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Fredrik Thordendal: Study Finds Listening To Djent Is Potentially Life-Threatening

The New England Journal of Otolaryngology, the foremost magazine on ear related issues, released a study on Friday claiming that djent music can lead to several health issues including dizziness, vomiting and the odd compulsion to have more than 20 strings on a guitar. The study was commissioned last year after 52 people were hospitalized after collapsing at a Meshuggah concert in Silver Springs, Maryland. Several of the injured were also diagnosed with logherria, a condition marked by incoherent babbling, as well as Fripp’s Disorder, a rare disease that renders people unable to enjoy music unless it is in rare, obscure time signatures. The journal went on to call djent “the greatest threat to the health of the human ear drum” and went as far as to call for the arrest and caning of Meshuggah frontman Fredrik Thordendal.
full report

Russ Parrish: video of Aussie radio interview

STEEL PANTHER: Tom & Alex Interview Michael Starr and Satchel!

Pedro Molina: Dark Asent - Tempus Fugit!

DARK ASCENT.Pedro Molina

Tom Quayle: T2 guitar NAMM 2012

T2 guitar @ NAMM 2012. Swamp ash body, quarter sawn curly maple neck. Patented IPNP-UP neck profile. Multi-scale fretboard with stainless steel frets. Patented TOONE & TOWNSEND precision hardware.

Learn more @ http://www.ricktoone.com

iPad video (off-axis sound...amp 90 degrees, lower right) of two very different styles of play: Raj with classic blues licks, UK Fusion Guitarist Tom Quayle with speed and precision.

T2 Guitar NAMM 2012

Pop Woravit: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 By POP WORAVIT

Benjamin Ellis: Bloodshot Dawn

order a copy

The self-titled, debut album from Bloodshot Dawn. Featuring over 50 mins of Melodic Death/Thrash Metal in the form of 11 brand new tracks that will blow your freaking mind! Released: 26th Jan 2012

Track Listing:

1. Beckoning Oblivion
2. Dedication To A Dead Cause
3. Forlorn World
4. Godless
5. Vision
6. Sentient Disease
7. The Quantum Apocalypse
8. Sickening Dogma
9. Illusion Aesthetic
10. Prototype
11. Archetype

All music © 2011 Bloodshot Dawn

For other shipping rates (e.g. special delivery) please contact: bloodshotdawnuk@hotmail.co.uk

Hi guys! This is the third in a series of videos, showcasing some of my lead parts from my band Bloodshot Dawn's debut album. Lick 3 is the opening sweep picking / tapping section from the closing track on the album, "Archetype". This song is the most progressive track on the album , and this section is in an odd time signature / bar count. I personally count it as 2 bars of 6/4 followed by a bar of 2/4, and it repeats this timing until the section ends. I hope you guys enjoy this lick and have fun playing it! I will be releasing videos each week, demonstrating a lick from 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, covering a range of different techniques and vibes. Thanks for watching!

Here's the tab for the lick (PDF):


You can also download our single "Godless" for free from our facebook page!

Check us out at:

Benjamin Ellis - Bloodshot Dawn Lick 3 - "Archetype"

Erik Mongrain: Interviews

Erik Mongrain Interview www licklibrary com


Ian Crichton: Saga - On The loose - original clip

SAGA On The Loose Original Video Clip

Rob Chappers: Live In Soho

Rob Chapman Live In Soho - 2 Survive

Ola Englund, Travis Montgomery, Chris Feener: TC Electronic Pedals competition

TC Electronic Pedals competition
1. Your choice of the TC Electronic Mojomojo Overdrive or Rottweiler Distortion
2. A TC Electronic Mojomojo or Rottweiler depending on which one the winner chooses
3. An assorted pack of V-Picks and Sik Piks
Steps to Enter/WIN:
1. Subscribe to my channel (http://www.youtube.com/myxharnett)
2. Go to http://www.4shared.com/mp3/xDNuEnFg/TC_Electronic_BT.html and download the backing track
3. Upload a video response of you soloing over the backing track to THIS video
Key changes are D Locrian, D minor, D major!
Ends APRIL 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This competition is open to all countries!
Special thanks to TC Electronic, V-Picks and Sik Piks.
Special thanks to Travis Montgomery, Chris Feener, and Ola Englund for being awesome enough to guest judge!!
There will be a Top 10 in this guitar competition.
I demo the pedals at the middle of the video, and at the end the backing track plays with words on the screen saying where the key changes are. On the Soundcloud page it also shows where the key changes are with comments. There are only a couple key changes anyway ;-) In fact, if you want you can just use the minor and major pentatonic the whole time!
Thanks guys, I hope you enter, and good luck!
Matt Harnett

Win TC Electronic Pedals - TC Electronic COMPETITION - Judged by Threat Signal and Feared/Scarpoint!

Pedro Molina: TC Electronics competition

Win TC Electronic Pedals - TC Electronic COMPETITION Pedro Molina

Eric Maldonado: strandberg headless guitar NAMM 2012

Eric Maldonado plays .strandberg* headless guitar #14 at NAMM 2012

Roman Miroshnichenko,Henrik Andersen: versus!

Roman Miroshnichenko at Henrik Andersen's home studio

Henrik vs Roman. Fun jammin

Silvio Gazquez: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - Spear guitar demo

Silvio Gazquez:
This is my solo for this new contest, hope you guys like it!
I´m endorsed by Spear guitars, please check them out here:


Levi Clay: Scott Henderson Tribute

I LOVE Scott Henderson, it's no secret!

Just shot this to test out our Canon 500D - and I'm really happy with the result (minus all the bum notes of course!)
I hope you enjoy this though for what it is - a tribute to the greatest guitarist the is, was, and ever will be!
big thanks to Vincenzogrieco for making such a good backing


Levi Clay - Dolemite Scott Henderson Tribute

Chatreeo Bae: the most prolific guitar player on YouTube?

Is Chatreeo Bae the most prolific guitar player on YouTube?

Uploads: 1,694
Subscribers: 7,597
Video views: 19,733,204

Schecter C-1 Custom Guitar Clean Sound

Mirko Quaglio: classy legato fusion - Schecter Blackjack C-7

Mirko Quaglio:
practicing over a funk fusion backing track (Am7 || Am7 || Bbm7 || Bbm7 || Am7 || Am7 || Cm7 || Cm7). Thanks to RandyMartinGuitar channel for that.
I recently got an used Schecter Blackjack C-7 (old model) and suprisingly it's not only a metal/djent driven guitar, as its Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) and '59 (SH-1n) pickups pups sounds great even with rock, jazz (!!!) and fusion tones. Great mechanics, neck, woods and finishes. Hope you enjoy it.

fusion legato tapping jam Schecter Blackjack C-7 + Roland Cube 80X

Hidenori,Hiroki: Speed Violation high speed guitar duo's debut album

『SPEED VIOLATION』 SPEED VIOLATION"Speed ​​Violation" Speed ​​Violation
SHINKO MUSIC RECORDS XQFP-1014 定価 2,000円(税込)
March 7, 2012 発 売

[Track] http://high-stream.jp/speed_violation/
  6. FLY ME TO THE MOON (Cover)
  7. RFY

Amazon http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B006OA1OPK/

CANON (SPEED VIOLATION Ver) ※ ボーナス · トラック http://high-stream.jp/speed_violation/
(With benefits) to purchase the disk union to purchase at Amazon Ultra-fast guitar duo's debut album Hidenori x active on the Internet scene by the [TEST], of SPEED VIOLATION curtain in the "STREAM" was created as a theme song of the event "High-Stream" gathering of our net guitarist work metal guitar instrumental ultra-fast open, twin lead, beginning with "SPEED VIOLATION" flurry of ultra-fast more than BPM190 as a cover song, "Smooth Criminal" Michael Jackson, of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" TV show popular anime recorded in their own arrangement of "Technical Difficulties" the most difficult piece, led by Paul Gilbert and Racer X "Fly Me To The Moon", also known as the ending theme of drummer SEX MACHINEGUNS, participation is KEN'ICHI


Neil Citron,Percy Jones,Gary Crite: BangTower release classy samples from new album

Neil Citron,Percy Jones,Gary Crite: BangTower getting ready for their forthcoming 2012 tour

BangTower - Groove Snake

BangTower - Hair of the Dog (single version)

BangTower "Casting Shadows"
Los Angeles, CA: One of the most highly anticipated CD releases of 2010 has been released, much to the elation of the music press and fans across the globe. BangTower is a progressive musical alliance featuring legendary bassist Percy Jones, who is best known for his work with Brand X, a band that also featured Genesis legend Phil Collins. Along with Jones, the power-prog trio also includes Grammy winning guitarist/engineer/producer Neil Citron. Walter Garces, who also performs with '60s psychedelic marvels The Electric Prunes, rounds off the trio with his skillful drumming. Their maiden voyage "Casting Shadows", produced by Neil Citron (who also engineered, mixed and mastered) and Jon Pomplin, was released by Declassified Records and is now available directly from their store and CD-Baby.Digital download versions available on BandCamp (hi-res), CD-Baby, Apple iTunes,Rhapsody, Napster,AMAZON and most other major Digital distributors.

Jerome Gache: Paganini Caprice 16

Paganini Caprice 16

Borislav Mitic: Symour Duncan interview

Why did you change out your stock pickups? “The pickups are the #1 key element in guitar tone, it all starts from that point of the magnets capturing the vibration of the strings over them. I always wanted to get the best possible tone out of the guitar so naturally I had to look for the best pickup upgrade that would help in getting the best tonal quality.”

Which pickups do you use and for which guitars? “I mainly use humbucker pickups in my ESP V guitars so in most cases it would be a JB for the bridge position and Jazz or ‘59 model for the neck. I also like the Duncan Distortion in the bridge position with 250K pots. In some situations I also need some single coil type of tones but I can’t deal with the usual hum associated with them so for me stacked STK are really a fabulous solution for my ESP Vintage Plus (strat-like) guitar. STK’s also have a bit more output then some other brands that have similar designs yet they retain more of the typical single coil clarity and tone then others pickups do.” more

Borislav Mitic - Solo LIVE 2011

Borislav Mitic - Master Of Strings LIVE 2011

Borislav Mitic - Mystic (Live in Belgrade, Serbia 2004)

News: win a place on VH1 classic "That Metal Show"

VH1 Classic's THAT METAL SHOW is back for it's 10th season! Celebrating all things hard rock and heavy metal, this season promises amazing guests and Eddie wants to put YOU and a guest on his personal list to attend a taping of the show in Los Angeles, CA!

One (1) winner will receive a pair of tickets to the show date of their choice*:

Sunday, 3/11/12
Monday, 3/12/12
Wednesday, 3/14/12
Thursday, 3/15/12
Saturday, 3/17/12 ENTER NOW!

*Travel is NOT included. Entries must be received by 3pm ET on Thu. 3/8/12.

Upcoming Shows:
  • 3/2/12 Y&T @ BB Kings New York, NY 
  • 3/10/12 Symphony X @ Best Buy Theater New York, NY
  • 3/12/12 Adrenaline Mob @ Hiro Ballroom New York, NY 
  • 4/27/12 Guns N' Roses Tribute @ BB Kings - New York, NY 
  • 5/9/12 Lynch Mob @ BB Kings New York, NY

Francesco Artusato: guest solo on upcoming Ex Deo release

EX DEO band are set to feature the guitar virtuoso talents of Francesco Artusato from ALL SHALL PERISH. He lends a "blistering solo" to the band's forthcoming album, Caligvla. He joins Mariangela Demurtas from the band TRISTANIA as one of several guests on the album. https://www.facebook.com/exdeo

Steve Smyth,Andy LaRocque,Mike Wead: Deadlands new album released featuring a bunch of guest soloists

Deadlands have released their debut album, entitled Evilution, via Molten Metal Records.


Legendary metal guitarists soloing on two songs from Evilution include:

'Final Solution'
Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE)
Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate, KING DIAMOND)
Andy LaRocque (King Diamond)
Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond)

'Path We've Chosen'
Steve Smyth (NEVERMORE, Forbidden)

Jordan Rudess: Riff Mag interview

Dream Theater Interview at "Coliseu dos Recreios", Lisbon, Portugal, 2012-02-26 from Riff-Mag on Vimeo.

Chris Broderick: Bay Area Backstage - Gigantour 2012

Bay Area Backstage - Gigantour 2012 -Megadeth -Chris Broderick

MEGADETH- chris broderick- live 8 fingers tapping solo

News: Kings X drummer has heart attack, tour cancelled

Jerry Gaskill, drummer for Kings X, suffered a heart attack Sunday, February 26, and was rushed to the hospital. After undergoing an emergency operation, Jerry was placed in intensive care (where he currently remains).

In light of Jerry's sudden hospitalization, all previously announced North American tour dates for KING'S X have been cancelled. Jerry will be taking the time to recover back to full health so that he can hopefully join the band behind the drums at some point in the future.

Stéphan Forté: Loud Guitars - Inside the Shadows Compendium

Inside the Shadows Compendium with Stéphan Forté from Loudguitars.com on Vimeo.

James Williams: X Opus - classy music on a par with Symphony X

Members: James Williams • Brian Dixon • David Crocker • Corbett Tucker • Jesse Gallegos • Matthew Bowers

The Epiphany, the debut CD from the symphonic metal band X Opus, is a celestial blend of enigmatic lyrical threads and layered neoclassical metal. Tracks such as "Terrified", "Forsaken" "On Top of the World", "Pharaohs of Lies" and "In the Heavens" are haunting yet radiant musical vignettes, imbued with the power of spiritual transformation.
While traces of Hendrix, Symphony X and J.S. Bach can be d
etected throughout the 10- track CD, X Opus has shaped a dense musical landscape pockmarked by major plateaus and minor gullies. The combination of doomy chord changes, bombastic compositional grandness, the flavor of Middle Eastern scales, and lyrical themes, based on the redemptive nature of faith, is enough to send chills up and down your spine.



X Opus - Pharaohs Of Lies

Joe Bonamassa: a limited run of ONLY 100 " Midnight Blues " signed Lithograph prints

We are offering a NEW lithograph. "Midnight Blues," the Seventh edition of lithographs in this ongoing series of limited edition high quality collectable lithograph images, commemorating the career of Joe Bonamassa. 

This is a limited run of ONLY 100 " Midnight Blues " Lithograph prints personally hand signed by Joe Bonamassa. Each lithograph print comes with a certificate of authenticity ensuring the quality and collectable nature of each piece. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Retail price is $399, includes the frame, lithograph and 2 free tickets to a show of your choice and an invite for you and a guest to personally meet Joe Bonamassa! Click here to buy now.

Each lithographic print comes framed in a high quality black frame and double matte background that is guaranteed to look great in any room in your home.

This framed limited edition lithograph print retails for $399. Each of the 100 owners of the prized " Midnight Blues " lithograph will receive 2 tickets to a show and an invite to a meet and greet with Joe at the show of their choice. Meet Joe in person, get his autograph and take a photo with him before he performs live for you! This makes a great Fathers Day, Holiday, Birthday, or Anytime gift! Click here to buy now

David Gilmour: how to get the whale squeals from echoes

Thanks to 10CentHead: http://www.youtube.com/user/10CentHead

David Gilmour Guitar secret.

Kevin Serra: The French Guitar contest 2012


Jordi Foraster: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - great tone and melodic ideas


plus another set of competition entries

Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition - J.Furas

TOP TEN: The Chapman Guitars 'Heart Of Fire' Competition - J.Furas

Joop Wolters: 8 string Rainbow Child


André Chalifour: Guitar teacher in Longueuil, Montreal- two hands and two necks

My name is André Chalifour and I live in Longueuil on the south shore of Montreal. I offer my services for guitar lessons, all styles, all levels, all âge.Je am also available for various concerts

André Chalifour, Professeur de guitare à Longueuil

Ola Englund: S7G Solar7- Fortin Satan demo

http://ww.olaenglund.com http://www.facebook.com/fearedse
Today is a great day! I received my custom built amplifier built by Mike Fortin. I've been playing it 6 hours straight and recconed I need to share at least one clip of today. So I recorded this Meshuggah song.

This is just a first teaser of whats to come. Got loads of videos planned for this baby. Check out Mike Fortins page at : http://www.fortinamps.com
Signal chain:
S7G Solar7- Fortin Satan - Hesu 2x12 - SM57 - Presonus Audiobox 22VSL
Fortin Satan - Metal teaser clip

Marcos De Ros: Vivaldi - Violin Concerto RV 310 G major.

Viva Vivaldi! - Marcos De Ros - Electric Guitar - A. Vivaldi - Violin Concerto RV 310 G major.

Jace Parales: Scar Symmetry - Oscillation Point solo - great job

Scar Symmetry - Oscillation Point solo

Gary Moore: The inquisition - Colosseum II Live BBC 1978 - classic

The reason why I loved Gary Moore, awesome fusion from way back when.

Colosseum II Live BBC 1978

John Mayer: Spring Tour 2012 Schedule

John Mayer Spring Tour 2012 Schedule:

Monday, April 9: Bloomington, IN; the IU Auditorium
Tuesday, April 10: East Lansing, MI; the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts
Thursday, April 12: Grand Rapids, MI; DeVos Performance Hall
Friday, April 13: West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University); Elliot Hall of Music
Saturday, April 14: Detroit, MI; Fox Theatre
Tuesday, April 17: Orono, ME (University of ME); Collins Center for the Arts
Wednesday, April 18: Providence, RI; PPAC Providence Performing Arts Center
Thursday, April 19: West Point, NY; Eisenhower Hall Theatre
Saturday, April 21: Buffalo, NY; Shea’s Performing Arts Center
Sunday, April 22: Wallingford, CT; The Oakdale Theatre
Tuesday, April 24: Richmond, VA; Landmark Theater
Thursday, April 26: Tuscaloosa, AL; Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
Sunday, April 29: New Orleans, LA; Jazz & Heritage Fest
Monday, April 30: Memphis, TN; The Orpheum Theatre
Wednesday, May 2: Kansas City, MO; Starlight Theatre
Friday, May 4: Albuquerque, NM; Sandia
Saturday, May 5: Las Vegas, NV; The Joint
Sunday, May 6: Phoenix, AZ; Comerica Theatre


Chris George: Marshall demos Guitar Show, Birmingham 2012

Chris George: Marshall demos Guitar Show, Birmingham 2012

Tommy Emmanuel: special auction for live DVD

In July of 2009, Tommy gave an unforgettable

performance for PBS station KVIE.

This amazing event was captured and released

as a signed and numbered collector's DVD.

The auction for #146 of 200

is going on right now!

Click below to be one of only 200 people

in the world to own this incredible DVD!

Auction ends March 1, 2012

8pm US Pacific Standard Time.

Walter Trout: extends UK tour dates

Walter Trout has added a new date to his March 2012 UK Tour. The former guitarist for John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Canned Heat, and John Lee Hooker, will play the Boom Boom Club at Sutton Utd Football Club on Tuesday 13th March.

Walter Trout is one of the world’s great guitarists. Having recently celebrated his 20th year as a solo recording artist, Trout’s UK tour precedes the release of his new studio album Blues For The Modern Daze. The album is released by Provogue Records in the UK on Monday 23rd April, the same day Trout performs a session on BBC Radio 2’s Paul Jones Rhythm & Blues Show.

Tickets for the March 2012 UK Tour are available from 0844 478 0898, www.thegigcartel.com andwww.waltertrout.com.

Southampton, The Brook - Tuesday 6th March
Newcastle, o2 Academy - Wednesday 7th March
Leeds, City Varieties - Thursday 8th March
Sheffield, o2 Academy - Friday 9th March
Clitheroe, The Grand - Saturday 10th March
Salford, The Lowry - Sunday 11th March
Pontardawe, Arts Centre - Monday 12th March
Sutton, Boom Boom Club - Tuesday 13th March
Wolverhampton, Robin 2 - Wednesday 14th March
Bristol, The Tunnels - Thursday15th March
Tavistock, The Wharf - Friday 16th March

Gil Parris,Bernie Williams: Kitano show dates

Bernie Williams - Gil Parris Quartet - Former NY Yankee & Jazz/Latin/Blues Guitarist Team For Rare NY Appearance, Kitano, NYC, Mar 2-3

Go Here To Find Out More about The Kitano - View Their Full Schedule of Jazz Performances and Make Reservations

(Grammy Nominated Guitarists)
Harvie S-Acoustic Bass
Thierry Arpino-drums
Bernie Williams

The quartet of Former New York Yankee Bernie Williams along with Gil Parris, Latin/Blues/Jazz Guitarist will be making a rare New York City appearance at The Kitano, 38th & Park Avenue, on Friday and Saturday evenings, March 2 and 3. This show is not to be missed. The first set each night runs from 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm; Second set 10:00 pm - 11:15 pm. There is a $25 cover + $15 minimum per set. The Kitano offers a Full menu available featuring American and Japanese specialties. Early diners (7:00 PM) receive preferred seating. Reservations Required • Phone: (212) 885-7119

Visit: http://twitter.com/kitanonewyork


RESERVATIONS: www.instantseats.com

PHOTOS - Bernie Williams (above left) * Gil Parris (below right)

Gil Parris
The Kitano, New York
66 Park Avenue @ 38th Street 212-885-7119
Friday & Saturday March 2 & 3, 2012
First set: 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm
Second set: 10:00 pm - 11:15 pm
$25 cover + $15 minimum per set
Full menu available featuring American and Japanese specialties.
Early diners (7:00 PM) receive preferred seating.
Reservations Required: 212-885-7119

Visit Our Tweets At: http://twitter.com/kitanonewyork


RESERVATIONS: www.instantseats.com

Go Here To Find Out More about The Kitano - View Their Full Schedule of Jazz Performances and Make Reservations
View and Share Videos at www.JazzVideoTube.com