Dave Lockwood: Blues Variations - Alternative 12-bar Chord Sequences

Many electric guitar players learn to solo by starting out with the familiar 12-bar blues, ideal for learning to improvise. With Dave Lockwood's brand new 10 track 'Blues Variations - Alternative 12-bar Chord Sequences' jam track package he takes you on a journey through a world of the many variations that can add colour and variety to your soloing, without losing that essential bluesy feel.
Throughout these superb 10 jam tracks, Dave plays with real feeling (the way he likes his blues!) and these solos are perfect for the beginner or intermediate player who want to learn from Dave's vast mountain of knowledge. Once you have nailed down Dave's solos, the backing and extended jam tracks offer you the chance to explore your own improvisations, taking the track exactly where you want to go.
Blues Variations is available for £14.99 and comes with 10 solo example tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, accurate TAB and notation and comprehensive notes from Dave on each track.
It's a 'Bluesy October' at Jam Track Central. We recommend you get on-board!


10 solo example tracks in MP3
10 backing tracks in MP3
10 extended jam tracks in MP4
Complete accurate TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab formats
Comprehensive track notes from Dave