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Miyako Watanabe: Mi-ya - A Drop of Joker

Miyako Watanabe
Guitar Miyako Watanabe aka Mi-ya: A Drop of Joker @miya_aDoJ

A Drop of Joker - GODDEATH
1. Goddeath
2.just a liar                  
3.i'm a hunter     
5.Smoke sucker
6.negathio Pf ver

Where to buy

Unearth "Sanctity Of Brothers" Guitar cover

Unearth "My Will Be Done" Guitar cover

Disarmonia Mundi/LAST BREED(Guitar cover)

Dave Martone: LAMA Online Guitar Course - let Dave take you to the next level!

Dave Martone: LAMA Online Guitar Course

Dave will take you through his Top 10 list of things that will teach you how to be awesome! They will include picking, legato, combo meal deal, expression, phrasing, fingerpicking, sweeping, hybrid picking, tapping, tone and more!

Learn more and sign up at:

Dave Martone - "Top 10 Things You Need to Be Awesome" LAMA Online Guitar Course

Dave Martone - "Modes the Martone Way" LAMA Online Guitar Course

Aleks Sever: Danger Girl - Jason Becker "I absolutely love this! "

Aleks Sever - Danger Girl

Working on getting embedding... obviously some promotional people are still in the dark the meantime jump on over to Aleks Sever - Danger Girl

Marty Friedman: talks about his new album

Friedman: "[This is] by far the most intense and the most heavy and the most… How do you say this…? It's the most… If you like any of my stuff, this would be the most 'Marty' of anything. So if you hate my stuff, you're gonna really hate this record a lot. It's very uncommercial. "I wanted to make a record that, there's no dispute that, when people say they're a fan of my music, or they like my music, that this is the representative of my whole musical sound. "I rarely listen to my previous stuff, but sometimes I listen back to it and see what was going on. And a song called 'Forbidden City' kind of made me think, 'I'm really still happy with this song, even though it was recorded a long, long time ago. I wanted to do something, not along the lines of 'Forbidden City', but much more intense, because that was a long time ago, and I've come so far since then, and I can do so much more, and I know how to do that kind of thing so much better than I did back then. So I wanted to do kind of like the 2014 version of just the deeper, heavier, more intense version of that kind of 'Forbidden City' kind of mood. And I remember, that type of mood was very, very uncommercial at that time, so it's probably way more uncommercial now, but it's just like, the hell with it, I'm just doing it my way. So that's kind of the theme of whole album — just all abandon, all bets off, just go crazy. "I'm constantly evolving, so for better or for worse, this is the most evolved, most intense version of myself as a guitarist and as an artist and as a songwriter and all that. But this time, probably more of a metal spirit than ever before, so that might be a little bit different."

Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati: Atomic Ark - downloaders stop illegally downloading this charity record and donate!


Vivien Lalu: I usually don't give a shit about these things, but I'm saddened by all the illegal downloads of ATOMIC ARK already. This album was made for charity. Each time 100 people download the disc without giving a cent, it's an animal that could have been saved. For example, I witnessed this myself when I visited the organization: when a rescued dog is sick or in critical condition, veterinary costs may rise up between $500-$1000 (depends of the surgery). I did ATOMIC ARK to help animals; this work wasn't made for people to download & give away for free. Feel free to download my debut album "ONIRIC METAL" illegally if you wish but PLEASE try to understand and respect the idea behind ATOMIC ARK. If you want to listen to it without paying then I'll post a temporary link to a stream of the album, for free - so you can decide if you like the CD or not. BUT PLEASE DON'T SHARE ATOMIC ARK ON P2P! We need the support. THE animals need it. Thank you!
PS: I won't chase down links, not my style...I'm only asking for people to try to respect the charity, that is all!

About Atomic Ark
Eight long years ago, fans of French metal maestro Vivien Lalu immersed themselves in the composer’s successful solo debut, Oniric Metal. The progressive prowess and collaborations therein drew hearty applause from prog-metal aficionados in Europe and the US. On 10 September, Sensory Records releases Lalu’s latest venture, Atomic Ark.

Composed entirely by Lalu, Atomic Ark sees the keyboard wizard joined by members of Dream Theater, Mekong Delta, Symphony X, and many other luminaries from the progressive rock and metal field for a 50-minute-plus jaunt of cinematic metal. The album is driven by Lalu’s sense of fine-tuned technicality and majestic flair. The acoustic gentility of “Mirror Prison” collides with the head-banging hostility of “War on Animals”; classic rock riffing plows into downtuned ominousness on “Greed”; and “Revelations” provides a 20-minute symphony of multi-instrumental soloing, choral vocals, and ethereality.

Fans of expansive and triumphant arrangements, you know what to expect—meticulous progressive craftsmanship, all finished with a virtuoso panache.

Band [A-Z]
Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SymphonyX) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (DGM) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PlanetX)- Drums
Vivien Lalu (Shadrane) - Keyboards

LALU - Atomic Ark (medley)

Buy the album online:

Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati: Atomic Ark

Grover Jackson,Jon Gold: Inside GJ2 Guitars - Grover Jackson and Jon Gold tell the story of GJ2 Guitars and what goes into designing and making solid-body electric guitars of the highest quality. The partners show you around the factory in Laguna Hills, California, and introduce you to their team of craftsman.

Video by Geoffrey Funk. Shop photography by Ashley Andrea Beliveau. Music by Tom Dumont, performed on a GJ2 Glendora.

Inside GJ2 Guitars with Grover Jackson and Jon Gold

Steve Hubbard: $1000 for the inner thigh shot... fusion just doesn't get better than this...

I bought a $1000 camera so I could post stunning videos like this!

I actually just hit record to capture the audio, I didn't have anything set up to make a video and could feel a solid jam coming on.

How bout that cute lil' 112? It sounds thick!

Jamming over an Allen Hinds track - Badger 18 & Port City 112 Cab

Robert Marcello: three classy solos from the Tokyo guitar show 2013

I ask myself all the time... where is Robert Marcello's solo album!

@Tokyo Guitar Show June 29, 2013

Robert Marcello - Tokyo guitar show 01

Robert Marcello - Tokyo guitar show 02

Robert Marcello - Tokyo guitar show 03

The Commander-In-Chief: I am The Commander-In-Chief by The Commander-In-Chief

The Commander-In-Chief
The totally awesome people who were part of making my dream come true when it comes to my new release were many.
At the video shoot:
My awesome Mercenaries, who are fantastic MMA fighters from Gods of War; Phil Else (head coach and owner who also choreographed the fighting scenes), Egoagu Adoh (my sidekick in the video), Chris Djaelani, Adam Smith and Ryan Lovejoy! They all performed beyond the call of duty!!!
All the Extras who did a fantastic job!
The staff at the Estate where we filmed.
The farmer who let us use his fantastic fields to shoot some scenes.
Our secret Helper who did soooo much and wants to remain anonymous:):):)
Captain Hagen, who bought me the revolver and let me use his epaulets when we created my uniform.
My two brothers, who are both in the video.
The never-sleeping Alien who wrote the script, directed, filmed and edited the video.
My manager, who worked her ass off, as usual.
My hair and makeup artist.
The very helpful guys at two different Army stores who helped me get the right gear.

For the recording of the song:
Engineer James Mottershead, who engineered and mixed the song! He did an amazing job!!!
Stephen Marsh who did the mastering over in his fantastic studio in Hollywood!
The one and only Brian Tichy who did drums.
Bass player extraordinaire Peter Sæverud from my home town Bergen in Norway.
Monnow Valley Studio´s fantastic owner Jo and her wonderful staff!
A. Fossum for helping me with vocal production.
All the brands I endorse for making sure I have all the gear I need;Official Ibanez Guitars USA, EMG pickups, Laney Amplification, Audix Microphones and PreSonus!
My chiropractor, Paul, who makes sure I am always fit for fight!
My manager and singing teacher, Elisabeth Hagen, who was there every minute.

Thanks a lot to you all!!!! Much love:):)

I am The Commander-In-Chief by The Commander-In-Chief

Enver Izmailov: Medley of oriental themes

Enver Izmailov - guitar virtuoso (Ukraine - Simferopol). arTzaL.
Video taken in August 2012 in the cafe "La Boheme" in Koktebel.
Author Video - Alexander Travin.
St. Petersburg.
Enver Izmailov - guitarist. arTzaL
Video filmed in August 2012 in the Cafe "La Boheme" in Koktebel.
Video by - Alexander Travin.
St. Petersburg.

Koktebel - Enver Izmailov - Medley of oriental themes

Коктебель - Енвер Измайлов - Come Together

Коктебель - Енвер Измайлов - She's a Woman

Francesco Artusato,Dave Silver,Rick Di Marco,Parker Jameson,Jake Dreyer: Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo - full performance

* * * Must be on a desktop to hear audio - Not mobile phone friendly at the moment * * *

Carvin Hollywood hosted their first-ever guitar exposition between four up-and-coming metal guitar virtuosos with special guest Francesco Artusato!

Presented by Carvin & Century Media Records, Dunlop Manufacturing, and Cleartone Strings, "Shreds of Insanity" features performances by four young guitar virtuosos on the rise in metal with special guest Francesco Artusato of ALL SHALL PERISH. Participants included Rick Di Marco of DEATH DIVISION, Dave Silver of SAVAGE MESSIAH, Parker Jameson of STARKILL, and Jake Dreyer of WHITE WIZZARD.

Carvin Guitars & Pro Sound:

Founded in 1946, Carvin has built a legacy with their signature amplifiers, guitars, and basses bearing the names of artists such as CRAIG CHAQUICO, STEVE VAI, ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, BUNNY BRUNEL, TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT and FRANK GAMBALE. Carvin engineers are constantly improving product lines, producing over 5000 custom guitars and basses each year from their operations facility in San Diego, California. Today, customers can choose from a wide selection of pro audio equipment, amplifiers, guitars & basses and other accessories online and at Carvin store locations in San Diego, Santa Ana, and Hollywood. For more information about Carvin, please visit:

Century Media Records:

Founded in 1988, Century Media Records is one of the leading independent labels in the music industry, boasting a roster that spans almost every sub-genre within heavy metal and hard rock, and a massive back catalog that includes some of the genre's most legendary acts. The label is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with new releases from QUEENSRYCHE, BUTCHER BABIES, WATAIN, EYES SET TO KILL and BUCKCHERRY, among many other soon-to-be classics. For more information about Century Media, please visit:

"Shreds of Insanity" event page:

Carvin Guitars and Pro Sound Online:

Century Media Records Online:

Dunlop Manufacturing Online:

Cleartone Strings Online:

House of Blues Sunset Online:


Rick Di Marco of Death Division

Dave Silver of Savage Messiah

Parker Jameson of Starkill

Jake Dreyer of White Wizzard

-Special Guest-

Francesco Artusato


Century Media:
Cleartone Strings:
House of Blues Sunset:
Decibel Magazine:
Nuclear Blast:

Earache Records:

Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo

Carvin & Century Media Present - Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo

Carvin & Century Media Present: Shreds Of Insanity Full Show

Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith DVD trailer

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited II DVD filmed in London in May at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, where Hackett brought a set of Genesis classics alive with the help of special guests Nik Kershaw, Steve Rothery, John Wetton, Jakko Jakszyk and Amanda Lehmann.

The show was named Event Of The Year at the 2013 Prog Awards. It’s released on October 21.

Hackett says: “I had to deliver the promise – and then some. The whole evening was special, but the best music to my ears is when the audience gives it their seal of approval.”

He’ll tour the UK once again next month:
Oct 22: Birmingham Symphony Hall
Oct 23: Bristol Colston Hall
Oct 24: London Royal Albert Hall
Oct 26: Manchester O2 Apollo
Oct 27: Newcastle City Hall
Oct 29: Liverpool Philharmonic
Oct 30: Sheffield City Hall
Nov 1: Cambridge Corn Exchange

DVD1: Full live show
DVD2: Behind the scenes featurette

STEVE HACKETT - Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Marc Guillermont,Sebastiaan Cornelissen,Frans Vollink: Wrappstation - more classic fusion from a stellar trio

Wrappstation - MG TRIO: Sebastiaan Cornelissen / Marc Guillermont / Frans Vollink

Read the Truth In Shredding interview

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion

Brian Kellner: Bluesy Bushman Brothers - Sallis Benney Theatre

Bushman Brothers Clara's Smile live @ the Sallis Benney Theatre
Brian Kellner- Guitar, Steve Kellner -Drums, Jevon Beaumont -Bass.

Bushman Brothers Clara's Smile live @ the Sallis Benney Theatre

Bushman Brothers Acid Cowboy live @ the Sallis Benney Theatre

Miroslav Mirosavljev: 250th Daily Solo, working his way to 1 year of guitar videos!

Daily Solo - Escape (No. 250, guitar)
One day - one solo!
Composed and played by MICKYLEE.
Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:
like us on facebook:

Per Nilsson: scary guest solo for Antoine Baril

SCAR SYMMETRY's PER NILSSON - guest solo for Antoine Baril
I got to meet and hang out with Canadian drummer/producer Antoine Baril back in 2007 when I was touring North America with Scar Symmetry. When I was drunk enough, he popped me the question... "Would you be interested in doing a guest solo for my demo that I'm working on?"

My reply: "HELL YEAH!"

So, a couple of months later, Antoine did indeed send me the song, and I recorded a solo for him. I was moving my studio at the time so I had to record the solo on a crap laptop using a Pocket POD! Still, I think the solo came out alright and since the recording was never released, I figured I'd share just the solo part of it with you guys!

Some years later, in 2010, Antoine came out to a Scar Symmetry show in Montreal and treated the whole band with poutine, you know this incredible Quebecian dish consisting of french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy, so yummy! :)

News: Original, beautiful, handmade guitar straps

Founded in the Spring of 2013 in Austin, TX, Madame Guitar Straps is the best place to find beautiful, trendy, handmade guitar straps for girls who rock!

It is extraordinary to see so many talented women playing guitar and performing in today’s world, but you can’t help but notice how almost all guitar accessories are more intended for a guy’s style. Then when you do find something made for a girl, it is so cheesy and tacky that you would not be caught dead in it. This is where Madame steps in.

We know that girls love to show off their style and personality. That is why we have selected designer fabrics and patterns to create awesome, super comfortable and hand-made guitar straps that girls will absolutely love!

Meredith Scott Perry

Order your staps:

Damon Marks: Tapped 7th Arpeggios - Guitar Lesson

Damon Marks - Traveling Guitar Foundation - Tapped 7th Arpeggios - Guitar Lesson

In sequence of the video starting on the "D" string..
B Major 7th Arpeggio w/ tapping on the 15th and 16th fret of the "G" string
C Major 7th Arpeggio w/ tapping on the 17th fret of the "G" string
E Major 9th Arpeggio w/ tapping on the 16th fret of the "B" string
E Major Add 9 Arpeggio w/ tapping on the 17th fret of the "B" string
A Major 7th Arpeggio w/ tapping on the 16th and 17th fret of the "E" string

Damon Marks - Tapped 7th Arpeggios - Guitar Lesson

Bruce Bouillet,Sean Baker: live and Crushed in Detroit 2013

Bruce Bouillet live August 1, 2013 at The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan. First date of the Order of Control tour.

10 videos 46 minutes

Bruce Bouillet: live and Crushed in Detroit 2013

Get Bruce's excellent new album

Bruce Bouillet: The Order of Control

Mamoru Morishita: Inspiration & Perspiration - Boxer then and Now!

Boxer and Guitarist Mamoru Morishita's Site

As recommended by Shred Medium... "Hey dad this guy Ithamara Koorax sounds good! :)"

Ithamara Koorax and Mamoru Morishita's cd.Now on sale.

Inspiration & Perspiration (Recorded May 2000.)

PS if you want a war... he'll give you a war... Mamoru Morishita in sparring mood.

Sparring by Mamoru Morishita vs student 10th Aug 2013

Nico Schliemann: EGO,Neo Instruments and Ibanez RG Premium

Nico Schliemann

Nico Schliemann: check out the pedal at

all guitars were recorded using the EGO TM2 overdrive pedal, except the clean one with tremolo, which obviously doesn't have any pedal to it;)
EGO Electronic TM2 Demo - Nico Schliemann

for more information check

Neo Instruments Mini Vent Demo - Nico Schliemann

Nico Schliemann - Ibanez RG Premium