Monday, 9 July 2012

Brian Hunsaker: Harmonizing lead guitar

How to harmonize! This shows some different methods that can add spice to your guitar solos by using different kinds of harmonization. I call the two types scalar harmonization and arpeggio harmonization. I play along with one of my songs "Into Orbit" for illustrating both.

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Harmonizing lead guitar (lesson), how to harmonize!

Charly Sahona: Venturia new album and new singer coming in the fall.

French metal outfit Venturia return on 21 September with their triumphant third release "Dawn Of A New Era", the bands first album to showcase guitarist Charly Sahona sharing lead vocal duties with Lydie Lazulli and also welcomes new drummer Frederic Marchal to the band.

The big budget promotion video for the track "What If I" will be unveiled on 1st August to audiences worldwide via the Lion Music YouTube profile.
Full album info coming soon.

Eric Johnson: stops Truth In Shredding in its' tracks!

Apologies for Truth In Shredding being off air... but when Eric Johnson is in town you have to go and see the man play :)

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David Valdes: back and ripping some fine articulation on these lessons

David Valdes - Ejercicios 83, 84 (Guitarra Total)

David Valdes - Ejercicios 81, 82 (Guitarra Total)

David Valdes - Rirmicas 5 (Guitarra Total NÂș159)