Benjamin Ellis: Bloodshot Dawn

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The self-titled, debut album from Bloodshot Dawn. Featuring over 50 mins of Melodic Death/Thrash Metal in the form of 11 brand new tracks that will blow your freaking mind! Released: 26th Jan 2012

Track Listing:

1. Beckoning Oblivion
2. Dedication To A Dead Cause
3. Forlorn World
4. Godless
5. Vision
6. Sentient Disease
7. The Quantum Apocalypse
8. Sickening Dogma
9. Illusion Aesthetic
10. Prototype
11. Archetype

All music © 2011 Bloodshot Dawn

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Hi guys! This is the third in a series of videos, showcasing some of my lead parts from my band Bloodshot Dawn's debut album. Lick 3 is the opening sweep picking / tapping section from the closing track on the album, "Archetype". This song is the most progressive track on the album , and this section is in an odd time signature / bar count. I personally count it as 2 bars of 6/4 followed by a bar of 2/4, and it repeats this timing until the section ends. I hope you guys enjoy this lick and have fun playing it! I will be releasing videos each week, demonstrating a lick from 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, covering a range of different techniques and vibes. Thanks for watching!

Here's the tab for the lick (PDF):

You can also download our single "Godless" for free from our facebook page!

Check us out at:!/bloodshotdawn
Benjamin Ellis - Bloodshot Dawn Lick 3 - "Archetype"