Francesco Artusato,Dave Silver,Rick Di Marco,Parker Jameson,Jake Dreyer: Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo - full performance

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Carvin Hollywood hosted their first-ever guitar exposition between four up-and-coming metal guitar virtuosos with special guest Francesco Artusato!

Presented by Carvin & Century Media Records, Dunlop Manufacturing, and Cleartone Strings, "Shreds of Insanity" features performances by four young guitar virtuosos on the rise in metal with special guest Francesco Artusato of ALL SHALL PERISH. Participants included Rick Di Marco of DEATH DIVISION, Dave Silver of SAVAGE MESSIAH, Parker Jameson of STARKILL, and Jake Dreyer of WHITE WIZZARD.

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Rick Di Marco of Death Division

Dave Silver of Savage Messiah

Parker Jameson of Starkill

Jake Dreyer of White Wizzard

-Special Guest-

Francesco Artusato


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Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo

Carvin & Century Media Present - Shreds Of Insanity - Carvin Guitar Expo

Carvin & Century Media Present: Shreds Of Insanity Full Show