Rowan J Parker: good things come in threes.

Welcome to The Widdler, bringing you the best in easy to play but awesome sounding guitar licks! In Episode 1 (The Pentatonic Menace) we look at a short quick lick in the style of the great Zakk Wylde. Much more guitar at

The Widdler! - Episode 1 - Zakk Wylde Pentatonics

You know what's really annoying about Guthrie Govan? His ability to sound like about 10 different guitar players, who are all brilliant! No mortal should be this good, it's unfair. Anyway, as homage to the incredible diverse talent that is Guthrie here is a supercharged country lick.

Lick Of The Week - 8th October 2012 - Guthrie Govan Style Country Madness!

The Judge is back! You have been found guilty of shredding on your guitar and the sentence is... 12 years hard practice! In this weeks episode the Judge shreds it up with a fierce Harmonic Minor run in the style of the one and only Yngwie Malmsteen. Can you handle this 17 note per second monster? The Judge thinks you can and he is the law.

Judge Shred - Episode 2 - Yngwie Malmsteen Style Monster Lick!