Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lorenzo Venza,Marco Sfogli: Utopia Ice and Knives

Lorenzo Venza,Marco Sfogli solo guitar work mix from the album Utopia Ice and Knives

Lorenzo Venza - Guitar work mix (Utopia Ice and Knives) Feat. Marco Sfogli

Richard Hallebeek, Greg Howe, Lalle Larsson: East Side Bridge - RHPII just got bigger!

Kris Claerhout
Richard Hallebeek announced guest # 1 for the new RHP II. 7 more to come. If you were doubting to pre-order, you must now realize you were a dumbass. Go get it at his site!

Richard Hallebeek The first from 8 guests I'd like to reveal for the upcoming Richard Hallebeek Project II albums is.. none other than Greg Howe! Greg is probably best known playing guitar for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, NSYNC, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna but guitar aficionados worldwide know Greg for his tasty solo albums that float somewhere between fusion and rock. I've been a fan for over 20 years of Greg's playing and had the pleasure of playing together with him at the Ziua Chitarelor festival in Bucharest and the Meeting Of The Spirits festival in Holland. Greg plays a long solo on this song and throughout the changes, doesn't miss a chord. One of the best solos I've heard from him. Glad to have you onboard Greg!

RHPII - East Side Bridge (feat. Greg Howe)

Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: RHP II

Benoît Raby: demos Alto guitar

Find all the guitar makers of the show on Laguitare.com ...

Benoît Raby, luthier - Guitare Alto - Montreal guitar Show 2012 by Karl Marino

Rob Chappers, Ben Wilshire, Matt Harnett: stroking the Silverback Amplifier

The Monkey Lord, Ben "Awesome" Wilshire and me jam and eat Chinese food!

It was great meeting Rob in England of course, but meeting Ben was a surprise! He was an amazing guy and player, and he really does love his fish ;-)

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Rob Chapman, Ben Wilshire and Matt Harnett play the Silverback Amplifier

The Monkey Lord and me teach you our fun song Seething Green Python. Learn it and post a video response!!

More videos of me and Rob, Ben Wilshire and CAPTAIN Lee Anderton coming soon!

Love and Kisses

Rob Chappers and Matt Harnett teach you "Seething Green Python" and SHRED

Jonas Isaksson: Strandberg - Boden headless True Temperament guitar #26

Jonas Isaksson plays through the different pickup positions of .strandberg* Boden headless guitar #26 with tremolo, patent pending EndurNeck(tm) neck profile, True Temperament Thidell Formula 1 fretboard and Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash pickups.

Full specs at

Signal goes direct from AxeFx II (which I'm still figuring out how to use)

.strandberg* Boden headless True Temperament guitar #26 playthrough by Jonas Isaksson

The True Temperament™ Fretting System is an amazing Swedish invention that provides close to perfect intonation for every note across the fretboard. Please refer to the True Temperament™ website FAQ for detailed information about how it works.
Chords ring sweeter, louder and longer, and allows you to play more relaxed due to not having to compensate for the subtle variations in tonality using your fingers as is otherwise the case. With True Temperament™ being a Swedish invention, our paths have crossed over the course of many trade shows and now the plans finally come to fruition.
#26 is incredibly light-weight and by far the most resonant guitar to date. It plays almost like an acoustic, the top being very thin. Despite conventional pickups and a tremolo system, it still weighs in under 2 kg! The Slash signature pickups provide a beautiful complement to the tone.

Fabrizio Licciardello: tappy funky to you

Short improvisation on a Funky Rock.
M-Picks Plectrum Guitar Cort Viva
Strings Dogal

Fabrizio Licciardello Impro Funky Rock (RECORDED LIVE)

Short improvisation. RECORDED LIVE
Pick m-picks sound was obtained using the plugin Ignite Amps TS-999 (simulator Tube Screamer), and Lepou Le456 (ENGL amp simulator )

Fabrizio Licciardello Impro RECORDED LIVE

Panos Arvanitis: Metal Lead with tab and BT

Metal Lead Guitar lesson - Free tabs and Backing Track

Ricky Furlani: great touch player, commemorating the day of the Rock.

Ricky Furlani FNAC meadows, commemorating the day of the Rock.

Ricky Furlani - Poobah

Ricky Furlani - Always Here

Julian Sas: extended blues solo Netherlands 2012

Julian Sas and band performed 'Lookin' for a Friend', an extended blues song with plenty of feel, when they entertained a delighted audience at the 'Gebouw-T' venue, in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, on Friday, June 15th, 2012.
Julian Sas - guitar, vocals
Tenny Tahamata - bass
Rob Heijne - drums



Michael Landau, Robben Ford: brothers live 2012

A fine instrumental piece composed by Gary Novak, featuring smooth guitar work by Robben Ford, and a cool bass solo from Jimmy Haslip, when supergroup 'Renegade Creation' played to a delighted audience, at the MEZZ music venue, Breda, The Netherlands, on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012.

Check out the band's amazing new CD, 'Bullet'(link below), available now.

Robben Ford - guitar, vocals
Michael Landau - guitar
Jimmy Haslip -- bass
Gary Novak -- drums

From the band website:
Renegade Creation is the new record by veteran musical giants, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip and Gary Novak. Blending together to create a blues-driven sound that not only will satisfy their individual fans but is fresh enough to attract a legion of new fans as well. Delivering bothrootsy, blues/rock vocal tunes and fiery instrumentals, the band draws on the unique guitar interplay between guitar giants Robben Ford and Michael Landau who inspire each other to new personal bests.



Jasper Verstraaten: strat gets a little midnight blue

Jasper Verstraaten dedicated this self-penned song, 'Midnight Blue' to his fiancée Cora, a few days before they got married, when he, and his band Farstreet, performed as support to Julian Sas, at the 'Gebouw-T' venue in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, on Friday, June 15th, 2012.
Jasper Verstraaten - guitar, vocals
Ad Prinsen- bass
Antonie Buurman- drums
Extract from the band website (google translate):
FARSTREET Roosendaal delivers a strong blues oriented set, in the style of influences such as Gary Moore, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix.

Jasper Verstraaten decided in 2003, along with bassist Ad Princes, to create a power trio. In 2007, current drummer Anthony Buurman joined the band.

Jasper Verstraaten has made guest appearances with national and international artists such as Jan Akkerman, Cyril Havermans, Mike & The Mello Tones, Chicago blues legend Eddy Clearwater and Dutch band the Juke Joints, of which Jasper is their regular backup guitarist.