dusty, traditional licks played in a modern fashion; up-to-date tone and sound as opposed to nostalgia. With his recent 2011 record, 'It's a Blues Thing', he explores his veins even further. As the title suggests, it's his tribute to the raw and intense roots of his blues attitude, ranging mostly from midtempo songs to heartfelt ballads. All of them were recorded live with his band. Anderhub is already back in the studio recording his third album. This time, he's focusing on rock in its original bone-crushing manner: 2 guitars, bass and drums.
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