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Morten Faerestrand: Jazz - Sophisticated Stealing

Stealing some solid gold from norwegian jazz legend Jan Gunnar Hoff (piano).

Get entire lesson at

Adam Dutkiewicz,Joel Stroetzel: Killswitch Engage Are Back

Killswitch Engage – singer Jesse Leach, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, bassist Mike D'Antonio, guitarist Joel Stroetzel and drummer Justin Foley – have announced Disarm the Descent as the title of their upcoming sixth album. The 12-track record is due out April 2 on Roadrunner and is the follow-up to 2009's self-titled release. Disarm the Descent is the band's first album with original singer Leach at the vocal helm since 2002's now-classic, genre-defining Alive or Just Breathing. Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence.

Killswitch Engage 2013

The first single, "In Due Time," will be made available digitally on February 5. Album pre-orders will kick off in early February, as well, with more details forthcoming.

Disarm the Descent Track Listing:

"The Hell In Me"
"Beyond the Flames"
"New Awakening"
"In Due Time"
"A Tribute to the Fallen"
"The Turning Point"
"All That We Have"
"You Don't Bleed for Me"
"The Call"
"No End in Sight"
"Time Will Not Remain"

Yvi Wylde: GEE album Pop Of Ages -pre order now

Yvi Wylde
You can now preorder my band GEE's new CD "Pop Of Ages" by sending an e-mail to and you will receive a signed version one week before the official release (that will be at the beginning of March).
It only costs 15 Euros.
So if you like to support us, send an e-mail to

Have a listen to our single:

Jason Saulnier: Flemming Rasmussen Interview

Flemming Rasmussen on
Flemming Rasmussen Metallica's Producer Interviewed by Jason Saulnier December 10, 2012

Flemming Rasmussen is a Danish engineer, producer, mixer and owner and founder of Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. Flemming Rasmussen is currently main Engineer/Producer at the "Winding Road" studio in Copenhagen.

Flemming Rasmussen Interview

Carmelo Serrano: #MayonesDuncan Guitar Solo Competition

MayonesDuncan Guitar Solo Competition, Carmelo Serrano entry.

#MayonesDuncan Guitar Solo Competition - Carmelo Serrano

Stel Andre: 1st Place Winner - Public Alchemy Album Release Contest

Hey all, this is my video response. Thanks Walliman once again for this great contest. I hope you all like my entry! Leave me a comment and let me know your opinion, also like and subscribe to my channel! Thank you all ;)

1st Place Winner - Public Alchemy Album Release Contest - Stel Andre Entry

Pete Pachio: tracking a solo for Brent Sullivan

I'm really looking forward to meeting Pete Pachio at NAMM... here Pete Pachio tracking a solo for Brent Sullivan of Slauter Xstroyes fame's track "KILL OR BE KILLED"

Pete Pachio Tracking a solo For Brent Sullivans "KILL OR BE KILLED"

John Bryan,DJ Scully,Phil Bartsch: Dead Empires - Waiting In Waves new album available

Dead Empires

While the band is instrumental, they choose not to label themselves as such- the sound is ever-evolving, and they’d prefer to put out music that is organic, natural, passionate- rather than stick to a particular genre. The band likes to combine a wide range of influences to produce a sound that sways from epic, ethereal soundscapes to heavy post-rock riffs, rounded out with good old fashioned sludgy heaviness.

Dead Empires - Blackout

Their new recently-completed new album "Waiting In Waves" was released November 6th 2012, and comes hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed MONUMENTS EP. The album was produced, recorded, and mastered by D. James Goodwin (Devo, Murder by Death, Thursday, Kaki King, Norah Jones) at The IkOsOn Studios in Woodstock, NY and features art by Revolution Dream Design ( The album will be available on 12" colored vinyl or digital download. PRE-ORDER “WAITING IN WAVES” NOW at

The album was funded in part thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign, allowing for the vinyl deluxe edition to be produced. Your help was kindly appreciated!

The band’s original EP “MONUMENTS” was recorded by Will Riggs at Bigg Rigg Studios ( and mastered by Bumblefoot (of Guns N' Roses, It is available as a free digital download or on deluxe limited-edition CD, hand-numbered and assembled by the band with exclusive art as well as a bonus track. DOWNLOAD OUR "MONUMENTS" DEMO EP HERE:

The band also recorded a 2-song "SUMMER 2011 DEMO" that is now included as a part of "MONUMENTS". Both MONUMENTS and the SUMMER 2011 DEMO will be made available for free digitally to anyone who purchased a Vinyl copy of WAITING IN WAVES or a CD copy of MONUMENTS, while supplies last (please contact for more information).

The band is currently available for bookings across the north east coast. For booking information, please contact

Dead Empires - "Hello To Oblivion" from William Joel on Vimeo.

Toshi Iseda: announces NAMM appearences

Toshi Iseda

Time to kick the tires and light the fires!!! JUST confirmed!! I'll be playing for Official Krank Amps, Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Electric Guitars, Morley Pedals andINTEX cables at NAMM. All at the Krank booth!!! Booth # 3584. More details TBA!!!

Sarah Longfield,Aaron Marshall,Chris Letchford,Ola Strandberg: announced for Strandberg Guitarworks NAMM stand

Sarah Longfield - Strandberg Guitarworks

Hey guys, for those coming to NAMM, here are the scheduled Artist appearances. Look forward to seeing many of you there. — with Allan Marcus, Aaron Marshall, Chris Letchford, Noah Brainchild, Sarah Longfield, Ola Strandberg and Paul De Maio.

Jeff Loomis: supporting Soilwork on their massive North American tour

Massive Soilwork USA / CANADIAN tour begins this March!! See the dates and get your tickets now at

Wilko Johnson: diagnosed with terminal cancer!

Sad news... we here at Truth In Shredding send our best wishes to Wilko!


I am very sad to announce that Wilko has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. He has chosen not to receive any chemotherapy.

He is currently in good spirits, is not yet suffering any physical effects and can expect to enjoy at least another few months of reasonable health and activity.

He has just set off on a trip to Japan; on his return we plan to complete a new CD, make a short tour of France, then give a series of farewell gigs in the UK. There is also a live DVD in the pipeline, filmed on the last UK tour.

Wilko wishes to offer his sincere thanks for all the support he has had over his long career, from those who have worked with him to, above all, those devoted fans and admirers who have attended his live gigs, bought his recordings and generally made his life such an extraordinarily full and eventful experience.

Thank you.

Robert Hoy

Alen Šenkovski: Illusion of Relativity Album preview

Finally! This is my first album - check this out!
1. Phrasing (Music and arr. - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
2. Fast Runing(Music and arr. - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski)
3. Driving(Music and arr.- Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
4. Enigmatic(Music and arr. - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
5. Unrepeated(Music and arr. - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
6. Hora Martisor (Romanian dance) (Arranged by Dragianni, guitar - Alen Šenkovski, Mix and mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
7. City at night (Music - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
8. Rock on!(Music - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
9. Forever Together
10.BONUS - Backingtrack for student's (Music - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)
11.BONUS - Unrepeated backingtrack for student's Music - Alen Šenkovski, Mix & Mastering - Alen Šenkovski and Mario Švenda)

Record and mixing in my home studio "x"
Soon available for download !
Endorsed by Ibanez guitars!

Alen Šenkovski - Illusion of Relativity Album preview

Neal Nagaoka: Block Chord Diagram lesson

Neal Nagaoka - Community - Jazz Guitar Talk (Music Theory)

Ok I decided to make a small lesson page. My 1st actual contribution to the group. :-)

Block Chord Diagram »
This is a study in learning different inversions of a 4 note voicing chords. For thse examples, I have just used the basic 7th chords. Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th and the Minor 7b5. Using them ..

Eric Gales: announces date at Newby's, Memphis

Eric Gales LIVE at Newby's - Newbys

Friday, 8 February 2013
21:00 until 02:00 in CST
 Eric Gales returns to Newby's after far too many moons. It will be a special night with a lot of surprises. We will update this event post as details evolve.

Mistheria: Yngwie's - Like an Angel - piano style

Maestro Mistheria

It would be never enough to say that Yngwie Malmsteen's song "Like an Angel" is one of the most beautiful ballads ever written! Despite being a piece sung, I could not resist from making a Piano solo arrangement.

Mistheria - Y. Malmsteen's "Like an Angel" for Piano

Artist Interview – Mistheria
By Brendan Lai-Tong Artist Interview – Giuseppe Iampieri (a.k.a Mistheria) Welcome back to our Artist Interview series! We’re sure that you all can relate to how important it is to be a versa...

Nico Schliemann: Light my fire - Guitar Solo

+Nico Schliemann

Light my fire - Guitar Solo - Nico Schliemann - Tuesday NightLive 08-01-2013

Joe Satriani: classic t-shirts available from the online store

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Metal XS interview

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Metal XS interview

Metal XS - S01E03 - EN from METAL XS on Vimeo.

Metal XS - S01E04 - EN from METAL XS on Vimeo.

Wes Borland: Black Light Burns will release a new album

Wes Borland, and Black Light Burns will release a new album, "Lotus Island", on January 21 through digital retailers such as Amazon or iTunes, as well as via the band's official web site. The 40-minute effort includes seven instrumental tracks, three brand new songs, and a complete remix and remaster of the"It Rapes All In Its Path" tune. "Lotus Island" 

track listing:
01. The Alchemist
02. The Thief
03. The City
04. It's Good To Be Gold
05. The Opportunists
06. The Hate Of My Life
07. The Dancers
08. It Rapes All In Its Path
09. The Parasite
10. My Love Is Coming For You
11. The Master

Georgi Stanchev: #MayonesDuncan Solo Competition - crazy picking alert!

#MayonesDuncan Solo Competition - Georgi Stanchev
Solo Guitar - Georgi Stanchev

Fabrizio Leo: MULTIAMP amp DV MARK Agostin Custom Guitars

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - Multiamp e Agostin
MULTIAMP preamp/effects processor/power amp "DV MARK" & Agostin Custom Guitars

Akihiko Onji: Blue Bossa - stunning two handed tapping Improvisation

Blue Bossa - Improvisation - two handed tapping - Akihiko Onji
by samurais0und

You have played with all the tapping. After that it is difficult to worry about playing in the aftermath of the injury is severe normal style of old, I was changed to tapping style from around 2008. I will be following self-PR. I had mentioned in this site. 

Blue Bossa - Improvisation - Akihiko Onji Thanks for watching

Alex Hutchings: Funking up a Roland GR-55 Boss RC-300

Alex Hutchings demonstrates the potential of using the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and Boss RC-300 Loop Station together. The GR-55 can act as the Audio and MIDI interface so apart from having a huge selection of built in sounds on the pedal, Alex also triggers soft synth patches straight from the computer. This MIDI functionality allows guitarist to infinitely expand the number of sounds they can achieve with the GR-55. You can then combine it with a Loop Station like the Boss RC-300 to build up entire songs from scratch.

For more info on the GR-55 visit:

Boss RC-300 Loop Station:

This performance was recorded via the Roland OCTA-CAPTURE USB Audio Inteface:

News: Prosthetic Records Amazon sale!

Majority of label's catalog now available for $5 for a limited time 

AMAZON MP3 is currently offering numerous albums from the PROSTHETIC RECORDS catalog in their current "Metal Sale" for only $5. Among the discounted titles are some of PROSTHETIC's top releases from past and present artists, including KYLESA, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, SKELETONWITCH, TESTAMENT, MARTY FRIEDMAN, SCALE THE SUMMIT and dozens more. A full list of $5 albums available along with purchase links can be found below.

You can also download 14 FREE tracks via the PROSTHETIC RECORDS winter digital sampler exclusively on the label's Facebook page (, which includes tracks from upcoming albums from both HOLY GRAIL ("Ride The Void," out Jan. 22) and ANCIENT VVISDOM ("Deathlike," out Feb. 5). You can pre-order both of these titles by clicking HERE or going to

Check out all of the below titles on sale for only $5 on Amazon now!

1349 - "Demonoir" -
The Acacia Strain - "Wormwood" -
The Acacia Strain - "Continent" -
The Acacia Strain - "3750"-
The Acacia Strain - "The Most Known Unknown" -
The Acacia Strain - "The Dead Walk" -
Ambassador Gun - "Golden Eagle" -
Animals As Leaders – “Animals As Leaders” -
Animals As Leaders - "Weightless" -
Ancient VVisdom - "A Godlike Inferno" -
Antagonist - "Exist" -
Antagonist - "World In Decline" -
Beneath The Massacre - "Incongruous" -
Beneath The Massacre - "Dystopia" -
Beneath The Massacre - "Maree Noire" -
Byzantine - "The Fundamental Component" -
Byzantine - "And They Shall Take Up Serpents" -
Byzantine - "Oblivion Beckons" -
Book of Black Earth - "The Cold Testament" -
Book of Black Earth - "Horoskopus" -
Black September - "Into The Darkness Into The Void"
Black September - "The Forbidden Gates Beyond" -
Cannae - "Gold Becomes Sacrifice" -
Cannae - "Horror" -
Castle - "Blacklands" -
Century - "Black Ocean" -
Century - "Red Giant" -
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire - "Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation" -
Crematorium - "For All Our Sins" -
Crematorium - "The Process of Endtime" -
Dew-Scented - "Icarus"  -
Dew-Scented - "Invocation" -
Dragged Into Sunlight - "Widowmaker" -
Dragged Into Sunlight - "Hatred For Mankind" -
The Esoteric - "With The Sureness of Sleepwalking" -
The Esoteric - "Subverter" -
Everything Went Black - "Cycles of Light" -
The Funeral Pyre - "The Nature of Betrayal" -
The Funeral Pyre - "Vultures At Dawn" -
The Funeral Pyre - "Wounds" -
Gojira - "The Way of All Flesh" -
Gojira - "From Mars To Sirius" -
The Greenery - "Spit & Argue" -
Grief of War - "Worship" -
Grief of War - "A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released" -
Heaven's Cry - "Wheels of Impermanence" -
Himsa - "Hail Horror" -
Himsa - "Courting Tragedy & Disaster" -
Hollow Corp. - "Cloister of Radiance" -
Holy Grail - "Crisis In Utopia" -
Hour of Penance - "Sedition" -
I Exist - "II: The Broken Passage" -
Infernaeon - "A Symphony of Suffering" -
Infernaeon - "Genesis To Nemesis" -
Invocation of Nehek – “Invocation of Nehek” -
Kylesa - "To Walk A Middle Course" -
Kylesa - "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" -
Kylesa - "Static Tensions" -
Lamb of God - "As The Palaces Burn" -
Light This City - "The Hero Cycle" –
Light This City - "Remains of the Gods" -
Light This City - "Facing The Thousand" -
Landmine Marathon - "Sovereign Descent" -
Landmine Marathon - "Rusted Eyes Awake" -
Landmine Marathon - "Gallows" -
Last Chance To Reason - "Level 2" -
Mantric - "The Descent" -
Marty Friedman - "Loudspeaker" -
Marty Friedman - "Future Addict" -
Marty Friedman - "Bad D.N.A." -
Mercenary - "Metamorphosis" -
The Minor Times - "Making Enemies" -
The Minor Times - "Summer of Wolves" -
Mutilation Rites - "Empyrean" -
Neuraxis - "Asylon" -
Neuraxis - "The Thin Line Between" -
Ov Hell - "The Underworld Regime" -
Primitive Weapons - "The Shadow Gallery" -
Reflux - "The Illusion of Democracy" -
Scale The Summit - "The Collective" -
Scale The Summit - "Carving Desert Canyons" -
Skeletonwitch - "Forever Abomination" -
Skeletonwitch - "Beyond The Permafrost" -
Skeletonwitch - "Breathing The Fire" -
Testament - "Live In Eindhoven '87" -
Testament - "Live at the Fillmore" -
Testament - "The Gathering" -
Testament - "First Strike Still Deadly" -
Testament - "Demonic" -
Through The Eyes of the Dead - "Malice" -
Through The Eyes of the Dead - "Bloodlust" -
Through The Eyes of the Dead - "Skepsis" -
Trap Them - "Darker Handcraft" -
Unholy - "New Life Behind Closed Eyes" -
White Arms of Athena - "Astrodrama" -
Withered - "Folie Circulaire" -
Withered - "Dualitas" -
Wolves Like Us - "Late Love" -
Zodiac - "A Bit of Devil" -

Guthrie Govan: Waves Live LickLibrary Webcast

Guthrie Govan - Waves Live LickLibrary Webcast
Another fantastic performance from the one and only Guthrie Govan, taken from our May 2010 webcast which you can watch in full at the following link

News: Orange Amplification Launches New Twin channel OR100

The new OR100 from Orange Amplification can simply be summed up in one word ‘Stunning’! This top of the range guitar amp is the first OR model to feature two channels and delivers up to 100 watts of incredible Orange tone making it the crown jewel of the OR series.

Drawing on the heritage of the original and iconic ‘Pics Only’ launched in 1972, the new OR100 has taken the best of the original features in terms of tone, construction and design and uses today’s expertise to create a guitar amp of epic proportions. Better still, the new amp utilises the very best valve technology to create a tone that is so very special!

The OR100 incorporates for the first time on an ‘OR’ series amp; twin channels, as well as a valve driven FX loop, foot-switchable boosts and independent EQ. The output power can be scaled between 100,70,50 and 30 watts, plus there is a choice of clean and dirty channels.

As well as being one of the most versatile and dynamic amps Orange has ever made, the OR100 delivers a classic tone that is unique to Orange; a sound that so many famous artists describe as ‘the holy grail’ of tones!

100/70/50/30w Class A/B head
2 channels
Valves: 4xECC83/12AX7, 1xECC81/12AT7, 4xEL34
Speaker Outs - 1 x 16 Ohm cabinet connected to the 16 Ohm output
1 x 8 Ohm cabinet connected to one of the 8 Ohm outputs
2 x 16 Ohm cabinets each connected to one of the 8 Ohm outputs
Size 55x27x28cm (21.65x10.63x11.02in)
Weight 23.84kg(52.139lb)

To take a look at the OR100 and all the other Orange Amps and products go to Orange Music Booth 4890 Hall C.

Orange Amplification Launches New Twin channel OR100

Jacky Gerlaud: Mayones Guitars/Seymour Duncan Solo Competition

My Entry for the Contest Mayones/SeymourDuncan.

Good luck to all Guitarists.

Jacky Gerlaud - Mayones Guitars/Seymour Duncan Solo Competition #MayonesDuncan

News: WIN a copy of Notion 4.0 worth £120!

To get your creativity flowing this New Year, Rockschool have teamed up with Notion Music to give away 3 copies of their newest music editing software, Notion 4.0. Notion 4 is the latest in music editing, creation and playback software and offers teachers and students an unrivalled level of production features to help your playing ability and notation.

Notion 4.0
Compose, review, and edit music with a quality and ease of use that must be experienced. No endless menus to find what you need. Notion is the most efficient notation product, making it simple to write and edit your ideas quickly.
Notion gives you the best playback of any notation product. The orchestral samples are recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios; the guitar samples by Neil Zaza; the bass samples by Victor Wooten and the drum samples by Roy “Futureman” Wooten.
No other product allows you to create a score on your desktop and transfer it to your iPad, where you can continue to edit and review your music. If you have Notion and the Notion iPad app, you can send and open scores from each device and continue to work on your score, anywhere, anytime. Further information on Notion 4 is available here:
To enter the competition and to find out further details visit The competition will end on the 14th January.

Ty Tabor,John Myung,Rod Morgenstein: The Jelly Jam

I missed this one back 2011... well still time.

The Jelly Jam

Ty Tabor - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards
John Myung - Bass/Moog/Chapman Stick
Rod Morgenstein - Drums/Keyboards

Check out The Jelly Jam's latest release "Shall We Descend" available now at Molken Music.

Who's Comin' Now from "Shall We Descend" by The Jelly Jam

Donna Grantis: My Purple Heart, Keep On Keepin' On

Suzie Vinnick, Donna Grantis and Christine Bougie stop by CBC Studio 211 to show us their incredible guitar chops. Here is Donna Grantis performing the song 'My Purple Heart'.

'My Purple Heart' by Donna Grantis

'Keep On Keepin' On' by Donna Grantis

Christine Bougie: Hammy's Revenge and Rat Dreams


Christine Bougie performing her song 'Hammy's Revenge'.
'Hammy's Revenge' by Christine Bougie

'Rat Dreams' by Christine Bougie

Paul Crane: Zoe Trio - All Blues

Zoe Trio - Paul Crane (g), Abraham Souza (b) and Diego Marins (d) - playing in Valencia, inside the RJ, risking a tribute to jazz great Miles Davis

Zoe Trio - All Blues