Tom Richardson: Lick of the Week 18

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This is a bluesy lick in the key of A. The lick is played with a triplet feel (3 notes per beat, count: 1-trip-let, 2-trip-let, 3-trip-let etc...) Knowing which note starts on a beat will help you to get the feel of the lick. While practicing it may be helpful to slow the lick down and accent every note at the start of each triplet grouping to emphasise the rhythm.
It starts with the open A string, then a hammer on to the 3rd fret with the second finger and thento the 4th fret with the third finger. This leaves the first finger free to bar across the D and G strings to play the notes at the second fret. The slide from the 6th fret of the G string to the 7th fret is played with the little finger leaving the first finger free again to bar across the B and E strings at the 5th fret.
There are two half tone bends in the lick, the first note (B -- 7th fret E string) of the first bar and the last note at the 11th fret of the G string with some added vibrato!

Lick of the Week 18 - Tom Richardson