Borislav Mitic: Symour Duncan interview

Why did you change out your stock pickups? “The pickups are the #1 key element in guitar tone, it all starts from that point of the magnets capturing the vibration of the strings over them. I always wanted to get the best possible tone out of the guitar so naturally I had to look for the best pickup upgrade that would help in getting the best tonal quality.”

Which pickups do you use and for which guitars? “I mainly use humbucker pickups in my ESP V guitars so in most cases it would be a JB for the bridge position and Jazz or ‘59 model for the neck. I also like the Duncan Distortion in the bridge position with 250K pots. In some situations I also need some single coil type of tones but I can’t deal with the usual hum associated with them so for me stacked STK are really a fabulous solution for my ESP Vintage Plus (strat-like) guitar. STK’s also have a bit more output then some other brands that have similar designs yet they retain more of the typical single coil clarity and tone then others pickups do.” more

Borislav Mitic - Solo LIVE 2011

Borislav Mitic - Master Of Strings LIVE 2011

Borislav Mitic - Mystic (Live in Belgrade, Serbia 2004)