Alexis Kraniou: 91 Fender Ultra stolen in London - please help!

Alexis Kraniou is a fantastic jazz player, he's well known in the London scene.
His beloved Fender Strat was stolen a few days ago...

My guitar got stolen,
It's a year 91 Fender Ultra,
U wont find any of them on gumtree , online or guitar shops,

Is an American Strat and the only model that comes with an ebony wood on the fretboard,
U won't even find many of them in London ( so far I only met one guitarist with an Ultra Stratocaster 91 model and I am here for 7 years)

Please help and if you see anything similar to it the next few months contact me immediately,
This guitar is part soft body ,

Can't play music without that instrument and I am not sure if there is anything that can replace it .
I am stupid I don't have the serial number it starts with N1 though ( that's for the year 91)