Thursday, 10 January 2013

Neil Rambaldi: vlog during new album recording

Neil Rambaldi - New Album - Update 12.6.2012

Neil's official website:

Neil Rambaldi - New Album - Update 12.6.2012

Neil Rambaldi - New Album - Update 12.6.2012

Misha Mansoor: Composite Acoustics GX

Apologies for the sloppy playing.
Just wanted to demo this guitar and show how it sounds in the room hopefully, just using the Mic on my Canon 5DMk3 for that job.
The song is part of an idea I am working on called "Vectors", might be on Juggernaut...who knows!

Ill do another video soon where I actually mic the guitar up and sync the audio.

Composite Acoustics GX in room demo

James Ryan,Doug Steele: Let's get Rockin with Cokken! ..So, if it goes well, we'll do more gigs and more songs. Easy Peasy. If it bombs, we've done it once and will post it, ha ha ha ha!!! Drums: Liam Martin. Guitars: myself and James Ryan. Temp bass: Andybaby. Lead Vocals: YOU!!!!

1. Dio - Stand Up and Shout
2. Ratt - Round and Round
3. Sabbath - Mob Rules
4. VH - Eruption and Running with the Devil
5. Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
6. Priest - Breakin' the Law
7. Maiden -The Trooper
8. Crüe - Looks that Kill
9. Ozzy - I Don't Know
10. KISS - Shout it Out Loud

Official Cokken setlist for 2013

Atanas Shishkov: E Dorian Funk Jam

Atanas Shishkov - E Dorian Funk Jam
Tom Anderson Drop Top - guitar
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
Vovox cables
Elixir strings - 9-46
Bone pick

Dana deChaby: DNA-Acoustic Suite

Dana deChaby - DNA-Acoustic Suite

reinterpretation of Dana's first album, DNA. Based on various themes from this album, DNA Acoustic Suite is a solo guitar companion to DNA. Check out for more music and videos.

Jason Saulnier: John Payne Interview - Asia

John Payne on
John Payne from Asia Interviewed by Jason Saulnier. December 11, 2012

John Payne is a British musician, best known as the lead singer and bassist of Asia from 1992 to 2006 and from June 2007 with ASIA Featuring John Payne.

John Payne Interview - Asia

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen News Overload!

Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen on the cover of Sweden Rock Magazine, listed as one of the top 100 Swedish bands of all time:

Freak Kitchen confirmed for this year's Headway Festival in Holland! See you Dutch freaks there!

A couple of Swedish festivals just confirmed: Väsby Rockfestival ( 3rd of August and Lillemansfestivalen ( 26th of July. More coming.

Brand new festival R-mine Metalfest in Belgium is up for freaky music in June:

Freak Kitchen live in Athens February 15th! Hope to see you fine Greek freaks there!
Freak Guitar Clinic in Athens 16th of February with IA (day after FK gig)! Many notes shall be played
Freak Kitchen Interview on PPM tv 2012

Jakub Żytecki: working on new lesson for Guitar Messenger

Jakub Żytecki

Just wanted to share with you some pretty interesting news...
Yeah, I'm working on a video lesson for Guitar Messenger which will be out soon.. and the topics are gonna be quite unusual.. :) Big thanks to my bro Bartłomiej Szoja for the video production, Wojtek Famielec for ledning me his awesome bass and GuitarManic school for giving me their place to record that thing.

Ethan Brosh: Max Norman mixing new album

Ethan Brosh

It's an honor finishing mixing my 2nd record with legendary record producer Max Norman (Ozzy, Megadeth, Lynch Mob, Bad Company) who is finally coming back to the business and starting with my record! This thing is sounding HUGE so far!! We are mixing on a sweet SSL Board in this incredible music studio called Carriage House Studios in Stamford CT. Album coming soon!!!

Jason Becker, Marty Friedman: Cacophony Speed Metal Symphony LP Test pressing on ebay!

Speed Metal Symphony LP
Rainbo Test Pressing

Test pressing in plain white sleeve. Record is NM-.      

Shipping: US media: $4 -- Canada first class: $7 -- Mexico first class: $10 -- Worldwide first class: $15
Italy & Greece add $12 for registered mail.

I will combine postage on orders so you can save money on shipping! LPs packed in "dusty groove" style record boxes with bumpers at ends that prevent corner and edge bumps in transit. Large ordered double boxed.  Any item sent as sealed will not be returnable once it is unsealed. Please read return policy for further info.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Packages of a value of over $75 will be shipped priority mail at buyer's expense. Full value declared on customs form. I only ship to address provided by paypal. No refund for packages "lost" in the mail unless package has been sent insured registered, priority or express mail at your expense. USPS only provides track outside US for packages shipped express mail. Please write for combined shipping rates.

CACOPHONY Speed Metal Symphony LP Rainbo TEST PRESSING

Carlos Hernandez: Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan Competition and new album free download

Carlos Hernandez: hi this is my entry, hope you like it.

Carlos Hernandez - Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan - Solo Competition #MayonesDuncan

Front Cover

Back Cover

Download the new album

Allan Holdsworth: Rockett Pedals NAMM appearance

1554 (Hall E)

Allan Holdsworth Come see Allan at 3:30 Saturday for autographs and questions!! We will have Allan's signature OD/Boost with us!!

Steve Stevens,Steve Morse,Guthrie Govan: White House Event Center NAMM party

The White House Event Center West Wing
NAMM PARTY RSVP NOW!! Steve Stevens will Headline this Party Opening is The Butler's with Special Guest Starts like Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent)and others TBA, Then Phil X leads into Steve Stevens. Contact Phil Traina at PhilTraina@gmail.comfor RSVP and Tickets without this it will be $20 at the door. Space is limited for this show so do not wait to contact Phil Traina to get your Passes FREE Sponsored By Monster Energy Drink, RocknRollRelics, Friedman Amplification, Tone Merchants and David Allen Pickups

5932 (Hall B)
Søren Andersen (TCE demo)
Søren Andersen (TCE demo)
Press meeting
Steve Morse (Deep Purple) + Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats) (Signing)
Søren Andersen (TCE demo)

Sam Coulson, Steve Howe: Asia pick rising star to replace Steve Howe

Asia have revealed Sam Coulson as replacement for Steve Howe, who this morning announced he’d left the band.

John Wetton, Geoff Downes and Carl Palmer will play their first show with their new guitarist at Sweden Rock on the weekend on June 5-8 this year. He’ll appear with the band on upcoming album Valkyrie, which is to be recorded in the coming months.

Steve Howe revealed this morning that he’d decided to bow out of the band in order to concentrate on other projects including Yes.

Brennan Dylan: In Shred We Trust

NYC artist Brennan Dylan is a 24 year old world class improv guitar player and composer fusing rock, metal and neoclassical guitar to techno, dubstep and industrial. He has performed on bills with Michael Angelo Batio, DeathRiders and Gorillaz and has over 500 performances to his credit.

Brennan studied Performance Guitar at Berklee College of Music, is receiving national and international press including Guitar World and NME, is sponsored by Gary Kramer Guitar, worked at Capitol Studios, won Rock Guitarist of the Year at 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, has extensive media coverage and has been getting radio play since he was 16. A recent CBS Radio interview aired to an audience of 25-30 million listeners. The media acknowledges he has created a new and unique music genre, one he calls "Dracula Drinks Daylight". Bullet Ride, a 2010 release, firmly established Dylan as a guitar force.

"First, Dylan can play guitar like Neil Zaza, Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Second, his music combines the raw, 80s rock anthem guitar loved by so many with the spirit and moxie of a surfer. And, third, did I mention this guy can play?"

- Suite101, 11.27.2010

Dylan is an emerging artist who unites a unique guitar style with the electronic age. His website is: Many of the guitar greats are in their late 50's and 60's. John Mayall is 79 if you can believe it and Brennan has a long career ahead of him as well. "Raining in Berlin", his 16th CD, will be released in early 2013.

The shred video I've included is "The Truth in Shredding" as it is what it is. Sure the sound should have been recorded with a USB cable into a computer to be cleaner. But then it could have been edited. This is the real McCoy: no takes, no editing instead just shredding plain and simple. What you would have heard if you were in the room with him when it was happening.

Here is a little clip of some shred guitar, I hope you guys enjoy it :)

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Shred Guitar

Doug Aldrich,Andy Wood,Martin Miller,Al Estrada: added to Suhr Custom Factory Tour

Suhr Custom - Guitars | Amplifiers | Pedals | Pickups

Only 2 more weeks until the NAMM 2013 FACTORY PARTY!

Some of our performing artists include:

Al Estrada
Andy Wood
Doug Aldrich
Drew Zingg
Martin Miller
Peter Thorn

Have you reserved your spot yet? RSVP here:

Steve Lukather: free download single!

Classic Rock Legend Steve Lukather returns with "Transition"

Available worldwide form Mascot Records on 01/22/2013 is "Transition". The latest release from Steve Lukather. The 9 track epic includes major musical guests including Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Legendary Bassist Leland Sklar, and many more!

Free Digital Download of the first single Judgement Day

Don't Forget! If you've pre-ordered the album, you've also been entered to win a FREE SIGNATURE STEVE LUKATHER GUITAR.
Pre-order Steve Lukather - Transition and WIN A SIGNED GUITAR!

News: Diablo FX Launches The First Wireless Guitar FX Control Pedal at NAMM

Diablo FX Launches The First Wireless Guitar FX Control PedalSound Control 6 is the first high fidelity, versatile pedal management system allowing any combination of effects pedals

(Anaheim,CA, NAMM Show 2013, booth 1474 Hall E – January 2012) – Diablo FX, a new player in the guitar market, introduces a truly innovative solution for effects pedal players: Sound Control 6. The Sound Control system is the first wireless all-in-one effects pedal management system which enables guitar players to turn on and off multiple analog or digital effects in one stomp. Sound Control 6 is unique because of its wireless design, which means no cords and power strips at the front of the stage or in the way at practice.

Everyone who uses pedals when performing experiences the same dilemma: set-up and break-down takes forever, power cords clutter up the stage and the performers had better be very practiced and skilled to stomp on the right pedal, or combination of pedals, at the right time. Joseph Lockyer, co-founder of Diablo FX, was no stranger to these challenges, and, playing more and bigger gigs, he really needed a simpler solution. At that point, he and Rick Schwab invented a new wireless pedal, the first of its kind: Sound Control 6, to be introduced to the world for the first time at NAMM 2013.

“I will never go back to pushing pedals again, because Sound Control 6 makes everything so easy. My set-up takes me about seven minutes now: take out my amps, plug in, take out my wireless pedal and put it on stage, and I’ll go have a beer while the rest of the guys are still setting up,” Lockyer says with a grin and adds “At the end of the night, I pick up my pedal, throw it in the bag, close my box up and I’m done.”


Not only is set-up easy, playing with Sound Control 6 makes your performance simpler and better. It is hard to turn a number of pedals on and off at the same time, within half a second. Even the most practiced players easily miss pedals again and again. Sound Control 6 can be placed anywhere on stage and it allows to control up to six effects pedals or effects loops. Simply select the pedals you want to be “on” for up to four different channels. Now, you can turn on or off up to six pedals on each channel with one button push. Listening to all the changes that happen with just one button click is amazing: turning on the EQ, adding analog delay, a little reverb – players appreciate the huge benefit to be able to do all those things without having to perform the usual “tap dance”.

High fidelity
When a pedal is not in use, Sound Control 6 bypasses it altogether. When using stomp boxes, the audio signal is degraded traveling through various pedals in line, regardless whether they are turned on or off. With Sound Control 6, however, a pedal that is not in use, will be physically bypassed, so the audio signal is not going through that pedal at all. This allows for minimal signal disruption. Another factor is the length of cable run across the stage. With regular stomp boxes, the signal has to travel through 75 feet of cord or more. Sound Control 6 only requires a couple of feet of cable to be connected, further decreasing loss of fidelity.

Sound Control 6 allows for great versatility. “You can use it for up to six effects on each of the four channels, or as an amp switching device or use it as an effects loop for a digital processor. You can do so many things with it, it’s crazy” says Lockyer.

Pricing & Availability:
Sound Control 6: MSRP $599.00 - available at

Check it out at NAMM!
Please contact (phone: 610-577-4982) to schedule an appointment during NAMM or stop by booth 1474 in Hall E.

About Diablo FX
Diablo FX was founded by Joseph Lockyer, Rick Schwab, Nick Linder and Matt Robinson – combining accomplished musicality, engineering, and business experience.  The company’s motto is “controlling analog sound digitally”. Diablo FX is developing several follow-up products according to the same guiding principle. Sound Control 6 is 100% made in the USA.

George Lynch: T&N - Slave To The Empire

T&N "Slave to the Empire" Official Video (NEW!)Featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Brian Tichy
Producers: Jeff Pilson and Mark McLaughlin
Directed by: George Lynch and Mark McLaughlin
Cinematography: Neal McConnell,Mark McLaughlin and Kenny Chang
Edited by: Eric Medina
Visit the band at:
T&N on iTunes:
T&N on Amazon:
T&N on RPR

T&N "Slave to the Empire" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Perfecto De Castro: rig walkthrough

This video walks through and demos my newly wired pedal board for this year. Also gives an insight to how I use my pedals to work with my guitar and amp to get a plethora of sounds.

PDC-TV: Perf De Castro 2013 electric rig walkthrough

Alex Hutchings: Roland Experience Israel 2012 - Virtuosity

Alex Hutchings: Roland Experience Israel 2012 - Virtuosity


We at -17/10 event for the first time Roland International Experience Israel. The event was held at the diary and included a performance and master class of a pair of leading artists and virtuosos, Alex Hutchins on guitar and Michael Shack on drums.

Alex Hutchings: Roland Experience Israel 2012 - Virtuosity

Alex Hutchings,Vladimir Maisiuk: Minsk - Belorussian guitar jam

Masterсlass Alex Hutchings in Minsk 5 November 2012 in Doodah King Club. - 1st part video Jam-session Alex Hutchings and belorussian guitarists. Studio Maple Tree. 2-nd part of video

Jam-session musicians: Alex Hutchings (guitar), Vladmir Maisiuk (guitar), Sviatoslav Chernuho (drums), Andrey Shitkovez (bass guitar), Vladimir Tkachenko (guitar)

Studio Jam-session musicians: Vladimir Tkachenko (guitar), Alexander Kiss (guitar), Alex Hutchings (guitar), Pavel Triput (guitar), Vladimir Maisiuk, (guitar).

Мusical equipment:

Laney Ironheart IRT 60-212
Laney Ironheart IRT 60 head + Laney IRT212 (cabinet)
Laney Lionheart LT20T

Alex Hutchings in Minsk 5 and 6 November 2012

Alex Hutchings: V-Guitar miki-gakki series

Alex Hutchings' V-Guitar demonstration

Alex Hutchings V-Guitar Station Tour @miki-gakki sinsaibashi 1

Alex Hutchings V-Guitar Station Tour @miki-gakki sinsaibashi 2

Alex Hutchings V-Guitar Station Tour @miki-gakki sinsaibashi 3

Alex Hutchings V-Guitar Station Tour @miki-gakki sinsaibashi 4

Toshihiro Sumitomo: JSlide!

Toshihiro Sumitomo with the slide!

2011/8/14 (sun)
@ Live Bar D3 southern Osaka Nishinakajima Guitar Trilogy ~ Vol.3 Hiketa Toshi (G) (G) Toshihiro Sumitomo (G) Hirofumi Okamoto (Ds) Marty Bracey 巳desk "FIRE" Matsuda (B / Special Suport)

Toshihiro Sumitomo Guitar Trilogy Vol.3

Vinnie Moore: hybrid picking demonstration

Guitar wizard Vinnie Moore with some hybrid picking examples (using pick and fingers). Some great exponents of hybrid picking...James Burton, one of the most recorded guitarists ever (played on all sort of sessions and with Elvis for years (Las Vegas Elvis not Sun sessions Elvis, that was Scotty Moore), also one of my favourite players Richard Thompson, plus Brian Setzer (Stray Cats), the great Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, and blues great Lonnie Mack. I saw Lonnie at the Prince of Wales pub in St. Kilda years ago, playing his Gibson Flying V, great player and good voice too.

Vinnie Moore -hybrid picking.mpg

Scott Mishoe: Dreams - A new acoustic jam

A new acoustic jam

By Scott Mishoe " Dreams " *****