Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Danilo Pereira, Ignazio Di Salvo, Thiago Wesley: Fusion Jam

Friday Special and Fusion jam! another called super .. Ignazio Di Salvo, another big name guitar world! sixth and Fusion special jam! another called super .. Ignazio Di Salvo, another big name guitar world! Glory to God! Danilo Pereira Channel Ignazio di Salvo Channel Thiago Wesley Channel Support: Point of guitars.

Fusion Jam - Danilo Pereira, Ignazio Salvo, Thiago Wesley

Morgan Pettersson: plays Sfogli style - top AOR soloing

Morgan Pettersson plays over Marco Sfogli's Petrucci Style JamTrack

Human Cometh : Human Cometh is a band with no real home other than cyberspace. We are part of something that is becoming very frequent in the world of music: online collaboration.

Morgan Pettersson plays over a Pettrucci style jamtrack

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry are set for North American tour

Per Nilsson
SCAR SYMMETRY North American Headlining Tour Announced!

Swedish progressive melodic death metal icons SCAR SYMMETRY will return to the North American continent once again in November/December with “The Unseen Empire” North American Tour 2012! Commented guitarist Per Nilsson:

"It is with great joy that we can finally make it official: next month we'll return to North America for our very first No
rth American headlining tour! No more thirty or forty minute sets; this time you will get the full monty - a set-list jampacked with songs from all our albums, and we might even throw in a few surprises! Along with us, we're bringing melodeath super virtuosos THREAT SIGNAL, progressive masterminds STEALING AXION and space deathcore aficionados LORD OF WAR. It's gonna be a shredfest!"

Stay tuned for tour dates!

Misterryan Gregory: 8 string thumb piano guitar bass

Misterryan Gregory: home made 8 string thumb piano guitar bass By Ryan Gregory. featured on &
thumb piano guitar boooooom

Alex Chichikailo: Agile Intrepid 830 - AMT Electronics D2

SONG: Check the Distortion -- Fear
SIGNAL CHAIN: Agile Intrepid 830, AMT D2, Line6 GX
SOFT: Addictive drums, Magix Samplitude, Torpedo PI-free

AMT Electronics D2 - 8 String Hardcore

Fred Brum: crazy new design from the axe meister!

Fred Brum  Screw you, Fender! I win! HAHAHAHA! Oakland Axe Factory guitar getting ready, and the fusion of my '71 Competition Mustang love and proper ERG ergonomics and features is looking fantastic - stellar job by my friend Tom Drinkwater. :)

Fred Brum Obviously, the "screw you, Fender" part is because they don't make offset ERG's. Okay, maybe there isn't a mass market for those, but still. Filipe Est√°cio, the Jag is avenged!

Fred Brum It's an offset, not a stright up tele - look closer. ;)Using the actual offset shape would make the guitar huge, and I think Tom found quite the shape to address that. :)

Fred Brum Nope. Never felt any discomfort except in some specialty instruments with monster fans that made chording hard - it's usually very ergonomic, really.

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner - live in Moscow

Vladimir Krylov -
Cameraman - Serj Alexandrov c4nn4dian

Chimp Spanner live in Moscow HD + GREAT SOUND

Vladimir Krylov: VP 8 String baritone with Fokin pickups

Vladimir Krylov

Short test clip of my VP custom and new pickups that replaced Bare Knuckle Aftermath.

Guitar: VP Guitars custom 8 string
Pickups: Fokin custom 8 string humbucker + single
Recorded with Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, TC Electronic Konnekt 48 audio interface, Cubase 6.5, Toontrack Superior Drummer, UAD 2, Yamaha HS 80

Vladimir Krylov VP Guitars 8 string baritone + Fokin pickups + AXE FX 2 TEST

Tosin Abasi,Javier Reyes: a visit to Meinl

Tosin Abasi & Javier Reyes of Animal As Leaders visiting the Ibanez Showroom at Meinl Distribution, Germany. Playing some stuff on their Ibanez 8-String guitars

Ibanez | Welcomes: Tosin Abasi & Javier Reyes (Animal As Leaders)

Paul Wardingham: new Album Update

Paul Wardingham
Album Update: Hey guys! Thought it was about time for an update. Thanks for your patients. As some of you know I've been battling a number of ear infections this year which has slowed down the recording of The Human Affliction somewhat, and the most recent infection has left me with a ruptured ear drum and now a blood clot which has made hearing difficult, let alone recording and mixing! :( It's been really frustrating, but I'm hoping to be back on deck after I have the procedure to remove the clot the end of November. In the meantime, whilst i continue with some of the recording and arrangements, I'll put together a studio teaser video of the recording of the new album so far, so you can hear what I've been up to, and perhaps I could do a another play-thru video? Let me know which track from Assimilate you would like to see? As always thanks for all the support. It never seizes to amaze me the incredible comments on my videos and emails I receive everyday from you guys. Cheers!

Ghost In The Machine - Paul Wardingham (In-Studio)

Michael Dolce: "Cronies" transcribed

"Cronies" transcribed
Hi all,
Just letting you all know there’s a new transcription on my shop page .For those of you familiar with my album Everything til now,  ”cronies” solo section has been transcribed by Daniel Van Der Merwe. It comes with the backing track as well.
Here’s the link

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah - Demiurge - official

For more content and information visit


Heavy hitters from Nuclear Blast Records, Meshuggah brings it once again with "Demiurge." These hard-hitting chords and face melting sounds make you want to jump in the pit, ball your fists, and bang your head. Combining gritty performance footage and extreme angles, Meshuggah never seems to disappoint.

Filmed and directed by Anthony Dubois

Meshuggah - Demiurge (Scion AV - OFFICIAL)

Ozielzinho: illusion solo

Audio extracted from the music video ILLUSION.
were used in recording:
Guitar Seizi Mosh +
+ Funding DiMarzio D Activator (bridge) and Fernandes Sustainer
Zoom G3 + + Hot Drive NIG
NIG Oziel Filho Strings + Signature
+ Santo Angelo Cables

Pascal Corriu: Blues from 2+2=5

Newer post with much better sound and visual quality !
Niko Sarran drums , Pierre Cordier bass , Christian Benard piano and vocals ,Pascal Corriu guitar ( Loic Le Pape Télecaster )
Filmed by Olivier Gaches ; Recorded and mixed by Reynald Evrard ; Live sound by Olivier Thiefaine ,
Thanks to Luc Nicolas who organized the 2+2 =5 festival !

P Corriu 's Blues Color Magical Mystery Band : Rock me Baby Live at 2+2=5 Festival

Franck Graziano: Funk Guitar Lesson BendNote


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What techniques is he using here? How to use bends and double bends? How can you develop your improvisation skills?
Check out his techniques such as his "8 bit computer sound" !

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Franck Graziano - Francky Funky - Funk Guitar Lesson BendNote - Cours de Guitare

Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals tour and EP details

Revolver Magazine's Official Full EP Stream - Intervals "In Time" The New EP Out Oct 30th

Pre-orders available worldwide at:

On tour with The Contortionist & Your Memorial:
25/10 - London Music Hall - London, ON
26/10 - Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON
28/10 - Club Vinyl - Guelph, ON
29/10 - Underworld - Montreal, QC
30/10 - Mavericks - Ottawa, ON
1/11 - Coco Cabana - St. Catharines, ON

Intervals is:
Aaron Marshall - Guitar
Anup Sastry - Drums
Lukas Guyader - Guitar
Matt De Luca - Bass

Dhalif Ali: a trip to the blues

Eelz Bleus
by dhalif
Eelz Bleus

Rick Graham: Learning Scale Positions

Rick's Guitar School - Scales & Arpeggios Class: Learning Scale Positions
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