Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mattias IA Eklundh: Clinic at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Some clips from a Mattias IA Eklundh guitar clinic at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 4 videos 23 minutes

Mattias IA Eklundh: Clinic at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Antonio Soncina: All the things - fluid 8 fingers tapping

The tune is the well-known jazz standard I re-interpreted with 8 fingers tapping. Backing track is Ralph Patt's.

First take. Thanks for any comment.

Antonio Soncina - All the things You are w/8 fingers tapping - 300 bpm

Roger Pedersen: More Is More - The New Album!

Roger Pedersen: More Is More
Roger Pedersen is releasing his second solo-album at the end of April 2013. The album is called More Is More and it is released on West Audio Productions.

Roger Pedersen's music is often described as Shredding - a guitar playing style that involve impressive technique and virtuosity.

His new solo album consist of 13 tracks , where 12 of them are advanced instrumental "songs". The last one, "Say my Name", is a more commercial song with vocal of Johannes Stole.

His first solo-album got quite an amount of great reviews from all over the world. He also got featured in primetime on TV2 Norway. NRK TV1 used his music in a program about the 100 year anniversary of the Norwegian air force.

Roger has also lined up a band, ready to tour the new album. Get ready for a dose of craziness!
Please visit for more information.

If you like extreme, skilful guitar playing and want it in a package with some kind of melodies, this is an album you can try to get in your collection.

More Is More, certainly offers plenty more “popcorn,” and similar to John 5 (yet different), Pedersen’s playing often appears to be on the brink of total disarray … somehow, though, he masterfully keeps it together. More Is More contains Shredding with a touch of Jazz and Fusion … and it’s a listen worth your time

Roger Pedersen: More is More from the CD More is More- out now.

Georgi Stanchev: #RiffsAndBeards Riff Contest

#RiffsAndBeards Riff Contest - Georgi Stanchev

What no beard?!?! :)

Frank Steffen Mueller: RiffsAndBeards Riff Contest

#RiffsAndBeards Contest - Frank Steffen Mueller
This is my entry for the#RiffsAndBeards Riff Contest. Hope you like it!

Gear used: Knaggs Keya, Diezel VH4S, Marshall 1x12 speakers, SM57 micro, Sennheiser E906 micro, Canon Eos 600D

Feel free to contact me at

Cheers, Frank

Joop Wolters, Vivien Lalu: Everbound 2003

2003 Everbound demo (Mike Terrana, Joop Wolters, Viv Lalu)

Kostas Karamitroudis: Ripping it up Gus G in Dortmund 2013

Photos from this show at

Hedras Ramos: Land Of Mirrors Instructional Video Package announced

LAND OF MIRRORS Hedras' latest Instructional Video Package, to be released on 01/May/2013. This project was made with the goal in mind of helping other guitar players to improve their own skills.

The Tracks:
Landing Inside
Dr. Hydra
Black Olives
Letter from Venus

LAND OF MIRRORS is available only at the Hedras' Official Store.
Releasing date: 01/May/2013
Order here:
This bundle material contains:

5 Backing Tracks
5 Accurate PDF Tabs
5 Guitar Pro files
5 HD Videos
5 Mp3s

Hedras Ramos - Land of Mirrors (Preview)

Ola Englund: Getting fake likes on Soundcloud?

Ola Englund
Alright I think SoundCloud is seriously fcuked up. Sure it's flattering to have 54 000 followers, but it doesn't make sense that I would've gotten 20 000 new ones in 2 weeks. Those can't be real people. I don't think "CutiePieMorgiexoxo" follows me cause she likes my guitar amp tests and death metal songs.

Due to the recent talks about people buying likes for Facebook pages this seems like something that is also happening on soundcloud. Anyway who cares and just listen to my song already. And be sure to follow me...

Two other fake likes related stories in the space of a week... is something going on?

Kenny Serane: Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Kenny Serane is playing on a Lâg Guitar Tramontane T400ACE
More info :
Facebook :

Video Editing :

Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - Acoustic cover by Kenny Serane

Jamie Glaser: Announces new Cyber School Of Music!

Jamie Glaser
The Revolution starts at 3 pm mountain time today! Yes after 3 you can go to
and sign up for lessons on guitar, bass guitar, composition,or music production
SPEED LESSON SIGN UP starts this afternoon at JG's Cyber School of Music
1. Lessons for any budget control how much you can or want to spend
2. Have YOUR question answered instead of following a curriculum preset
3. No more having to save for lessons, lessons can cost less than a cup of coffee
4. Lessons are LIVE , and online, from the comfort of your home
all faculty teaching using SPEED LESSONS are trained to not waste time and get to the point immediately
5. Less time for homework, practice ..just get what YOU WANT, and NEED
6. Have your lesson put on VIDEO for your reference so you can review easily

Five Minutes ... 1 dollar a minute
Ten Minutes...... 90 cents a minute
Fifteen Minutes...80 cents a minute
Twenty Minutes ..75 cents a minute
$2.50 cents extra for a video of your lesson sent to you or downloadable

Learning has never been easier, never been more convenient, never been up to speed...till now
at Jamie G's Cyber School of Music

Lessons will be available SUNDAYS and TUESDAYS ( all day , all night) 

Harry Kapeliaris: Nice Nine

playing at home with the backing track of my tune " Nice 9 "  with my Squier Classic Vibe and my Laney lc-30 and a fuzz pedal !


Enrique Berdonce: Guitar Messenger Solo Contest

This is my entry for Guitar Messenger's Solo Competition. If you enjoy it, please vote for my entry from May 7th-14th at (You can vote once every day). Thanks for the support!
Youtube Channel:
-Limited edition Fender lite ash
-Line 6 POD X3 Pro

Guitar Messenger Solo Contest Entry by Enriddick09

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)

Richard Lainegard, Toni Martinez,Raphael De Stefano: Mega jam over a Michael Dolce track

Richard Lainegard, Toni Martinez and Raphael De Stefano got together to jam over a excellent track by Aussie guitar phenom Michael Dolce. This is the result

For all you gear hounds out there, here is what was used:
Toni used the new Wampler Dual Fusion Overdrive into a Suhr Badger 18 model in his Axe FXII.
Raphael used a Friedman and Plexi 100 model in his Axe FXII
Richard used the new Leqtique 9/9 distortion into Logic and the Free Two Notes Torpedo plugin.

Feel free to check out our website as well:

Mega guitar jam over a Michael Dolce track

Marshall Harrison: Ustream - two hours of guitar!

Marshall Harrison
You can watch live, but these videos are still available recorded previously. Follow MArshall Harrison on Facebook and ask questions about technique and gear.

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Sarah Longfield: headed for Uppsala International Guitar Festival!

Sarah Longfield: I'm going to be playing at the Uppsala International Guitar Festival! So excited! :D

Very excited to be a sponsor of this year's Uppsala X International Guitar Festival, which is taking place on October 8-12. Our artist Sarah Longfield will be performing along with the likes of Mattias IA Eklund during 5 days of clinics, masterclasses and concerts. Start planning your visit to Uppsala now! — withMattias IA EklundhSarah LongfieldJanne Schaffer (Official)Pepe RomeroJuan Falu and Margarita Escarpa at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

Review of Album:

However, Longfield’s original material is more targeted to what I would term the “considered metalhead”. This is because she can be very technical in her guitar work which involves a lot of shred and intricacy. Think fans of Animals of Leaders etc that understand the structure within the chaos. For me, the “music” often gets lost in the complexity (a statement of PURE opinion – not intended to “bash” anyone or any music genre). Of course, this is not to say I don’t appreciate the progressive metal that she composes because it demonstrates an unbelievable amount of musical nous and proficiency.

Full review:

Sarah Longfield: Nexus Play-through

Fred Brum: Atonement - Strandberg / Leqtique Booth Musikmesse

Fred Brum

Fred Brum - Atonement @ Strandberg / Leqtique Booth Musikmesse 2013

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

Official Website -
Facebook -

This is a video shot by Mark McGuigan ( from one of my performances on the .strandberg* / Leqtique + SND booth. I had to blend a bit of the backing track I used here so that the drums were a bit clearer, but all in all, and in spite of obvious limitations from the conditions, it's a cool souvenir from my numerous performances at the Musikmesse this year, and the live breaking-in of my beloved .strandberg* #28 custom 8-string.

More info about this guitar here:

Proper video demo of this instrument coming soon, but in the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Ron Jarzombek: The Machinations of Dementia" and "The Animation of Entomology" to get special vinyl release

Antithetic Records have announced a May 21 street date for the first ever vinyl release of "The Machinations of Dementia" and "The Animation of Entomology", the two highly acclaimed albums by experimental progressive metal all-star triumvirate BLOTTED SCIENCE, featuring guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER,SPASTIC INK), bassist Alex Webster (CANNINAL CORPSE), and drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA).

"The Machinations of Dementia" will be issued as a limited edition gatefold double LP, with 100 copies on clear with yellow & green splatter vinyl, 150 copies on bone & blood swirl vinyl, and the remaining 250 copies in black. "The Animation of Entomology" will come as a single LP, including a full color two-sided insert, with 100 copies on blood red vinyl, 150 copies on yellow with black splatter vinyl, and 250 copies in black. Exclusive pre-orders for both titles can now be placed via the Antithetic Records website at:

BLOTTED SCIENCE was conceived in 2005 when Ron Jarzombek teamed up with Alex Webster and original drummer Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) who later had to bow out due to time constraints and was replaced by Charlie Zeleny (BEHOLD.... THE ARCTOPUS, JORDAN RUDESS) on the band's 2007 debut release, "The Machinations of Dementia." Zeleny's seat was taken over by Hannes Grossmann on the 2011 mini-album follow-up, "The Animation of Entomology", a 25-minute metal soundtrack scored to creepy crawly excerpts of the movies "Slither", "Creepshow", "Swarmed", and Peter Jackson's "King Kong"
'Cretaceous Chasm' - Music by Blotted Science  Grossmann and Jarzombekhad earlier collaborated on the one-off project TERRESTRIAL EXILED whose digital-only single "Duodecimal Levorotation" was issued in the spring of 2011.

Thibault de Robillard: EPIC - AxeFx II synth + HBE patch

I little demonstration of one of the V10 AxeFx II patches that Thibault de Robillard made available on his blog. This is a patch that contains a synth block and an HBE amp to solo over the synth. In this patch, he's set it up so that controller 2 is the volume for a synth patch and controller one changes the chord. Amazing sounding and fun patch to play around with. There are very few people who can make patches as well as Thibault and he graciously allows people to download them. He has a paypal link set up if you want to donate in appreciation of his effort.
A little jam on Thibault de Robillard's AxeFx II synth + HBE patch

Pete Sklaroff: Funky Jazz Rock Solo

Creamy tones over a cool Funky Jazz backing track.

Pete Sklaroff: I found a real nice backing track on YT and here's the result of a quick jam over it. Loads of fun anyway!

Funky Jazz Rock Solo

Pete Sklaroff: I'm going to be posting up some video tutorials on improvisation for Jazz Fusion style players in the coming weeks and this is a little intro sequence with just some music first. Keep checking the channel for the tuition videos as they get uploaded. Thanks, Pete

Jazz Fusion Soloing

Andrew Jay: trys out new tune

The camera might not be high end... but the playing surely is!

Andrew Jay: This is a tune I'm working on

New idea

Laura Klinkert: Horizons - Andy James

Thanks for passing by, hope u like it!! :D

Ibanez GIO
Behringer Vamp2

Horizons - Andy James - Cover by Laura Klinkert

Paco Hernandez: plays Andy Timmons - "Super 70's"

I was rehearsing this awesome song by one of the best -if not the best- rock guitarists in the world, Andy Timmons, for an upcoming live performance, and then I came up with the idea to shot it on video. It´s so different from what I regularly upload that I thought it would be cool for people to see that there is life beyond the neoclassical stuff for me. I deeply admire Andy Timmons. I´ve been fortunate enough to see him playing live here in Murcia three times, and that is a spectacle not easy to forget. What an otherworldy player he is...

BTW, I did the backing track myself.


Paco plays Andy Timmons: "Super 70´s"

Thiago Trinsi: Guitar Messenger Solo Contest

Hi folks here I am with my entry for GuitarMessenger's Solo Competition. If you enjoy it, please vote for my entry from May 7th-14th at (You can vote once every day). Thanks for watching!

Best  Thiago

Guitar Messenger Solo Contest Entry - Thiago Trinsi

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)

Antonio Vittozzi: Skervesen Raptor 7 FF Soul Secret - sounding superior!

Soul Secret: Today we announce that singer Fabio Manda is no longer part of Soul Secret.We thank him for his contribution to the project and wish him all the best for his personal and musical future.
Now, please give a warm and hearty welcome to our new singer Lino Di Pietrantonio!He’s just everything we ever wanted from a singer, a damn nice guy with a very melodic voice.We really couldn't believe it during the audition, he learnt “Aftermath” in one day and performed it perfectly in its entirety at the first attempt!He’s now working with us on our third album as integral part of the team and he’s surprising us every day... we’re sure you'll love him! 

Antonio Vittozzi plays a preview of Track #1 from Soul Secret upcoming release.

Skervesen Raptor 7 FF Test