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Mike Orlando: goes a little shredding crazy for Arenaline Mob

mike orlando bit of a solo from cambridge 2 july 2012

mike orlando from adrenaline mob watched by mike portnoy

JP Cervoni: joins Willie Basse for The Gypsy Experience

The Gypsy Experience is a very powerful rock band with a foundation from the Band of Gypsy's Era.

The original Band of Gypsy's featured Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles and Billy Cox.
That trio released a self titled live album on Capital Records that is unprecedented
and unrivaled as one of the greatest of all time.
The musicians in The Gypsy Experience are actual players that worked with Buddy Miles and Jimi Hendrix,
so this is more than an average tribute band, it is as the name describes, an experience!
vocals & bass guitar

Basse is a classically trained vocalist from Texas. His roots lie in the blues, having recorded,
toured and lived with Buddy Miles for over three years.


Cervoni, like Buddy Miles is one of the rare, upside-down left-handed guitarists in the world.
He was discovered by Miles in Toronto. He also toured, recorded and wrote songs with Miles.
JP Cervoni appears on the Buddy Miles album, Sneak Attack recorded for Atlantic Records.


Baker is the son of Legendary Blind Faith/The Cream drummer, Ginger Baker.

Michael Angelo Batio: win tickets to MI show

Michael Angelo Batio is performing his acclaimed show Hands Without Shadows on July 12th at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA in the Music Hall at 4:00 pm. This show is normally for students only but is now open to all the crazy music fans, metal heads and rockers. Here is what you will see:

To win a pair of free tickets, just write to - write G.I.T. TICKETS as the subject of your e-mail. The first 100 who respond will be added to the guest list for a pair of passes. Winners will be required to show picture I.D. to match the name on the guest list.

John Petrucci: gets nomination for Virtuoso of the year

John Petrucci has been nominated in the Virtuoso category for the first ever Prog Awards. The Prog Awards was established by Prog Rock Magazine and will take place in London on September 5th. The musician who’s the cream of the 2012 prog crop chop-wise – could be a tub-thumper, a singer, keyboard king or guitar slinger. Being prog, it could even be the nose flute....

This award will be chosen by a carefully selected council.

Xander Demos: design his album cover

US guitar player XANDER DEMOS has signed an exclusive worldwide digital distribution deal with German-based metal label, Rock N Growl Records.

The new album "GUITARCADIA" was produced by Xander Demos, mixed and mastered by CJ Snare of Firehouse, it contains 10 incredible tracks of pure guitar heaven. Release date will be annouced shortly.

Xander Demos is a high-energy rock and metal guitar player from Pittsburgh, PA. He currently fronts his own solo band, as well as playing lead guitar for Pittsburgh's favorite party rock outfit, Into The Arena. Xander performs in excess of 100 times a year, and he is active in recording collaborations with artists all over the world.

Xander Demos wants your original artwork designs for the re-release of his Guitarcadia album.

Xander Demos and MTS Management Group, in partnership with Rock ‘N’ Growl Records, announce the Get My Guitarcadia Graphics On competition. Fans are invited to submit theiroriginal album cover designs to be considered for the upcoming re-release of Xander’s Guitarcadia album.

The artwork must be 100% original and include the name “Xander Demos” and “Guitarcadia” somewhere in the design. Artists may submit more than one design. The best three designs will be selected by Xander and his management, with the final winner being chosen by a representative of Rock ‘N’ Growl Records. Submissions should be emailed to Deadline for submissions is Monday, July 16th.

Kiko Loureiro: new album and track details

Kiko Loureiro has just released his fourth solo album entitled Sounds Of Innocence featuring the drummer Virgil Donati and the bassist Felipe Andreoli.

The record was produced by Kiko Loureiro, mixed by Dennis Ward and mastered by Jürgen Lusky.

Kiko Loureiro, Felipe Andreoli and Marcelo Moreira will be in Japan next week (July 12 and 14) to perform the songs from the new album and then will leave to Latin America for more gigs.

Sounds Of Innocence tracklist:
'Awakening Prelude'
'Gray Stone Gateway'
'El Guajiro'
'Ray Of Life'
'The Hymn'
'Mãe D'Água'
'Twisted Horizon'
'A Perfect Rhyme'
'Conflicted' (Bonus track - back base)

Jan Akkerman: Bergen May 2012

A fine encore from Jan Akkerman & band, with guest Eric Vloeimans, when they came back on stage, to play an encore for a delighted audience, at the Gebouw-T venue, in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, on Saturday, May 19th, 2012.
Eric Vloiemans -- trumpet (guest)
Jan Akkerman - guitar
Coen Molenaar - keyboards
Wilbrand Meischke - bass
Marijn van den Berg - drums

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Dhalif Ali: Ukelele Fusion

Dhalif Ali:
Fun Jamming on a Soprano Ukelele, Time to rock the Uke guys! lol!
Thumbs up, Likes, Share! If you enjoyed this.. thanks!!

Ukelele Fusion

Daniele Liverani: The making of Eleven Mysteries

The Making Of Daniele Liverani's "ELEVEN MYSTERIES"- DANIELE LIVERANI guitars
Guitars production documentary of Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" coming soon on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC

Appearing on the album and on this documentary:
Daniele Liverani: All guitars
Like new DL facebook page:
The Making Of Daniele Liverani's "ELEVEN MYSTERIES"- DANIELE LIVERANI guitars

17586063: living forest - The Ten Commandments

This is "living forest" from my 2nd album "The Ten Commandments"
iTunes: iTunes(日本語):
amazon mp3:
amazon mp3(日本語):

1 The Ten Commandments 5:47
2 Slave or Master 3:59
3 Table o' princess 4:34
4 flamart 3:47
5 Leave me.. 6:24
6 THE GATE 4:01
7 U-ni-corn 2:50
8 living forest 5:29
9 Requiem of soul 2:38
10 sinful rulers 4:14

"living forest" from "The Ten Commandments"

"sinful rulers" from "The Ten Commandments"

Marco De Cave: Fender HM Strat jam - more crazy intervals

marco de cave fender HM strat jam

Marco De Cave playing with Italian songstress: Jessica Casula

Davanti A Me

Oz Noy: Just how difficult is it to record a Monk tune?

AL: Is it difficult to record a Monk tune with your own style and still stay true to the original Monk recordings?

ON:I think its difficult to put your own stamp in general on someone else's composition, BUT as I said before, Monk's music has something very free to interpitation and for some reason I get most success playing his songs than any other jazz composers. I play a lot of his music and just find my way to be comfortable with it.

Gianluca Ferro: accordo interview

What do you think are the most original aspects of this work of yours?
I think that is an original approach that explore a single topic, but I try to make a very broad overview on the latest styles and progressive metal, then I tried to make this music as much as possible by including some video clips (in one there Guest of Ralph Salati Destrage); last songs and exercises are assembled into small pieces with 'intent to make them more fun! 4) It is striking that you devote to the details is that the tapping alternate picking: Technical far between ... In the first phase of my life I've been a guitar plettratore: I was a fan of Petrucci! Then I approached Allan Holdswoth and tied, but the tapping was always a natural solution for me. So both alternating tapping are part of my luggage. Although the artistic point of view are more solutions "fluidose"!

Roy Marchbank: live dates announced

Roy Marchbank
June 23rd Mossdale illiage Hall
June 30th Craigadam
July 4th Annan corner house Hotel
July 6th Mabie House Hotel
July 7th The Castle Inn Bassenwaite Cumbria
July 27th Easterbrooke Hall
July 28th Castle Carrock Brampton
July 29th Auchen Castle

Farabee Ziebart: Indonesia phenomenon

Indonesia produces another phenomenal guitar player with two excellent covers

steve vai For the love of God Cover Farabee Woody Wood Becker

Jason Becker Altitudes_Cover (Farabee Woody Wood Becker) .3 GP

News: Robots talk Jazz and Shred

2 Guitar Shred Heads Trying to Start a Metal Band

Jazz Robots - Guitar

Mark McGuigan: wins Music Teacher OF The Year Award

Mark McGuigan

Mark is a passionate lover of the guitar. Since picking up the guitar in 1989, he has gained a broad knowledge of theory, techniques and styles. His own tastes in music are eclectic, and include: jazz, rock, metal, fusion, funk, folk, classical, dance, drum 'n' bass and hip hop.

Mark has performed live with the Edinburgh University Footlights, played at the Edinburgh Festival, performed onstage at Edinburgh's Hogmanay Celebrations and is a regular deputy guitarist for the modern ceilidh band Teannaich. Always keen to develop and learn from the masters, Mark has attended workshops with the likes of Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert, and has been fortunate enough to meet both Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Dedicated to advancing his own skills, technique and creativity, Mark is equally committed to the development of his students. An RGT approved tutor, Mark is able to offer a graded syllabus to his students as a means for them to monitor their progress. In addition to this, he is able to offer specialist tuition in advanced techniques, songwriting and recording.

It has been said that music is the highest form of emotional expression, and if that's true, then there can be no more versatile instrument than the guitar with which to express. Despite being one of the hardest instruments to master, Mark remains as infatuated with the guitar as he was when he first started. His aim is to teach every student, regardless of age or experience, with the same passion that drives his own playing; and, most of all, to make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Visit Mark's personal website at where you can check out his videos, music and general ramblings about everything guitar related.

Music Teacher OF The Year Award

Gianluca Ferro: djently taps Parallels in his studio

Gianluca Ferro Parallels LIVE IN STUDIO version

With over 2 hours of videos and 100+ licks for 6,7 and 8 string guitar. English subtitles, Guitar Pro Transcriptions and PDF format

One finger tapping
Multi finger Tapping
Hybrid Legato
Alternate Picking
Overlapping Arpeggios
Twin Guitars (with Ralph Sati)
Djent 7 and * string Rhythm Guitar
Polymetric Rhythmics
Legato Basics
Advanced Harmonic Concepts
Expanded Sclaes
Pitch Axis
Prock Progressions

You will be entitled of FREE worldwide shipping Pre Order

Gianluca Ferro: Accelerating Guitar DVD

Joop Wolters: strokes a Les Paul 74 for your delectation


Also Pre Amp and Effects unit demo:

Vintage Revolution PedalPro analogue multi-effect -joop wolters

News: Tone King Ibanez RG / S 25th XXV Anniversary Series Shoot Out

Which Ibanez Anniversary Series Axe is for you? RG or S? In the video, I will help you decide ... TTK Style!

Join me @ these fine establishments :
- Behind the Scenes : Have a question? Ask on the forum :
IBANEZ S Series 25th Anniversary XXV Electric Guitar Demo & Review (Saber)

IBANEZ RG 25th Anniversary XXV Electric Guitar Demo & Review

Ibanez RG / S : Shoot-Out Video! 25th XXV Anniversary Series Guitar ShootOut Demo / Review

Russ Parrish: Kramer Pacer Begal Tiger Steel Panther Signature Series Guitar

Thanks to the Tone King

Folks, enjoy this 'Satchel' Signature Series Guitar!

A full on review of the new KRAMER Pacer Classic in Tiger Finish!

Curious to know what you think. Please leave your comments below!

Thanks & Rock ON

KRAMER PACER CLASSIC - Tiger / Bengal - SATCHEL Steel Panther Signature Series Guitar!

KRAMER PACER CLASSIC - Tiger / Bengal - SATCHEL Steel Panther Signature Series Guitar!

Tom Quayle: One Control OC10 Crocodile Tail Loop Pedal Switcher

Go to 12:30 for lots of playing examples. for HD video lessons with me. for more info.

The OC10 is a high end pedal switching looper from One Control Japan featuring 70 presets, Midi capability, BJF buffer, Tuner Out and Link capability. Here I demo the unit and play through some of the presets I use on my pedal board.

Signal path - Suhr Classic with 3 ML Single Coils - Pedal Board - Port City Pearl - FX send to Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP - Logic Pro running Redwirez Mix IR plugin. No effects were added post recording - all effects are coming from my pedal board.

One Control OC10 Crocodile Tail Loop Pedal Switcher - Tom Quayle Demo

Richie Kotzen:Baked Potato gig dates

Richie Kotzen: Hello Friends and Fans,    If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this Tuesday night myband and I are doing 2 shows at the Baked Potato in Studio City Ca.
One show at 9:30 and one at 11:30.
You may purchase tickets at the link

Joe Bonamassa: Acoustic Tour

Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's single "Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind"

Follow Joe:
Twitter: @jbonamassa #jbonamassa #DTTD

Joe Bonamassa The Acoustic Event of The Decade
One Time Only! 2 Weeks,7 Shows!

This summer Joe Bonamassa will perform a very special one time only Unplugged Adventure like never before, varying from his normally electric Blues shows, to limited audience spanning over 7 exclusive shows.

This presentation is an all-acoustic concert performance, featuring international virtuosi musicians from many different cultures to accompany Bonamassa on his vintage acoustic instruments.

These musicians will be an eclectic assortment of craftsmen of disparate world flavors creating a musical experience that will be remembered as the Acoustic Event of the Decade.

This special performance will be memorialized on tape at the famed Vienna Opera House on July 3rd.

Joe Bonamassa - Acoustic Tour - Montreux Jazz Fesival

Joe Bonamassa Supports The Epilepsy Foundation

News: Project Guitars Brazil

Project Guitars is one of the largest collections of instrumental BRAZIL, created in 2009 by great guitarists (Cássiojc project is gaining momentum with every release and always with the participation of some of the best guitarists in BRAZIL.
In January 2012 a new edition will be the PROJECT GUITARS VOL 6
this time with the participation of:
  • Cássiojc (soil, Project Guitars)
  • Steve Lynch (Network 23, Authograph)
  • Paul Schroeber (Almah, Hammer 67)
  • Belintani Duca (solo)
  • Fred Andrade (solo)
  • Demma K (solo)
  • Mark Popolo (solo)
All DVDS and CDS project can be downloaded for free from

DVD guitarras VOL 6 completo ( DVD Guitarras vol 6 FULL )

Jerry Garcia: Greatful Dead Volume 1 New 180-Gram Virgin-Vinyl Reissue



History of the Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice), the Band's

Final Warner Bros. Album, Gets Deluxe Treatment in

New 180-Gram Virgin-Vinyl Reissue on July 10

When the Grateful Dead left Warner Bros. to form their own label in 1973, after six years and eight albums, they delivered their first live "best-of" anthology, HISTORY OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD VOL. 1 (BEAR'S CHOICE). The album, which will be reissued by Audio Fidelity on July 10 on 180-gram virgin vinyl, documents the band's February 13-14, 1970 stand at New York's Fillmore East as recorded by Dead sound manager (and creator of 'Owsley' LSD) Owsley "Bear" Stanley. According to Audio Fidelity President Marshall Blonstein, the new release will be issued in a numbered, limited edition and will be available at both online and brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Like the famed San Francisco band itself, HISTORY OF THE DEAD is unconventional: a 'greatest hits' compilation that's also a live album (the group's fourth). It is also regarded as a memorial album-to Ron "Pigpen" McKiernan, the group's original organist, harmonica player and co-lead vocalist who died just four months before it was released. Not only does Pigpen kick off the album's all-acoustic first side-with a strong reading of Lightnin' Hopkins' salacious blues "Katie Mae"-he also commands Side 2, his vocals driving the full band through the Otis Redding hit "Hard to Handle" and an epic version of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning." The latter two songs were longtime Pigpen features-and fan favorites-of early Dead concerts, with "Hard to Handle" showing up almost 100 times on Dead set lists from 1969 to 1971.

The remainder of the acoustic portion of the album features Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir. The pair follows Pigpen's "Katie Mae" with a version of the oft-covered country/ bluegrass tune "Dark Hollow" and a good-natured take on "Wake Up Little Susie," the Everly Brothers' chart-topper from 1957. Garcia handles both the traditional folk tune "I've Been All Around This World" and the seven-minute "Black Peter." The latter, a Dead standard that was featured in more than 350 of their shows, had first appeared on their 1970 album Workingman's Dead.

HISTORY OF THE DEAD captures the Grateful Dead at what, in hindsight, proved to be a pivotal period in their career. It was the last record to feature the group's 'original' lineup-Jerry Garcia, Pigpen, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart (who joined in 1967)-and the first to fully document the Dead that most later music fans came to know: still capable of dazzling instrumental improvisation, but also dipping deeply into the well of more intimate, traditional folk and blues material. Originally intended as the first in a series of best-of sets taken from Bear's "audio journals," the album reached No. 60 on Billboard's LP chart.

Unlike Audio Fidelity's recent Dead reissues, SHAKEDOWN STREET and BLUES FOR ALLAH, HISTORY OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD VOL. 1 (BEAR'S CHOICE)will be issued as a single-sleeve LP. When the label proposed a gatefold package, the band members asked that the original artwork be kept intact exactly as Bear had prepared the original release to honor him. Bear passed away last year.

Founded in 2002 by Marshall Blonstein, Audio Fidelity specializes in deluxe reissues of classic popular-music recordings for the audiophile and collector markets. The Camarillo, California-based label is best known for its 24-karat Gold CDs and its virgin-vinyl album editions, though it also releases DVD titles. In 2011, Audio Fidelity launched the Target Series of CD and LP reissues as a means of broadening its audience beyond its loyal audiophile base.

Audio Fidelity emerged out of the pioneering DCC Compact Classics label that Blonstein started in 1986, following stints as president of Island Records and co-founder of Ode Records (where he helped make Carole King's Tapestry one of the best-selling albums of all time and built the cult-film franchises The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke).