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Dario Buongarzoni: In the end - a tribute for Shawn Lane

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Concert at Newby's in Memphis
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Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003)
Guitar World magazine wrote in 2008, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision-picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend."

In the end for Shawn Lane by Dario Buongarzoni

For Diane Lane by Dario Buongazoni

Tony Waka: Andy Wood Redneck Country Style

Hey people, so I as I said FINALLY I got time to practice, transcribe etc I did this lick from the Andy Wood Riff of the week teaser. I transcribe pretty much all the intro, its not 100% perfect, but its close enough to play it so if u want it, send me a private :)

Andy Wood Redneck Country Style


Hey people !!! I was on a Whitesnake, Europe and Def Leppard show last week and man, how I love the 80s !!!! I wish I was born 15 years earlier !!! Anyway, this is my little tribute to the guitar heroes ... ENJOY !!! This is my Suhr modern into Wampler Pinnacle and into Axe fx II ... love this tone !!!

Back to 80s ROCK solo

Steven Wilson,Guthrie Govan,Adam Holzman,Chad Wickerman: The Holy Drinker - Live in Roma 2013

Recorded live at Auditorium Roma 2013 July 04
Line up:
Steven Wilson - Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Nick Beggs - Bass, Chapman Stick, backing vocals
Guthrie Govan - Lead guitar
Adam Holzman - Keyboards
Chad Wickerman - Drums
Theo Travis - Flute, saxophones, clarinet and keyboards

Steven Wilson - The Holy Drinker - Live in Roma 2013-07-04

Jarle H Olsen: get a signed edition of Quadrasonic

Great news for guitar fans, you can get a signed physical!

Jarle H. Olsen
To everyone who wants a signed edition of Quadrasonic, please PM me with your address and I'll get back to you with further details. This is now also available worldwide, after lots of requests. Thanks for keeping the music alive my friends!

Eric Johnson: Wonder - tasteful acoustic song from the master and a few more classics too!

Eric Johnson performing "Wonder". The single on the Vortexan Music label is available for download at, iTunes, and other online music retailers. Contents of this video ©Eric Johnson.Check out,, and on twitter @EJUpClose for Merchandise, Tour Information, Music and More!

Eric Johnson - Wonder


Eric Johnson with Kyle Brock and Tommy Taylor performing "High Landrons". Contents of this video ©Eric Johnson. Original studio version available on the Capital Records CD entitled "Ah Via Musicom". Check out and for Merchandise, Tour Information, Music and More!

Eric Johnson - High Landrons

Eric Johnson performing "When The Sun Meets The Sky" with Chris Maresh and Wayne Salzmann II, from his Capital Records CD "Venus Isle". Check out,, and @EJUpClose on Twitter for Merchandise, Tour Information, Music and More!

Eric Johnson - When The Sun Meets The Sky

Rick Graham: Rock Guitar Essentials clinic announced for Leeds, UK.

Event: Rock Guitar Essentials with Rick Graham
Rock Guitar Essentials with Rick Graham
We run a wide variety of workshops and masterclasses but it has been a while since we have run a rock based session. In response to the demand of our students we are happy to bring you a special session with master guitarist Rick Graham

Rick is a graduate of the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the Barbican in London. He is a skilled classical guitarist but it is in rock based styles where he excels. He released his first EP in 2005 to high critical acclaim before relocating to the south of France to work as a session guitarist and performer, appearing on French television and radio several times. Since then he has released his high anticipated solo album 'Insideout' in 2010 which received rave reviews. He went on to play at the Frankfurt Muscmesse, the London Guitar Show and NAMM in California. In 2011 he was crowned 'Guitarist of the Year' by Guitarist magazine.

In this session Rick will give you the tools and guidance you need to become one with playing rock guitar. Every facet of your approach will be given treatment from guidance on technique, theory and aural skills through to making the best use of your practice time and how to get the tone you need for best effect. The session will be very hands on and participants are encouraged to bring their guitars to get stuck in and start applying the concepts taught in the session. The best thing is that you do not need to be an expert player to join in the session and during discussions for this class Rick strongly emphasised that anyone can take part and that the concepts taught will be applicable to everyone involved.

This event will be held at Music Nation Leeds at Cape Industrial Estate on Saturday October 5th from 14:00 - 17:00.

Fred Brum: a real work of art!

Fred Brum
On a less serious note, here's Sylvain's take on the pic Laurie Monk shot at the last Musikmesse. Gold!

Fred Brum - in paint

From Musikmesse 2013

Paul Gilbert: Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013


Paul Gilbert (Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013)

Olli and chatted the Ibanez Paul Gilbert Guitar Festival 2013 Paul's first electric guitar, his current signature model, and much more.

Paul Gilbert Interview beim Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013

Kenny Serane: Lâg Roxane Racing-RYE - When I was Your Man - Bruno Mars

When I was Your Man - Bruno Mars, cover by Kenny Serane
Kenny Serane is playing on the new Lâg Guitar, with a Roxane Racing-RYE
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Samuli Federley: Lick of the week 2

Here's the second part of my lick of the week series. This lick is from the 3rd Reversion album. I'm using some economy picking here. The first pattern goes on fives and the second in sixes. Hope you enjoy it! Check out

Samuli Federley: Quest For Remedy

Sergio Paganini: Santo Angelo competition entry - super smooth playing

Entrance on 2nd contest of Santo Angelo "Healing Your Impromptu Gospel"

Sergio Paganini, 27, Hope Like it A hug!!


Eduardo Escobar: Suhr Guitar - - ACTONE Single Channel - tones from heaven

This video is about Eduardo Escobar - ACTONE Single Channel Carl Martin (Suhr Guitars)

Eduardo Escobar - ACTONE Single Channel Carl Martin (Suhr Guitars)

Akihiko Onji: 8 finger tapping ninja returns, but So What!!

Miles Davis - So What - 8Finger Tapping - Improvisation Akihiko Onji


Thanks for watching

Morten Faerestrand: Flashy m7(b5) Licks

Playing on the m7(b5) chords seems to be a bit awkward for some reason.
Here are some nice tricks to help you burn over those chords, and add that flavour over other chords, like there was nothing to it!

Get lesson TAB here:

Joe Bonamassa: Driving towards the Daylight LIVE at Vienna

Joe Bonamassa - Driving towards the Daylight LIVE at Vienna
Get FREE song download here:

Hailed worldwide as one of the greatest guitar players of his generation, Joe Bonamassa has almost single-handedly redefined the blues-rock genre and brought it into the mainstream. He continues this role with his first-ever entirely acoustic concert, recorded at the venerable Vienna Opera House with a global ensemble put together by longtime creative partner Kevin Shirley. The 2CD/2DVD/Blu-ray, An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House, comes out March 26, 2013 on Bonamassa's label J&R Adventures.

Bonamassa -- a predominantly electric guitar player -- was ready for a complete departure from his usual projects. For years, he had been wowing audiences with his flagship acoustic song "Woke Up Dreaming," which has become an iconic staple of his world tour and a fan favorite. Building on the popularity of this song, Bonamassa and producer Shirley set out to design an entirely new and intimate "unplugged" concert experience

Mamoru Morishita: Inspiration and Perspiration - incendiary licks... he's on fire!!

Inspiration and Perspiration (July 5th 2013)
Boxer and Guitarist Mamoru Morishita's Site
Ithamara Koorax and Mamoru Morishita's cd.Now on sale.

Inspiration and Perspiration (July 5th 2013)

Rick Graham: 0 Essential Pentatonic Sequences promo

Rick's Quick but Slick Lick Series - 50 Essential Pentatonic Sequences
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I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Samir Maamari: Life Force - Tribute to Vinnie Moore

Check out my new Ep release:
Vinnie Moore's Life Force cover, my tribute to a great guitarist.
Lead guitar performed by Samir Maamari.
Video shot abd edited by Anthony Hage.

Life Force - Tribute to Vinnie Moore

Dweezil Zappa, Tom Quayle, Derryl Gabel, David Wallimann: TQ105 posts some photos from Dweezilla

Dweezil Zappa, Tom Quayle

Derryl  Gabel, David Wallimann, Tom Quayle

Derryl  Gabel

full set of photos:

Daniele Gottardo: Second CD Recording Project - update

Daniele Gottardo - Second CD Recording Project’ team:

1 new Announcement:

Hello my friends
In a few hours I will be in the Studio for recording the Contrabassoon parts for my new Album. The Contrabassoon will play a low octave respect to the seven strings guitar, I think it’s the first time that this kind of instrument is used in a modern rock music contest. So exited for that!!!! :-)

An example of a Contrabassoon

LT,Mark Furtner: Lord - Digital Lies - quality progressive metal

Digital Lies is the title track of the 2013 album release by LORD.

Pre-order the new Digital Lies 'Propaganda' t-shirts here -!/~/pro...

This is an official lyric video which features footage from past video clips ("Set In Stone" and "Betrayal Blind" - produced by Dusk Music Video Production: ) and also features the cover artwork created by Felipe Machado Franco. Lyric video created by Lord Tim.

Related links: (For all other digital downloads)

LT,Mark Furtner: Lord - Digital Lies
LT – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy Dowling – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Furtner – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Damian Costas – Drums, Backing Vocals


Feodor Dosumov: Double Edge jam track

Feodor Dosumov returns with an incredible brand new track which brings with it a new concept for JTC. This 5 minute track features not only the solo transcribed, but the incredible slap rhythm guitar as well. Plus, Feodor filmed both parts live, so you can really analyse exactly how he did it!

This track sums Feodor's artistic skills up completely....mixing Fusion, Funk and Electronica. The solo is incredibly catchy, soulful and full of technique whilst the slap guitar is delivered with perfection.

There is a massive amount to learn in this one track so we have added a number of bonus assets to help you. These include the separate rhythm and solo videos, as well as a mixed version, backing tracks with and without the rhythm guitar and 18 pages of TAB for both parts.

There is a reason why Feodor Dosumov is one of the most talked about up and coming guitarists in the world right now....and this track will teach you why. Take a lesson from the man himself and download this track!


 Solo track
 2 backing tracks with and without rhythm
 3 Videos - Solo, Rhythm and Mix
 TAB for Solo and rhythm

Sergey Boykov,Marcel Coenen: OSV - Genesis Effect

Now Available!!! Be one of the first to purchase brand new OSV album "Genesis Effect" featuring Sergey Boykov - Keys / Marcel Coenen - Guitar / Gary Oppert - Drums / Steve Sexton - Bass !!!! Attention fans of Planet X, Steve Via, Dream Theater and LTE!!! All Instrumental Progressive Rock Metal Fusion!!!

Dimitris Starakis:
One of the most underrated instrumental projects returns with a new CD and at the same time makes a reviewer’s life harder. How is that? It is so difficult for one to be precise when in need of transforming his emotions into words, when the songs he listens can “speak” through notes. Drummer Gary Oppert and bassist Steve Sexton join again forces with guitarist Marcel Coenen and Sergey Boykov and deliver us a wonderful album that I enjoy even more than their previous efforts.
“Genesis Effect” includes 11 tunes, balancing on improvisational forms, while mixing guitar and keyboard leads from Coenen and Boykov. Since we all know how great guitarist Marcel is, I would like to stress again the great talent of Sergey Boykov. I think it is quite hard to find a keyboard player that can deliver strong melodies that play a strong role in a song, without just “filling” some gaps. The listener can enjoy his important role in songs like “Anti-Matter”, “Sixth Sense”, “Zero Amplitude” (what an opening riff!) and “Departure”. Another brilliant instrumental tune that OSV are always able to make us enjoy. 

I know that it is hard for an instrumental band to produce a constant surplus of musical enjoyment, but OSV have the Midas touch! Another highly recommended instrumental album full of creativity and musical brilliance!

Sergey Boykov,Marcel Coenen: OSV - Genesis Effect

1. Departure 4:57
2. Observations 1:02
3. Maximum Density 4:03
4. Anti-Matter 3:47
5. Sixth Sense 4:59
6. View from Above3:31
7. Consequential Choices6:25
8. Zero Amplitude 5:17
9. Luminosity 6:24
10. Arrival 4:50
11. Fading Images1:47

Marcel Coenen - OSV Project Recording January 7th 2013 (HD)

Victor Santiago: Shingeki no Kyojin

Mp3 download:
TAB download: (GP5 Tab. Guitars and Bass)

Hi! This is my cover with original arrangements of the opening of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Hope you like it!

Gear and Software:
-ESP M-II Deluxe with Suhr SSH+/SSV Pickups
-Line 6 POD HD500

-Adobe Premiere

Shingeki no Kyojin - Opening Guitar Cover [TAB]

Stanley Jordan: Live Argentina - great Vigier fretless

The master tapper Stanley Jordan

Stanley Jordan - Live Argentina

Jeff Loomis: Schecter Canadian Clinic Tour clinic interview

An interview with Jeff Loomis from the Schecter Canadian Clinic Tour at Quest Musique in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Thanks to everyone who came and made this night a success!

Jeff Loomis Interview - Schecter Canadian Clinic Tour - Quest Music Store