Shaun Baxter,Joey Taffola,George Marios: Zivory Guitars announce new website and new endorsees

Zivory CustomGuitars
Good Morning at Zivory we are very pleased to announce that we are launching our all new super duper cool Website...please take a look at the Worlds Greatest Guitars...Zivory Custom Guitars, Enjoy!

Shaun Baxter: "I choose to play a Zivory as it has all the Vintage tonal qualities but plays like a modern day guitar."

George Marios: Zivory Guitars are simply the best sounding and looking guitars I have played.  I have been using them in various studio sessions and live performances and they never cease to amaze me with their versatility and quality of tone.  They are an extension of me and  I would urge everyone to check them out!

Joey Taffola:

George Marios: Hi guys, Here is another jam from Musikmesse 2013, where i performed on behalf of Zivory Custom Guitars and Hayden amps. Enjoy and make sure to visit my website for HD lessons and info on shows and lessons and check out Zivory Custom Guitars and Hayden Amps. Many thanks to Mark McGuigan for the video! All the best, George Marios

Musikmesse 2013 Jam -George Marios with Zivory Custom Guitars and Hayden Amps