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Marcelo Souza: Lab Guitar Solo with Tab

DOWNLOAD NOW A SOLO TRANSCRIPTION OF THIS EXCLUSIVE: Participation disk from my friend Piglet Cauê, I hope you enjoy my friends!! some techniques used in this soil well common in rock, such as arpeggios, tapping, connected, smaller scales, whole tone (also known as Hexafônica), and pentatonic ... subscribe to my channel!!!!! confer the latest videos!!! Acknowledgements: Fire custom shop, Hero & strap bags, and Engeáudio Tecnogaia! Get the cd already CIRCLE OF FIRE!

LAB GUITAR SOLO: MARCELO SOUZA / Guest only "guitar Lab experience" (Cauê Leitão)

Daren Nicholson: Residual Shimmer new CD

Daren Nicholson performing "Read The Tell", from his CD "Residual Shimmer". Recorded live in September 2012, Copyright 2012, Raydiem Records. All rights reserved.

1. Seeing 4:41
2. Aida's Dream 4:24
3. Residual Shimmer 4:44
4. Moon Halo 4:39
5. Dark Matter 4:43
6. Quasar Chase 4:27
7. Read the Tell 4:54
8. Blu Ray Vapour 5:54

Daren Nicholson - READ THE TELL performance video

Dennis Haklar: 'Lizard's Tale' Featuring Music Legends Jon Anderson and Larry Coryell Now Available!

Guitarist Dennis Haklar's 'Lizard's Tale' Featuring Music Legends Jon Anderson and Larry Coryell Now Available!

1. Lizard's Tale (feat. Larry Coryell, Mark Egan & Thierry Arpino) 5:07
2. Low-Lee-Tah (feat. Larry Coryell, K.S.Resmi, Mark Egan & Thierry Arpino) 4:52
3. Leap of Faith (feat. Thierry Arpino, Stefanie Haklar, Jon Anderson & Mark Egan) 4:57
4. Prelude to Dawn (feat. Jon Anderson, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, Thierry Arpino & Stefanie Haklar) 5:14
5. Dawn of an Era (feat. Jon Anderson, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan & Thierry Arpino) 5:46
6. A Message 2:24
7. Swift Messenger (feat. Mark Egan, Thierry Arpino & Larry Coryell) 3:53
8. Angels in Bahia (feat. Larry Coryell & N.Scott Robinson) 4:48
9. Crossing Over (feat. Jon Anderson, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, Thierry Arpino & Stefanie Haklar) 6:53
10. Jaywalkin' (feat. Larry Coryell) 5:00
11. Naima (feat. Larry Coryell, Mark Egan & Thierry Arpino) 6:51

Central, NJ - The music community is buzzing with excitement about the debut CD release by guitarist Dennis Haklar titled 'Lizard's Tale', featuring guest performances by music legends Jon Anderson (YES) and Larry Coryell. Also featuring Mark Egan on bass (known for his work with Pat Metheny) and Thierry Arpino (known for his work with Jean-luc Ponty) on drums, 'Lizard's Tale' is an enchanting, dynamic jazz-inspired album filled with emotional virtuosic performances.

"Dennis Haklar asked me to sing on his very inspired album earlier this year, we had already been working on a large scale project dealing with Ancient Asian music, so it was such fun to hear what he was creating. I said I would enjoy singing ideas as they came to me, and to join vocally with such great musicians. It has been a pleasure for me to sing on this album, I hope that people will find time to relax and enjoy." - Jon Anderson

Hailing from Amboy, New Jersey, Haklar studied jazz guitar at an early age. At Rutgers University he became interested in Electronic music and worked with a modular Arp 2600 synthesizer with many osc modules, sequencing, as well as several reel-to-reel tape machines, creating sounds in unorthodox ways. After college he joined the Improvising Structures Ensemble, which was an avant garde outfit that performed the music of John Cage, Terry Riley, as well as original compositions. Dennis entered one of his pieces into a young composers competition and won a student membership to IRCAM in France. This culminated in a master class with Pierre Boulez at Carnegie Hall; an evening he conducted and premiered his masterpiece "Explosante Fixe". Haklar confesses "I was never the same after that divine experience!"

And how did Dennis Haklar secure such music icons as Jon Anderson and Larry Coryell to perform on his debut album? Dennis explains, "A few years ago I began to collaborate over the internet with Jon Anderson on a large-scale work. Charka Music, very involved. I had also sent him some music I had written. He sang on several pieces and we continue to collaborate. When I was working on composing the music to 'Lizard's Tale', I had sent Jon four compositions we had just recorded in the studio – 'Leap Of Faith', 'Prelude To Dawn', 'Dawn Of An Era' and 'Crossing Over'. He quickly responded with the perfect vocal tracks and really helped convey the meaning of the songs. I love working with Jon!" As far as connecting with guitar legend Larry Coryell, says Dennis, "I had known Larry Coryell for several years studying jazz improvisation and composition with him. I had presented some songs to him that I was preparing for this project and asked if he would be interested in playing on the recording session and producing it. He agreed and we got to work straight away. We had composed the title track in one sitting. As the project developed we had agreed that the best rhythm section for this would be bassist Mark Egan and drummer Thierry Arpino."

"This was a great session - it was a real 'Jersey-New York' thing complete with bedbugs in the hotel down the street from the studio, which was either too hot or too cold - plus there was all kinds of equipment and mechanical problems. Nothing went smoothly - hence it was a great record, sometimes it's like that. Dennis's European-inspired work ethic also paid off - especially for his compositions and arrangements. One twelve-string part he wrote for me was not easy to play, and he was makin' me sweat - but I got it after he showed me the correct fingering. Mark Egan and Thierry Arpino were superb - we've been playing together for some years now, and they are a tight team. I was blown away by the beautiful contribution made by the great Jon Anderson - I've always been a fan, and he certainly has evolved to a special place in the vocal spectrum. And so in tune!! It was a crazy session - and a good one - that's why I nicknamed this date as 'Denny and the Mad Hungarians'." - Larry Coryell

The concept behind 'Lizard's Tale' is awareness. The lizard represents friendship, and is quick to escape from harms way. The lizard can survive for long periods of time in harsh environments. The pieces on 'Lizards Tale' evoke the ability to look inward for peace and harmony with the universe, to flow with it. "Leap Of Faith" is about courage to face the unknown and leap without fear. "Dawn Of An Era" is about the realization that this is not the same world as your fathers and we must adapt to survive, like the lizard. As the lizard runs across the desert, he looks to the heavens and dreams of crossing over. We journey with the lizard.

In closing, Dennis has this message to impart to his listeners: "Look inward to find that place of peace. Move towards the realization that we all come from a place of love. There are always conflicts surrounding. Unrest is an ever-changing world. Let go of bad energy and amp the good. My wish is that people hearing the music will become a part of it, and allow it to become part of them."

To purchase Dennis Haklar – 'Lizard's Tale' CD:
CD Baby:

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Roberta Raschellà: heads up the top ten Shreddelicious posts

Roberta Raschellà

75,000+ page views, 844 posts...

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Nikki Stringfield: sits in with the Iron Maidens

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Jake Reichbart: Is She Really Going Out With Him? new CD

Jake Reichbart
It's here!!! My New recording "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" is available to download from CD Baby (as well as iTunes and all the rest) as a whole album for the ridiculous $9.99 or $0.99 per track. This is an album of wonderful fingerstyle guitar covers of some of the the greatest pop songs ever. Song list and free samples in the link below. BTW, all copyright legal, royalties paid upfront. So - if you have enjoyed some of my free uploads in the past four years, this is your chance to show some "appreciable" appreciation and purchase the album... While at my page, look up my older album, "16 Songs", just as good!

Album Notes
Jake Reichbart won WEMU-FM’s Emily Remler scholarship for best jazz guitarist in 1991. Since then, he has been among the busiest guitarists in the greater Detroit region. As a sideman, he appears on countless recordings and jingles and has performed alongside Motown legends and jazz greats alike, logging over 4,600 live gigs.Reichbart’s passion, though, has always been solo guitar, citing Joe Pass, Tuck Andress and Tommy Emmanuel as his main influences, while creating a unique voice of his own. He can arrange for the guitar nearly any tune imaginable, drawing from any and every musical style. His CDs 16 Songs and Long Ago and Far Away have received nominations for best jazz recording at the Detroit Music Awards and have garnered rave reviews from such prestigious publications as All Music Guide, Just Jazz Guitar, and Cadence, as well as from numerous radio stations across the US and abroad. He has performed for two US presidents, the Michigan Governor's Inaugural Ball three times, and for countless other similar events. His instructional DVDs are distributed by the largest publisher in the world, Hal Leonard Corporation and he was featured on the front cover of the May 2012 issue of Just Jazz Guitar magazine, which included a lengthy interview and a transcription of one of his arrangements. Jake cites his most enjoyable solo work as being the “restaurant guitarist,” creating long-term relationships and enjoying a loyal following. For the past 20 years, he has been performing on Wednesday evenings at Ann Arbor’s most famous restaurant, The Earle.

1. Is She Really Going Out With Him? 3:29
2. If I Were a Boy 3:48
3. After the Love Has Gone 3:32
4. How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You) 4:05
5. Living for the City 2:58
6. If You Leave Me Now 3:15
7. My Love 3:04
8. Kid Charlemagne 3:54
9. The Greatest Love of All 4:42
10. Too Much Heaven 3:10
11. Shout 3:53
12. True 5:37

John Petrucci: Road Runner news update

It does feel good to be home after such a busy tour and such a busy year, especially when I know that we were able to deliver the goods every night for all of you!

Some of my favorite things about touring the world is getting to meet so many nice people who have the same love and passion for progressive music that we do.

We've enjoyed many great meals, glasses of wine and late night bus ride story telling sessions together as a band while on the road! It's especially been fun to have my wife Rena and three kids come out and join me a couple of times as well.

I'll never forget our trip to Rome! Even had my son Reny work for the band on our first European run. He had a blast!

We have the most incredible crew on the planet, hands down. All of those guys worked tirelessly over the last 14 months to not only ensure that we presented a polished and professional DT show every night, but that all of us were comfortable, healthy, safe and ready to rock!

I've received more complements on the live sound as well as the light and video presentation and I am so appreciative and thankful for all of the creativity, dedication and commitment our technicians have shown and shared with us each and every night.

I'll certainly miss the rush of performing on stage for all of you and all of the awesome on-stage guitar rig soundcheck "tweak time" as well! I'm such a tone addict. :)

What I will not miss is being away from my beautiful family!

"We each pay a fabulous price for our visions of paradise".

Said so well by Neil Peart, it really sums up the sacrifice all of us make to live out our dreams.

I think what I will remember the most about this tour was how gracious and welcoming all of our fans were everywhere around the world as we introduced DT with our new drummer Mike Mangini each night, and all of the support and faith you showed us right from the beginning.

Our fans are just amazing! Loud, loud, loud and full of enthusiasm! There were some memorable moments for sure...The couple who dressed in full unicyclist garb stand out as well as those who held up score cards at one gig after we played the LNF unison. You guys are just hilarious!

I'll always remember the smiles in the crowd, the hands in the air and the defeating chants of support that filled the venues. I met so many DT fans that have been to 10, 20, 30+ shows who told me that this was the best they've seen the band yet. That means so much to me!

It was inspiring to meet people along the way who were eager to share how our music helped them through a difficult time or to deal with loss and tragedy. The healing power of music just blows me away.

I'll will never forget those stories and want everyone to know that greater things are still to come!

Thank you to my family, Rena, Sami, Reny and Kiki for always being there for me and making this life possible.

Thanks to everyone at Roadrunner Records, to our awesome manager Frank Solomon, our booking agents the great Steve Martin and Derek Kemp, our fearless tour manager Rikk Feulner, the-great-one Rob Shore and to our incredible team who works behind the scenes. Thank you to my amazing guitar tech Maddi for always having my back and most of all, thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and joined us for this crazy, awesome and Dramatic Tour of Events!!

- John Petrucci

John McLaughlin: 180 gm 2 Vinyl Limited Collectors Edition


more options:

A Original Signed Photograph of John McLaughlin
A 4 Page Center Fold Photo
Handwritten Score of One Tune
Commentary from John McLaughlin on every piece from this album
A Free CD of the Same Album

John McLaughlin (Guitar); Etienne Mbappe (Bass); Gary Husband (Keys); Ranjit Barot (Drums)
Abstract Logix Label Release. Shipping October 18, 2012

It's been two years since John McLaughlin released the highly acclaimed To the One (Abstract Logix, 2010) - his first studio recording with The 4th Dimension, the veteran guitar innovator's second longest-standing group since the east-meets-west fusion of Shakti. Comments like "…listening to his improvisations…leaves no doubt that [McLaughlin] is in inspired creative form," (Ian Patterson,, and "…this tight 40-minute document hums with a collaborative energy." (John Fordham, The Guardian) left little doubt that McLaughlin's return to the electrified fusion he first innovated more than 40 years ago in groups led by trumpet icon Miles Davis and drum legend Tony Williams - and, of course, with his own earth-shattering Mahavishnu Orchestra - was as inimitably electrifying and exhilarating as ever.
While Now Here This reflects a slightly (but significantly) altered 4th Dimension - specifically the recruitment of powerhouse Indian drummer Ranjit Barot, first heard on the guitarist's 2008 Abstract Logix debut, Floating Point - the markers which have defined this group as one of McLaughlin's best pedal-to-the-metal fusion outfits since Mahavishnu Orchestra remain intact, but with an even greater finesse to contrast with its unfettered power and visceral energy. Cameroon-born/Paris-resident bassist Etienne M'Bappe is back from To the One, as is keyboardist/drummer Gary Husband, The 4th Dimension's only other founding member, first heard on the guitarist's acclaimed Industrial Zen (Verve, 2006).
Despite there being no overt concept as an undercurrent to Now Here This - To the One being an homage to saxophonist John Coltrane's spiritual search, one not unlike McLaughlin's own lifetime pursuit - this set of eight new McLaughlin originals is connected by the guitarist's decades-long fascination with Indian music, his effortless virtuosity, and a relentless lyricism that remains a touchstone, even when the guitarist is shredding at near-light speed. Husband's stunning contribution to Now Here This will put to rest any suggestions that his keyboard playing is secondary to his kit work, though he continues to bring no shortage of percussive power to The 4th Dimension as well - albeit even more successfully, with Barot in the drum chair. And if M'Bappe possesses no shortage of chops, his ability to bring them to the table without sacrificing groove and, when required, the need for space make him the ideal complement to his band mates.
If To the One was "…quite simply, McLaughlin's best album in well over a decade…" (John Kelman,, Now Here This ups the ante even further with greater fire, finesse and freewheeling interplay. An album certain to thrill longtime McLaughlin fans, for those new to his incendiary nexus of Indo-centric rhythmic complexities, innovative harmonic devices and unparalleled improvisational élan, Now Here This is the perfect introduction - one that will surely encourage them to also dive, head-first, into this legendary guitarist's lengthy and groundbreaking discography.



SKU SKU25645
Track 1 Trancefusion
Track 2 Riff Raff
Track 3 Echos from Then
Track 4 Wonderfall
Track 5 Call and Answer
Track 6 Not Here Not There
Track 7 Guitar Love
Track 8 Take it or Leave it
Price: $59.99

Dave Lockwood: Blues Variations - Alternative 12-bar Chord Sequences

Many electric guitar players learn to solo by starting out with the familiar 12-bar blues, ideal for learning to improvise. With Dave Lockwood's brand new 10 track 'Blues Variations - Alternative 12-bar Chord Sequences' jam track package he takes you on a journey through a world of the many variations that can add colour and variety to your soloing, without losing that essential bluesy feel.
Throughout these superb 10 jam tracks, Dave plays with real feeling (the way he likes his blues!) and these solos are perfect for the beginner or intermediate player who want to learn from Dave's vast mountain of knowledge. Once you have nailed down Dave's solos, the backing and extended jam tracks offer you the chance to explore your own improvisations, taking the track exactly where you want to go.
Blues Variations is available for £14.99 and comes with 10 solo example tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, accurate TAB and notation and comprehensive notes from Dave on each track.
It's a 'Bluesy October' at Jam Track Central. We recommend you get on-board!


10 solo example tracks in MP3
10 backing tracks in MP3
10 extended jam tracks in MP4
Complete accurate TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab formats
Comprehensive track notes from Dave

Jimmy Finley: Rest In Peace, Oct. 23, 1960 - Sept. 30, 2012

Video shot in downtown Palo Alto by Jon Kinyon in 1990. Original compositions ©1988-90 James Patrick Finley - All Rights Reserved.

Sept. 30, 2012 - I just lost a long-time friend today, one of my longest. James Finley and I became acquainted through my older brother and before my voice had even changed. We ultimately became friends ourselves over the next several years. He was a one-of-a-kind human being and he was literally a one-of-a-kind guitar player and songwriter proficient in pop, rock, jazz, and classical guitar. His compositions are immediately recognizable as his own. Jimmy wrote songs with clever lyrics and also with profound lyrics, but the majority of his compositions are instrumentals with his signature fireworks guitar playing and which tell a story so vivid that lyrics are simply not necessary.

Jimmy's musical intellect was elevated so greatly that most guitar players might not fully understand what he was doing. With a simple brush stroke on his guitar at NAMM, for example, a nearby A-list guitarist might be intrigued and approach him and ask questions about his tuning...while an ego-ridden rock star guitarist within ear-shot would hear him, look over, then take off briskly in the opposite direction. Jimmy held his musical works above and beyond the reach of the music industry ravage, vowing to never settle for a deal that would impose a shred of compromise upon his work. Over time, this seemed to become a bittersweet personal choice of his; I myself have contemplated whether settling for such a label deal would have been the less satisfactory choice for him indeed.

On a personal level, Jimmy had one of the absolute biggest and most sincere hearts of anyone I've known, the most incredible wit and sense of humor, and possessed creativity and analytical perspective which were beyond compare. In his final years he was extremely humble, settling into his life in some ways and remaining unsettled in other ways. But regardless of how life might have been treating him at any given moment--good or bad--his love, his kindness, and his consideration always remained strong and unconditional toward his friends, one if which I am damn proud to have been. I will always love him, forever miss him, and I will never forget him.

Rest In Peace, Jimmy Finley. Oct. 23, 1960 - Sept. 30, 2012

(written by his friend Paul Kane)

Jimmy Finley plays his guitar

Mark Huettman,Dave Martone: Planet Shred - Smoke and Mirrors

Planet Shred busting out one of their best songs Smoke and Mirrors. Guitar master Mark Huettman on lead guitar. With special guest Dave Martone front row in the audience, at Brick by Brick

Planet Shred - Smoke and Mirrors

Scott Hughes: new progressive rock instrumental album available for download

Scott Hughes: Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes: delivers some great progressive rock instrumental guitar for download... Portland can sleep happy tonight knowing that one of their sons is looking after all things guitar, just for them.

You can also buy Scott's previous work on Amazon, a great album featuring Scott Learner and Joel Gregoire

Rowan J Parker: good things come in threes.

Welcome to The Widdler, bringing you the best in easy to play but awesome sounding guitar licks! In Episode 1 (The Pentatonic Menace) we look at a short quick lick in the style of the great Zakk Wylde. Much more guitar at

The Widdler! - Episode 1 - Zakk Wylde Pentatonics

You know what's really annoying about Guthrie Govan? His ability to sound like about 10 different guitar players, who are all brilliant! No mortal should be this good, it's unfair. Anyway, as homage to the incredible diverse talent that is Guthrie here is a supercharged country lick.

Lick Of The Week - 8th October 2012 - Guthrie Govan Style Country Madness!

The Judge is back! You have been found guilty of shredding on your guitar and the sentence is... 12 years hard practice! In this weeks episode the Judge shreds it up with a fierce Harmonic Minor run in the style of the one and only Yngwie Malmsteen. Can you handle this 17 note per second monster? The Judge thinks you can and he is the law.

Judge Shred - Episode 2 - Yngwie Malmsteen Style Monster Lick!

Paul Gilbert: Vibrato "A wonderful CD that deserves to be heard"

It’s so good to see a world class player not just playing for himself.
This CD is all the better for letting the songs,instruments and all the other musicians come to the fore.
A wonderful CD that deserves to be heard for what it is.
A diverse musical tour de force and not just a guitarist showing off!!

Felipe Guedes: jams So What

So What - Miles Davis por Felipe Guedes

Eric Gales: new live CD

Eric Gales grew up in a musical family with four brothers, two who learned to play the guitar upside down and left-handed in the same fashion that Eric does. Eric’s brother, Eugene Gales, played bass in the Eric Gales Band and his brother, Jimmy King, had a thriving career as a blues artist before his untimely death. Eric released his first record at age 16 for Elektra records to an amazing response from the media and music fans around the globe. Guitar World Magazine’s Reader’s Poll named Eric as “Best New Talent” in 1991.

After recording a second record for Elektra, all three brothers teamed up for The Gales Bros. “Left Hand Brand” which was recorded for the House of Blues label in 1996. Through the years, it would not be unusual to look out in the audience and see artists like Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, B. B. King, and Eric Clapton, looking on with interest as Eric took his God given talent and worked crowd after crowd into a frenzy. The new millennium presented new opportunities for Eric and he was signed to a deal with Nightbird Records, which was affiliated with the Hendrix family and distributed through MCA/Universal. Under this deal, Eric recorded the critically-acclaimed record “That’s What I Am” in 1991. He hit the road, mesmerizing fans around the world with his uncanny connection to his guitar. Eric then recorded the highly-touted CD, “Crystal Vision”, for Blues Bureau and set the stage for his incredible Blues Bureau follow-up, “The Psychedelic Underground.”

As both an African-American left-handed guitarist of extraordinary ability and an expressive vocalist, it is natural for people to compare him to Hendrix. But Eric has developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon influences as diverse as Albert King and Eric Johnson. A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre. Eric’s third Blues Bureau record “The Story Of My Life” took the next logical step in Eric’s career and followed by “Relentless” which was rooted firmly in the blues, further establishing Gales as one of the rare musical talents of his generation. “Transformation” was the next CD in this prolific artist’s career as it is deeply centered in the blues but played with the edge and aggression of a young guitar hero.

With ten records to his credit with no live CD or DVD in his discography, this limited edition two disc set is the release for which Gales fans have been waiting as it shows Gales in his best light as one of the most impressive guitarists on the rockin’ blues scene today.