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Tosin Abasi: 8 String Fibenare Guitars NAMM 2013

I met Tom Quayle at Fibenare Guitars stand earlier in the day. I went back later on and watch Tosin Abasi noodling on an 8 string model.

From NAMM 2012

Andy James: Custom ESP guitar

Andy James photo taken at the same time as I am video the live clinic... difficult to keep the video going and get the shot.  I thought I would post one though just in case anyone thought I was still at home stuck in the snow :)

From NAMM 2012

Rowan J Parker: Outside Jazz Fusion Soloing

More great guitar at

Here is some quite outside Jazz Fusion playing featuring a great backing track from Rick Graham. Thanks to him for permission to use it. You can get it by visiting

Outside Jazz Fusion Soloing

Steve Vai: Weeping China Doll Steve Vai talks and shows the guitar parts in Weeping China Doll & the guitar melody in The Story Of Light.
In the FULL interview with Stuart Bull from Guitar Interactive - Steve Vai talks us through all of the tracks on his latest Album 'The Story Of Light' watch the full feature in Issue 12 here:

Steve Vai demostrates the licks on his 7 string Ibanez Universe For The Love Of God guitar.
Watch the gear overview in Steve Vai's 'Harmony Hut Studio' here:

Guitar Interactive Magazine is the FREE online magazine for gutiarists the world over. View online for free today!

Issue 12 features Steve Vai, The Aristocrats, Guitar Lessons on Steve Vais style, free lessons by our regular contributors & lots more! Plus WIN a Steve Vai JEM 70V in this issue! Read online today

Steve Vai Weeping China Doll & The Story Of Light Guitar Riffs - Interview 2012 Guitar Interactive

Doug Steele,James Ryan: Cokken sussing out Motley Crue

Cokken sussing out Motley Crue James and I figuring out Looks that Kill.

Mateus Starling: Training interactive development (in Brazilian)
This is a free class where focus is to interact with the student in training grounds.
studies Good and God bless. oturos Meet 60 titles video lessons through my page: http:/ /

Let's play together? Training interactive development memorandum by Matthew Starling

Guitar course for laymen - Beginner scratch by Matthew Starling and Bruno Albernaz

Joop Wolters: demos new trio KRUK

new trio KRUK
little promo/teaser,recorded at rehearsals 24-01-2013

Patrick Eijdems:drums
Rogier van Wegberg:bass
Joop Wolters:guitars


Neil Zaza: Carvin Spiderman Guitar NAMM 2013

I missed Neil at NAMM... but someone else caught the action

Neil Zaza - NAMM 2013 Carvin Spiderman Guitar + Im Alright

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Daily Solo - PCA

Daily Solo - PCA (No. 18, guitar)
One day - one solo!

Written and played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:

News: Tone King - NAMM 2013

14 videos
1:20:48 duration

Tone King: NAMM 2013

News: NAMM premier guitar coverage

Day one NAMM covered by premier guitar

NAMM photo gallery and video

Chris Vorce: Recalibration new cd available

Chris Vorce (Guitar)

"Recalibration" presents a variety of compelling compositions, complex melodies, and intricate solos. The sole performer of the multiple guitar parts, Vorce creates dense harmonic layers and improvisational landscapes as he matches speed with melody and technical, agile execution with deft delicacy. Vorce’s performance of the songs of "Recalibration" captures his skills as a guitarist, his talents as a composer, and the depths of his musicianship. A 2012 release.

SKU SKU25695
Track 1 As One (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Back (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Pass Within (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Silver Fox (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Everyday
Track 7 Now Years Later
Track 8 A Simple Act (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Pause
Track 10 Once We Were in Athens

Jack Lorenz: ripping it up at Highschool Talent Show

Hey Everybody..this is the act i performed for the HHS talent show! all of the acts performed were AMAZING! I hope you all enjoy this one, it as a solo made by "Andy James" in the style of Dream Theater's John Petrucci, who is my biggest inspiration....subbscribeeeee!!:)

Insane Guitarist Jack Lorenz-Highlands Highschool Talent Show

Andy James,George Lynch: Pre-NAMM Coverage of new model

Enjoy this pre-namm coverage of the new ESP Line-Up. This was taken on Wed (day before the show, so please consider it as unofficial / sneak-peak coverage).

Special thx to ESP for allowing me to get the early footage!

Thumbs up if you dig the coverage! Thanks.

ESP Guitars : NAMM 2013 : Pre-NAMM Coverage! Andy James, Alexi, Lynch - New Models! LTD Elite

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett: Mark Boals NAMM Metal Jam 2013

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 You Don't Remember

Mark Boals, Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett, Arnold Gonzalez, Aquiles Priester, Tony Cavazo, Michael T. Ross

Announcing the International NAMM Metal Jam 2013 featuring 40 of the
finest metal musicians from all around the world.

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 will take place on January 23, 2013 at the Whiskey
A-Go Go in West Hollywood, CA, one day prior to the start of the NAMM
Convention in Anaheim. The convention runs from January 24-27, 2013.
The concert is being organized by DeathRiders/original Anthrax
vocalist Neil Turbin; and guitarist extraordinaire Dave Reffett of
Shredding The Envelope and Guitar World.
DeathRiders will co-headline the show along with Guitar Legend Michael
Angelo Batio (Nitro, Holland) and will feature a true Metal All-Star
Jam, featuring NAMM Metal All Stars with 40
members of: Anthrax, Queensryche, Rising Force, Sepultura, Angra,
Racer X, Savatage, Lita Ford, Circle II Circle,
The Iron Maidens, Holy Grail, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob, Planet X,
Leatherwolf, Holy Grail, Hurricane and more.
The "NAMM Metal All Stars" will be storming through supersonic
shredding versions of molten metal classics for this
Open to the public, All Ages One Time Only "Winter NAMM Kick off event".

NAMM Metal Jam 2013
Michael Angelo Batio w/ DeathRiders (Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin)
Circle II Circle
NAMM Metal All Stars

Open to the public - All Ages
NAMM Metal Jam
For tickets Visit:

Are You Ready For A Fistful Of Malice
The Thriller from Brasilia
Special Host MC Metal Malice
Michael Angelo Batio
Circle II Circle

NAMM Metal Jam All Stars featuring
Michael Angelo Batio of MAB, Nitro, Holland - Guitar
Neil Turbin of DeathRiders, Anthrax - Vocals
Dave Reffett of Shredding The Envelope - Guitar
Michael Wilton of Queensryche - Guitar
Parker Lundgren of Queensryche - Guitar
Virgil Donati of Planet X, Ring Of Fire, Allan Holdsworth, CAB, Tribal
Tech - Drums
Eloy Casagrande of Sepultura, Andre Matos - Drums
Aquiles Priester - Angra, Hangar, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore - Drums
Rigo Amezcua of Drums Agent Steel - Drums
Mark Boals of Ring Of Fire, Don Dokken, Rising Force - Vocals
Greg Walls of ex-Anthrax- Guitar
Jeff Martin of Racer X, Badlands, Michael Schenker Group - Vocals
Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob - Bass
Eli Santana of Holy Grail - Guitar
Michael T. Ross of Missing Persons - Keyboards
Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf - Vocals and Guitar
Ann Boleyn of Hellion -- Vocals
Steve "Zeus" Johnstad of Mayday, N.R.G - Vocals
Sean Elg of DeathRiders, Nihilist - Drums
Arnold Gonzalez of DeathRiders - Guitar
Michael Lopez of DeathRiders - Bass
Casey Trask of DeathRiders -- Guitar
Courtney Cox of the Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale - Guitar
Wanda Ortiz of the Iron Maidens - Bass
Linda McDonald of the Iron Maidens, Phantom Blue -- Drums
Andrew Freeman of Hurricane, Lynch Mob, Last In Line, The Offspring - Vocals
Tony Cavazo of Hurricane - Bass
Mike Hansen of Hurricane - Drums
Joe Gettler of Razormaze - Guitar
Mandy Lion of World War III, War Machine - Vocals
Ronny North of Ronny North Band - Guitar
Diego Valadez of Cellador - Synth and Vocals
Xander Demos of Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Guitar
Zak Stevens of Circle II Circle, Savatage - Vocs
Mitch Stewart of Circle II Circle - Bass
Bill Hudson of Circle II Circle, Cellador - Guitar
Christian Wentz of Circle II Circle - Guitar
Adam Sagan of Circle II Circle, Into Eternity - Drums
Henning Wanner of Circle II Circle - Keyboards
Amy Sung of Amy Sung Band - Vocals

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 You Don't Remember

Orlando Barbuto: Cools soloing in styles various

short improvisation on the basis funk with the aim of testing the zoom q3

Orlando Barbuto "TamarFunk"

Orlando Barbuto "raped blues"

Orlando Barbuto "The most useless guitar video of the last 10 years"! :)

Allen Hinds: Baked Potato 2013 - super hot video

This comes in the middle of "Confianca" which is from Allen's album "Monkeys and Slides" With Jimmy Johnson on bass, Jeff Babko on keys, and Dave Hooper on drums. At The Baked Potato in Studio City, CA January 8, 2013

Allen Hinds '55 ('54?) Gold Top Les Paul

Allen playing some great slide on his tune "Fact of the Matter" With Jimmy Johnson bass, Dave Hooper drums, and Jeff Babko keys, at the Baked Potato on January 8, 2013.

Allen Hinds Gibson SG slide

This is from the tune "Now Really" at the Baked Potato January 8, 2013 with Dave Hooper drums, Jeff Babko keys, and Jimmy Johnson on bass.

Allen Hinds Gold Top "Now Really" solo

Andrew Jay: Paganini-16th Caprice - excellent rendition

This is myself playing Paganini's 16th Caprice and part of the 24th Caprice. I plan on making a better video soon but hope you enjoy

Paganini-16th Caprice

Eric Calderone: Bohemian Rhapsody Meets Metal

Bohemian Rhapsody Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So I've seen this one posted all over the place and figured I'd give it a shot. 1. Freddie Mercury is a genius haha after analyzing this and transcribing it for guitar, my head felt like it was about to explode. What a mind. 2. Nothing can compare to the original. This is just my take on Queen's genius. 3. Thank you guys for everything. Big ups for all the suggestions, comments, subs, donations, fan art, messages, and support. You rock the casbah!! Always!CDbaby:

Eric Calderone: No More Heroes

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar: The Smorgasbord

Favored Nations Entertainment Releases Long-Awaited Mattias IA Eklundh Album ‘Freak Guitar: The Smorgasbord’ serves as a continuation to popular ‘Freak Guitar’ series.

LOS ANGELES — Nearly eight years after the last installment in his “Freak Guitar” series, Mattias IA Eklundh’s is set to release his latest edition, “Freak Guitar: The Smorgasbord" world wide on March 5th!

Known throughout the music world for his complex and blindingly fast guitar abilities, Eklundh is a guitarist that other musicians study. His “Freak Guitar” series is especially popular among accomplished metal guitar players, who appreciate the composition, technique and music theory Eklundh uses in his songs.

This double disc album “Freak Guitar—The Smorgasbord,” released by Favored Nations Entertainment, contains 40 brand new tracks and has something to draw in all types of listeners who enjoy a wide range of genres—not just metal. With the album, Eklundh has built on the complexities of his previous albums to create a new and eclectic sound.

“Mattias IA Eklundh is truly a musician’s artist, and this new album is further proof of his standing in the industry,” said Sean Carpenter, spokesperson for Favored Nations Entertainment. “He once again demonstrates why he is one of the most respected guitarists in music industry today.”

The album features a blend of intricacy and accessibility, with both acoustic and shredding compositions that can be appreciated on the same level as any classical symphony. It brings together talent from across the music industry, including Fredrik Thordendal of the metal band Meshuggah, Guthrie Goven of the Aristocrats and Dweezil Zappa. To accompany the album, Eklundh will hit the road to perform clinics worldwide, offering fellow musicians the opportunity to gain insight into the innovative techniques used by the legendary guitarist.

Eklundh is a veteran heavy metal guitarist who rose to prominence with the Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork, known for their acclaimed albums “The Chainheart Machine” and “Natural Born Chaos,” among many others. He is also an establishing member of Freak Kitchen, a progressive metal band known for the high technical levels of its arrangements, and he has earned global recognition for his trademark-style solos.

Eklundh is working with Favored Nations Entertainment, which was founded by fellow guitar legend Steve Vai—the man behind the most memorable guitar licks of his accomplished solo albums, White Snake, Frank Zappa, and the David Lee Roth Band.

For more on Mattias IA Eklundh and his new album, visit

1. Amphibians Night Out
2. Musth
3. Mattias - The Beautiful Guy
4. Hells Bells
5. The Smorgasbord
6. Friedrichs Wahnbriefe (feat. Fredrik Thordendal)
7. Sexually Frustrated Fruit Fly Flamenco
8. Daily Grind Disco March
9. Lease With an Option to Buy
10. The Swede and The Wolf (feat. Georg Jojje Wadenius)
11. Mambo Italiano
12. Mind Your Step (at Schiphol Airport) (feat. Dweezil Zappa)
13. Crossing the Rubicon
14. That's Amore
15. Keep it in the Dojo (feat. Ranjit Barot)
16. Infrared Jed
17. Peter, I Won't Drive Another Meter (feat. Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro)
18. Larvatus Prodeo
19. Blaha Blaha
20. Lullaby for Gabriel

1. In the Goo of the Evening
2. The Dogs of Delhi
3. Special Agent Bauer (feat. Ron Bumblefoot Thal)
4. Mahavishnu John
5. Harry Lime's Theme
6. Dark Matter
7. Trumpet Lesson
8. Mandur and Morgan's Camel Safari
9. Shore Thing
10. Captain Smith's Moment of Truth
11. Mah Ná Mah Ná
12. The Nigerian Gynecologist
13. 6 Rue Cordot
14. Kali Ghat (feat. Jonas Hellborg, Selvaganesh Vinayakram)
15. Safe to Remove Hardware
16. Did You Actually Pay for That
17. Those in Badiyah (feat. Andy Timmons)
18. The Essence of Emptiness
19. Meralgia Paresthetica (feat. Morgan Ågren)
20. Guano Afternoon

Mike Philippov: How To Remember The Notes On Guitar Once And For All And Become A More Creative Guitarist In the Process

How To Remember The Notes On Guitar Once And For All And Become A More Creative Guitarist In the Process

Do you want to improve your musical creativity but believe in the conventional wisdom of one’s musical potential being restricted by their natural talent? If you do, then you belong in the club of millions of musicians who have all felt the same way. When I started learning to play guitar, developing high levels of creativity in music was a big goal of mine, but unfortunately no matter what I did, nothing seemed to help me to go from hearing music in my head to playing it perfectly on guitar. This left me very depressed and disappointed, fearing that I might never be able to reach the skill level I so much wanted to attain. Sound familiar?
The good news is that musical creativity is a goal that can be achieved by anyone. If you doubt your own potential to become a creative musician and fear that you ‘lack musical talent’, think about how only people who are NOT musicians (or at least are not ‘great’ musicians) make such ignorant claims, and nobody among the world’s top guitar players believes in this myth.
However, despite the fact above, there are still several reasons why so many guitar players have a hard time improving their musical creativity. Here are a few of them:
1. The majority of musicians do not consciously plan or even know what it is they need to work on to become more creative on their instrument.
2. A lot of guitarists consider creativity in music to be an isolated practice item that is meant to be learned as a single skill, similar to learning a song on guitar or memorizing a new scale. Because of this, these guitar players look for an isolated item to play/practice on guitar to reach this goal. The truth is however, that creativity in guitar playing and music is not an individual “thing/item” that you practice, but rather a result that appears from being able to use ‘several’ guitar playing skills (that on the surface seem disconnected). Think about the process of learning to be fluent in a foreign language. To speak fluently, it isn’t enough to ONLY learn ‘a lot of words’ or to ‘only’ master the rules of syntax or ‘only’ work on your pronunciation. You must do all of these tasks simultaneously in order to develop the same command of a language that native speakers possess.
3. Too many guitar players cannot distinguish between being “musically creative” and being an “original” musician. To be original, you must have the ability to come up with musical ideas that nobody has heard or played before. Contrary to that, to be musically “creative”, all that is necessary is for you to play music that YOU are happy and fulfilled with, regardless of whether or not you are truly original. The reason why I'm emphasizing the difference between these two terms is because understanding clearly the goal that you are after in your guitar playing will help you to reach it much more quickly.
The entire list of topics that is needed for becoming a highly creative guitar player is much too broad to be covered in only one article. However, in the points below I will help you to learn how to practice one particular aspect of guitar playing which is highly important for developing musical creativity. This aspect is the ability to visualize the entire guitar fretboard. Of all the skills you need to work on in order to improve your creativity, mastering the guitar neck will help you to see instant progress in your ability to express yourself on guitar, even though (ironically) this element is rarely practiced as much as it should be. Becoming totally fluent in your visualization of the guitar will make it a whole lot easier for you to master other aspects of making more creative music.
In the rest of this article I will list for you some of the ways in which you can (and should) be practicing guitar fretboard visualization. As you continue reading the points below, consider how the practicing ideas I present are interconnected to help you develop the same general skill (of fretboard mastery) from a variety of angles.
Here is what you must do in order to completely master your visualization of the guitar neck:
Master Scales All Across The Guitar Neck
This is a skill that you need to work on separately from learning individual note names on guitar. There are some guitar players who have memorized the note names for every fret of the guitar, but have never worked on playing scales in more than one area of the guitar neck. As a result, their superior knowledge of individual notes is of limited value to them because it is not connected with a more tangible musical element of scale playing. To see exactly how this should be done, watch this guitar scale lesson on video.
If practicing scales in this way is new to you, then you can expect to see quite dramatic improvements in your creativity on guitar once you learn to play scales all over the fretboard instead of only in 1-2 areas of the guitar neck.
Learn What Chord And Interval Shapes Look Like On The Guitar Fretboard
One rarely mentioned skill that is nonetheless critically important for complete mastery of the guitar fretboard is the ability to visualize the patterns (shapes) of frets that form intervals, scales, chords and general licks you play on guitar. This will enable you to play a note on your instrument and immediately know where to find a chord, interval or scale pattern based on that note. This skill will greatly speed up (and make easier) the process of expressing yourself creatively on guitar. To understand what this means, study this guitar neck memorization lesson that will make this point more clear.
Memorize All Notes On Guitar
To become more creative when playing guitar solos or writing songs, one fundamental thing you must learn is what all the notes on the fretboard are called ALL OVER the guitar. Most importantly, you need to be able to recall the notes QUICKLY (in the same way you can recall your birthday, your phone number or other facts that you know by heart). Many guitar players make the mistake of ‘stopping’ to work on learning the notes on the fretboard further once they develop the basic ability to ‘figure out’ what a note is called after thinking about it. This is not good enough. In order to have this knowledge be usable in your musical skills, you must speed up your ability to recall the note names on the guitar neck. To see exactly how to practice this, watch this guitar neck memorization lesson on video.
Become Confident At Playing Guitar In Any Key
Due to the unique nature of the guitar, it is common for guitar players to become locked in to playing in a certain set of keys that are physically easier to play. However, this leaves a significant portion of the instrument unexplored when it comes to playing in unfamiliar keys such as Db major, F minor and others. Although you probably already know how to slide/transpose barre chords and scales to any key, there is a difference between theoretically knowing “how” to do something and actually feeling confident about playing in strange and unfamiliar keys. The good news is that by practicing to play in keys that you aren’t used to yet, it will become much easier to visualize the entire guitar neck and to have your playing feel much easier and more creative as a result.
After reading the points above, it should be easy to see that building musical creativity on guitar does not revolve around tricks or secrets that only the “naturally talented few” are born with. Although there is a lot more to the general topic of creative guitar playing than what I have time to explore in this article, the practicing steps for developing visualization of guitar fretboard can be done by anyone and the result will be a much higher level of freedom and control over expressing yourself on guitar.
To get more advice and help about developing both your mastery of the guitar neck and musical creativity, study these free guitar lesson videos:
About the author:
Mike Philippov is a guitar instructional author, professional guitar player and composer. He writes articles about the best ways to practice guitar that are studied by many musicians worldwide. To get more help with becoming a better guitar player, visit his website: