Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati: Atomic Ark - downloaders stop illegally downloading this charity record and donate!


Vivien Lalu: I usually don't give a shit about these things, but I'm saddened by all the illegal downloads of ATOMIC ARK already. This album was made for charity. Each time 100 people download the disc without giving a cent, it's an animal that could have been saved. For example, I witnessed this myself when I visited the organization: when a rescued dog is sick or in critical condition, veterinary costs may rise up between $500-$1000 (depends of the surgery). I did ATOMIC ARK to help animals; this work wasn't made for people to download & give away for free. Feel free to download my debut album "ONIRIC METAL" illegally if you wish but PLEASE try to understand and respect the idea behind ATOMIC ARK. If you want to listen to it without paying then I'll post a temporary link to a stream of the album, for free - so you can decide if you like the CD or not. BUT PLEASE DON'T SHARE ATOMIC ARK ON P2P! We need the support. THE animals need it. Thank you!
PS: I won't chase down links, not my style...I'm only asking for people to try to respect the charity, that is all!

About Atomic Ark
Eight long years ago, fans of French metal maestro Vivien Lalu immersed themselves in the composer’s successful solo debut, Oniric Metal. The progressive prowess and collaborations therein drew hearty applause from prog-metal aficionados in Europe and the US. On 10 September, Sensory Records releases Lalu’s latest venture, Atomic Ark.

Composed entirely by Lalu, Atomic Ark sees the keyboard wizard joined by members of Dream Theater, Mekong Delta, Symphony X, and many other luminaries from the progressive rock and metal field for a 50-minute-plus jaunt of cinematic metal. The album is driven by Lalu’s sense of fine-tuned technicality and majestic flair. The acoustic gentility of “Mirror Prison” collides with the head-banging hostility of “War on Animals”; classic rock riffing plows into downtuned ominousness on “Greed”; and “Revelations” provides a 20-minute symphony of multi-instrumental soloing, choral vocals, and ethereality.

Fans of expansive and triumphant arrangements, you know what to expect—meticulous progressive craftsmanship, all finished with a virtuoso panache.

Band [A-Z]
Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SymphonyX) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (DGM) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PlanetX)- Drums
Vivien Lalu (Shadrane) - Keyboards

LALU - Atomic Ark (medley)

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Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati: Atomic Ark