Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sebastian Persin,Alex Argento: original composition

Composed, produced, mixed by Sebastian Persini. mastered by Alex Argento /

Samuli Federley: Ibanez solo competition 2013

Ibanez solo competition 2013 - Samuli Federley
Here's my entry, I hope you enjoy it. Please check out also

George Marios: Hayden Booth and Zivory Guitars Rippage

I had the pleasure of being invited by the Amazing Zivory guitars and Hayden amps, in order to demo some instruments and amps in this year's MusicMesse.
Here is a little bootleg video by a friend of mine.
Enjoy and if you like the licks, visit and check my lessons out:-)
Also check out for the most amazing guitars ever

George Marios,Tom Quayle: T42 Musikmesse - afternoon tea session

Tea for Two (George Marios and Tom Quayle) Music Messe 2013 Jam!
Here is an impromptu jam with my jamming bud Tom Quayle while i was in Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013, demonstrating for Zivory Guitars and Hayden Amps.
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Truth In Shredding: The Musicians Musikmesse 2013

Truth In Shredding: The Musicians Musikmesse 2013 full photo gallery:

Andy James
Marc Guillermont

Timo Somers and Barend Courbois

Christophe Godin

Fred Brum

Marco Sfogli

Rick Graham: Free Masterclass and Economy Picking Masterclass

I've had lots of requests for the backing track that I used for my recent 'Lydian Dominant Improvisation' video that I uploaded to Youtube, so I've made the backing track available just for subscribers only as a free download. I've also included the backing track for the latest lesson 'Scale Choices: How to Spice Up Your Solos'

Get them here:

I hope you all enjoy them. I have lots of new material planned and will keep you posted with updates.

Also, I had so many requests to extend the Free Masterclass Video offer that I decided to keep it on indefinitely. If you haven't already, download now at my website.



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Truth In Shredding: Musikmesse guitars photo gallery 2013

Musikmesse photo gallery: Captured during my walks around the Musikmesse booths. A special thanks to Lâg Guitar's Stéphan Forté who showed me around the amazing collection of new Lâg that have a classic race car theme. You can see a full gallery here:

Stunning Fibenare Guitars

Ibanez 9 string guitar

Lâg - Roxane

Amazing Aluminium guitar with Carbon Fiber neck

A host of Charvels and Jacksons.

Jerôme Hol: Lakei Helmond 2013

High power jazz rock guitar solo from Jerôme Hol, when the Jerôme Hol Trio opened for Snowy White's Bluesdrivers, at the Lakei venue, in Helmond, The Netherlands on Sunday, March 17th, 2013.

Jerôme Hol - guitar
Harry Emmery - bass
Erik Kooger -- drums

Bosko Martinovic, Miroslav Mirosavljev: Wood Guerilla Blues

Recorded at Wood Guerilla Headquarters, Belgrade.
Guitars: Bosko Martinovic ( and MICKYLEE.
Bass: Dalibor Vucic (Wood Guerilla Founder).
Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
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Played on Wood Guerilla guitar.

Daily Solo - Wood Guerilla Blues (No. 97, guitars, bass)

Julian Scarcella: Waves of Shred Competition

Julian Scarcella with a heavily WahWah tinged solo for the Waves of Shred Competition

Waves of Shred' Entry-Julian Scarcella

Darryl Garay Luma-as: Waves Of Shred Competition

Theme compose/ Improvise solo... recorded live cam/mcbook pro


Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Suhermanto Harsono: Waves Of Shred competition

Hi there.

Here's my entry for 'Waves Of Shred Guitar Competition 2013'. A competition that I'd been waiting for. I'm so excited to join this competition. Thank you also for Yiannis Papadopoulos for the cool backing track.

Enjoy it and thank you for watching.

'Waves Of Shred Entry - Suhermanto Harsono

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Matt Hagan: Waves of Shred competition

It's been a long time since I've uploaded anything on here. I'd like to try to start making videos again, for fun's sake. But, this is my entry to the Waves of Shred competition. Not very much shredding but I hope you enjoy it. A big thank you to Wampler Pedals, Tsakalis Pedals, Tom Quayle, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Laurie Monk for the opportunity.

'Waves of Shred' Contest Entry - Matt Hagan

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Irawan Hery: Waves Of Shred competition

this is my entry for this contest, really cool backing track
please vote for me !!
hope you enjoy :))

Waves Of Shred Entry - Irawan Hery

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Yngwie Malmsteen: Dubai Rock Fest 2013 - Date Moved!

Event date: June 7th, 2013
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center Arena
Doors open at: 16:00 hrs (GMT +4)
Show starts at: 18:00 hrs (GMT +4)
For enquiries call +971 50 286 8981

M PREMIERE is proud to announce the Dubai Rock Fest 2013 - the largest rock festival in the UAE. Long awaited grandiose event will line-up on one stage biggest international rock names: YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (USA) - headliner of the festival - "One of the greatest guitarist to walk the earth" (CBS Grammy coverage News), DARK TRANQUILITY (SWEDEN), NIGHTMARE (FRANCE), MYRATH (TUNISIA), ANURYZM (UAE) and more. Dubai Rock Festival will last for almost 7 hours featuring the full theatrical performance and best hits from the most famous rock bands worldwide.

Rock music is the biggest and most wanted genre with the largest numbers of followers around the globe and it creates an invisible bond when musical acts from different countries and cultures get united to play in one place sharing the same stage. Dubai World Trade Centre Arena boasting 14 meter high ceilings, over 9,000 square meters of covered exhibition space, the Arena is the perfect spot to host the Dubai Rock Fest 2013 for over 8,000 guests in an acoustically designed, fully enclosed, all weather environment. Only on June 7 and only for one day you will witness and experience impressively diverse lineup of world Rock Stars which will include:

1. Yngwie Malmsteen (USA)
2. Dark Tranquillity (Sweden)
3. Nightmare (France)
4. Myrath (Tunisia)
5. Anuryzm (UAE)
and more...

June 7, 2013 will be the start and a new beginning of a new chapter in Dubai's Rock Life.

Age Limit: Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Alcohol will not be served to anyone under the age of 21. Valid ID is required.

Luke Tarrant: winner of the 2013 Higher Diploma Guitar Scholarship award

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to award Luke Tarrant as the winner of the 2013 Higher Diploma Guitar Scholarship award.

Each of the four finalists had an interview with a panel of judges including Institute tutor Tolis Zavaliaris and Pete Whittard, a director at the Institute. The interviews were followed by a five minute live performance with their fellow finalists and guests in the audience.

Luke impressed the judges with his stylistic versatility and commitment to his instrument.

Judge on the day and Operations Director of the Institute, Pete Whittard said:

“There was a very high standard of talent showcased today; Luke demonstrated a variety of styles along with a strong technical ability which put him in the forefront of the competition. All finalists were extremely strong candidates, and the diversity of all performances was very impressive.”

The Institute continues to encourage as wide a range of students as possible to access education regardless of financial, social or cultural circumstances. As an equal access institution, scholarships are just one way of supporting, guiding and assisting deserved students in their studies.

Luke will receive a full scholarship onto the Higher Diploma guitar course starting September worth £5,650 with runner-up Andy Hunt receiving a partial scholarship worth £2, 825.

For more information on scholarships, awards or courses at the Institute, contact us directly:
020 7328 0222

"ICMP Video Audition" - Luke Tarrant

News: GuitarBandits Guitar Competition

GuitarBandits Guitar Competition - Win a FREE GUITAR

GuitarBandits has a free guitar competition every month where we give away a free guitar to the highest rated video. Check it out!

Rodrigo J Gozalbez: Don't Know Why - Norah Jones - Instrumental

My instrumental smooth nylon guitar version of "Don't Know Why" - Norah Jones! thanks so much! Guitar: La Alpujarra 85kec Nylon Guitar
Preamp: Line 6 POD Hd 300 MP3 version: Sub my channel! My instrumental project:
Regards from Santa Fe, Argentina!
"Don't Know Why" (Norah Jones) [Smooth Instrumental] - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Antonio Soncina: French Guitar Contest 2013

Antonio Soncina with a great little solo for the French Guitar Contest 2013.

French Guitar Contest 2013 - Antonio Soncina

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Sergio Paganini: Fusion Rock jam


#01 Backingtrack Dm7
#02 Rockface Rumble(Sergio Paganini)

Andrew Jay: a little light rippage - awesome chops alert

Andrew Jay back with some more intense solo playing in the old home studio, super sick arpeggios.

more rippage