Ola Englund, Travis Montgomery, Chris Feener: TC Electronic Pedals competition

TC Electronic Pedals competition
1. Your choice of the TC Electronic Mojomojo Overdrive or Rottweiler Distortion
2. A TC Electronic Mojomojo or Rottweiler depending on which one the winner chooses
3. An assorted pack of V-Picks and Sik Piks
Steps to Enter/WIN:
1. Subscribe to my channel (http://www.youtube.com/myxharnett)
2. Go to http://www.4shared.com/mp3/xDNuEnFg/TC_Electronic_BT.html and download the backing track
3. Upload a video response of you soloing over the backing track to THIS video
Key changes are D Locrian, D minor, D major!
Ends APRIL 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This competition is open to all countries!
Special thanks to TC Electronic, V-Picks and Sik Piks.
Special thanks to Travis Montgomery, Chris Feener, and Ola Englund for being awesome enough to guest judge!!
There will be a Top 10 in this guitar competition.
I demo the pedals at the middle of the video, and at the end the backing track plays with words on the screen saying where the key changes are. On the Soundcloud page it also shows where the key changes are with comments. There are only a couple key changes anyway ;-) In fact, if you want you can just use the minor and major pentatonic the whole time!
Thanks guys, I hope you enter, and good luck!
Matt Harnett

Win TC Electronic Pedals - TC Electronic COMPETITION - Judged by Threat Signal and Feared/Scarpoint!