Sunday, 6 October 2013

Brian Carroll: Buckethead 22 videos with over 1,000,000 views

Yes that's right Brian Carroll aka Buckethead has a significant number of videos with over 1,000,000 views. The first up has 6,356,813 views

This series: 22 videos 1 hour, 41 minutes

Brian Carroll: Buckethead videos with over 1,000,000 views

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Brian Carroll: buckethead unmasked, is this for real?

Mike Campese: Six Flags The Great Escape - Voodoo Child

Here is a video of Mike Campese playing Voodoo child with his band at Six Flags The Great Escape. For more info visit,

Mike Campese - Six Flags The Great Escape - Voodoo Child

Here is a video of Mike Campese playing at the SWR2 show for the Saratoga Winners benefit at Michaels Banquet House in Upstate NY. He is playing his tune called "Vibe" off of his "Vibe" Cd. For more info visit

Mike Campese @SWR2

Pedro Santos: Improvisation on Andy James - What Lies Beneath

Pedro Santos - Improv What Lies Beneath

Giorgio Rovati: Tapping in String Skipping on 7 String

TABLATURE e breve spiegazione disponibili qui:

Tapping in String Skipping on 7 String

Tapping Arpeggio 7 Finger - Fmaj - Giorgio Rovati-Lick by Giacomo Castellano

Michael Harris: Tranz-Fusion - Prosthetic Brain - live 2013

The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion (Michael Harris on guitar; Jeff Davis on keyboards; Rikk Manning on bass; Brian Harris on drums) performing "Prosthetic Brain" live July 6, 2013.

The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion "Prosthetic Brain" live 2013

John Huldt: 60 second solo competition - lesson, tab and pilfering suggestions

I made a little quick lesson on what my thinking is for this solo. If you're not well versed in theory some of this might be hard to grasp but inbox me with any questions :)

Tab can be found at

Sorry for the bad angle for some of those licks. You can grab the tab and it will show you anything you can't discern from the video.

60 second solo competition - lesson

60 second solo competition

Drayen Labie: more Holdsworthian Chrodal stylings

Hi everyone,
Here's a more precise demo of the Yamaha UD stomp for those would be interested by this unit.
I just used clean or overdrived tones from my Brunetti Star T Rack amp. (No external effects).
Some of the patches were programmed by Allan Holdsworth himself (the first 33 patches to be precise).
It's difficult to find this unit but it's worth the hassle. All the sounds are great.
00:00 Reverb 1 patch 611
00:48 Chorus 2 Holdsworth patch 012
01:51 Volume Pedal Fx 2 Holdsworth patch 222
03:42 Stereo Multi-delay patch 411
04:45 Stereo Enhanced Lead Solo 7 Holdsworth patch 211
05:32 Stereo Enhanced Lead Solo 9 Holdsworth patch 213

Thanks for watching.

Drayen Labie.

Demo Yamaha UD Stomp

Stacey Douglas: Fire Garden - Bull Whip

Tom Quayle, Stacey Douglas, Alex Hutchings
More great playing from this talented player based in the UK.

Steve Vai - Fire Garden (Bull Whip) cover

GMC SIx Demon Bag solo

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Andy Wood: Shreds on Axe FX 2 at Amp Show 2013

Jaw Dropping work by Andy Wood. Customizing a preset.

Andy Wood Shreds on Axe FX 2 at Amp Show 2013

Jake Bowen: DiMarzio Titan Pickups

DiMarzio Titan Pickups for Jake Bowen
Periphery guitarist, Jake Bowen is on the cutting edge of heavy progressive rock. He talks about his new DiMarzio Titan™ pickups and his upcoming signature guitar by Ibanez.

David T Chastain: Chastain release date and album cover details

CHASTAIN — featuring Leather Leone on vocals — will release its comeback album, "Surrender To No One", on November 19 via Leviathan Records.

"Surrender To No One" track listing:

01. Surrender To No One
02. Fear My Wrath
03. I Am Sin
04. Stand And Fight
05. Freedom Within
06. Bleed Through Me
07. Call Of The Wild
08. Evil Awaits Us
09. Save Me Tonight
10. Deep Down In The Darkness
11. Rise Up


Alex Skolnick: Announces New ESP Signature-Series Guitars

Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick: Announces New ESP Signature-Series Guitars
Alex Skolnick has now joined the ESP family of endorsees. Additionally, ESP has announced the introduction of the ESP Alex Skolnick EC and LTD AS-600 signature series guitars, which will be available at the beginning of 2014.
"Alex is a guitarist who inspires the highest level of respect among musicians around the world," says Jeff Moore, ESP senior vice president. "We are proud and excited to have him as one of ESP's top-tier endorsees."


John Petrucci: talks about the Collector's Box Set and Track By Track

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci shows you what's in the limited edition collector's box set version of their new, self-titled album - out now on Roadrunner Records. Pick up your copy at

Dream Theater - John Petrucci On The Limited Edition Collector's Box Set

Dream Theater - Track By Track With John Petrucci

Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside [OFFICIAL VIDEO]