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Robin Burrows: New composition and Compilation of smoking Guitar Solo's

Robin Burrows - New composition ideas

A Compilation of Old Guitar Solo's By Robin Burrows

David Maxim Micic: Bilo 3.0 - release date

David Maxim Micic | Bilo 3.0 | RELEASE DATE
FB: Destin Potato: e-ovation: Bilos :) 'Bilo 3.0' will be available for purchase on November 17th via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp! Love you all Stay fabulous :)

Andy James: Music Acadamy International Teaser

Andy James at Music Acadamy International Teaser
Andy James at Music Acadamy International Teaser http://www.maifrance.com

Frank Gambale: Shredding with Vital Information 1992

Frank Gambale Shredding with Vital Information 1992
Frank Gambale in 1992 with Vital Information Live at Bratislava jazz Festival

Isaac Negrene: Gsus4 or (Mixolidian) D (Dorian) F (Lidian)

Line of the Week 3
Line of the Week 3

Suggestions: Gsus4 or (Mixolidian) D (Dorian) F (Lidian)..

If you are interested in receiving the files in PDF format containing the Lines of the week, subscribe to the channel and leave your email address here in the comments so I can send the files.

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Danilo Ciamprone: 60 Second Solo Contest

60 Second Solo Contest - Danilo Ciamprone Entry
60 Second Solo Contest - Danilo Ciamprone entry Hi Everybody! Here I am again with my entry for this great 60 second solo contest. In this solo I decided to combine my two passions: electric guitar and symphonic music. I added to the backing track some violins, violas, cellos, double bass and other orchestral sounds: I looked for a sound which could mean a true "musical prayer" to me. I hope you will like the result too. Gear Used: Ibanez Prestige RG 3550 MZ Pickups: DiMarzio AirNorton - True Velvet - ToneZone Fractal Axe FX II ErnieBall Strings .010 .046 I used Ziriyab pick by Essetipick Proud to be part of 60 second contest! If you'd like to keep in touch with me, please add me as facebook friend ;)

Dustin Keillor: ToonTrack Metal Guitar God 2013 and smoking hot solo rippage

ToonTrack Metal Guitar God 2013 Entry Periphery "Erised"

"Guy Playing Guitar"

Chris Feener: Salt Water Joys - great cover

A few years ago, I did a medley featuring a bunch of traditional NL songs, and one of the ones that stood out the most was "Salt Water Joys". So I figured I'd put it together in a cool little metal shred arrangement for my fellow Newfies to enjoy.

Thanks for the interest, Wayne!

Chris Feener - Salt Water Joys (Buddy Wasisname) Cover

George Marios: Let me go - adding the spice to Avril and Chad Kroeger

Pre - rehearsal bedroom jam over Avril and Chad Kroeger's "Let me go"
ok iam cheesy i know, but i ve been enjoying this song so i threw a little prehearsal bedroom jam... Enjoy, George

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats Perform Boing.... Im In The Back Guthrie Govan Lessons. Compliments of Guitar Interactive Magazine The Aristocrats perform Boing I'm In The Back on there 2012 UK Tour. This supergroup consists of guitarist Guthrie Govan, Drummer Marco Minneman & bassist Bryan Beller. Subscribe to Guitar Interactive for Free

Eva Vergilova: Burn - the Cheapcaster solos return

Ritchie Blackmore/Jon Lord - "Burn" cover by Eva Vergilova

Burn - the Cheapcaster solos return

Joe Bonamassa: How One Man Beat the Industry - Bonamassa Documentary - "How One Man Beat the Industry"

Bonamassa Documentary - "How One Man Beat the Industry" Part 3
FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The third installment of the BONAMASSA DOCUMENTARY. This bonus footage can be found on the upcoming release "Tour de Force - Live from Hamersmith Apollo."

FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The third installment of the BONAMASSA DOCUMENTARY. This bonus footage can be found on the upcoming release "Tour de Force - Live from Hamersmith Apollo."

Mike Campese: Chameleon - Mike's 8th solo CD now available

The long awaited eighth studio release from Mike Campese is finally here!

CHAMELEON embodies the entire essence and culmination of Mike's years of experience as a composer, guitarist, songwriter, and of course includes plenty of serious guitar shredding.

Mike Campese is back with a new solo release, titled "Chameleon". This is Mike's 8th solo Cd, it contains 12 new tracks and it is a little over 60 minutes. This Cd really packs a punch! If you heard Mike's previous Cd's you will realize that he has really honed his writing and musicianship. The first track "To the 9's" is slamming, it is a blistering tune with incredible melody and alone it is worth the price of the Cd. Not only is Mike a guitar virtuoso, but he does sing on a few tracks on this disc as well. The titled track "Chameleon" has some real nice haunting melodies and some nice lush vocal harmonies. There is some serious shredding on this Cd and plenty of melody as well. With the blistering guitar and the Paganini inspired section in the tune "Raise the Bow" and the multiple meter changes in the song "Pasta and Bananas" that progressive rock fans will love. Mike returns with his blues roots on the tune "She Burnt the House Down", which has some incredible soaring leads that are in your face and some real nice vocal melodies. Campese gets funky on this Cd as well, the tunes "Funky Monkey Man" and "Firefly in a Bottle", feature some pretty awesome funk grooves and some nice vocal lines. If you have been following Mike's music and career, you will know that Mike is known for his great sense of melody and melodic shredding on the guitar. A perfect example of this is the tune "Flashback", this beautiful ballad was inspired when Mike was living in Hollywood and attending Mi. "Vegas"(playing the slots) is probably one of the most unique tunes on the Cd. When you are listening to this song, you will think you are in Vegas playing a slot machine. Now lets cross the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian volcano inspired tune "Kilauea" erupts with some incredible guitar lines with some in your face guitars.

For the first time on any Mike Campese Cd, Mike has a very special guest, his friend and guitar legend, Vernon Reid of Living Colour. Mike and Vernon are trading off with some crazy solos at the end of the jazzy tune "Do it for the Cats" Mike is a very versatile guitarist and on each Cd he incorporates a little jazz and other styles in his music, which makes him known as a musical Chameleon. The last tune "Meant to Be" is another jazzy tune with a great groove and some very catchy melodies. Mike Campese fans are going to love this Cd and it is the one they have been waiting for.

Mike's upcoming Italy Clinics, Melodic Shred Lessons and hard hitting progressive rock Music can be seen, heard and PURCHASED NOW here at his Official Website:

Marshall Harrison: The 13th Epic Question for Marshall Harrison

Marshall Harrison
The 13th Epic Question for Marshall Harrison
Finally... The "13th Epic Question for Marshall Harrison"
It took forever to get it here o enjoy! — with Marshall Harrison.

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther head back to the UK

Time to stock up on protection!

The Sunset Strip's hottest export, Steel Panther, are infecting the world early next year on their Spreading The Disease (S.T.D.) tour and tickets go on sale this Friday!

Interesting age restriction!
Expect to hear a sneak peek of new tracks from their forthcoming third full-length album, the follow up to the band's critically-acclaimed 2011 release Balls Out, plus a selection of past classics. We're so excited we don't really know what to do with ourselves.

Al Joseph: Out In The Open - the new CD available now

JTC Records proudly presents the debut album from the incredible Al Joseph. 9 heavy rock tracks full of drive, emotion, charisma, riffs to die for and licks that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. This is the way to launch your record career...
Al Says:
"Out In The Open" is a theme built on the unknowns of life. I believe we've been given all we need to face the pirates, whirlwinds, emptiness, and rejections of life. A lot of time and heart went into this project from everyone involved.
I had always dreamed the emerging of my career in so many different ways, but I'm so thankful it was through JTC.

Al Joseph: Out In The Open 

I hope OITO is an inspiration to all of you who show your support! Thank you...AJ

plus the jam track packages

*Brand New* Al Joseph 'Out In The Open' Full Length at

Alessandro Benvenuti,Lorenzo Feliciati,Armando Croce: Sonic Flyers - Tell Me by Chad Wackerman ...

Hello musicoffili and YouTubers, we are pleased to present to you today an amazing video of live music directly made ​​by our staff, whose protagonist is a supergroup made ​​up of three Italian musicians d ' exception, the Sonic Flyers Lorenzo Feliciati (Bass), Alessandro Benvenuti (Guitar) and Armando Cross (Drums).
The song "Tell Me", whose original version is Chad Wackerman, drummer with jazz-fusion illustrious past in tow Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and other large, and is taken from his album "Forty Reasons" in 1991.
Flyers Sonic remind us all over the groove of the track run "live in studio" really exciting that our cameras have had the pleasure to take in the details.

Sonic Flyers - Tell Me (Chad Wackerman)

Ron Thal: "Bumblefoot" announces master class IFI Bandung

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - November 10 in IFI Bandung

Clinic & Concert Tour Indonesia Nov. 9 - Nov. 17, 2013

presented by jellybeard

Guthrie Govan: Indonesia Masterclass Tour (December 2013)

Guthrie Govan – Indonesia Masterclass Tour (December 2013)

Filed Under: News, Tours

jellybeard is very happy to announce a very special masterclass tour across Indonesia with the #1 guitar player Guthrie Govan. Many fans in Asia and especially Indonesia have been looking forward to see, meet and attend special masterclasses by Guthrie Govan. All of this is happening from December 13 until 31, 2013.  More news as soon the dates are confirmed

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze guitarist plays Decapitated Spheres of Madness

Here is me covering SPHERES OF MADNESS! A favorite amongst many Decapitated fans I'd like to think :). In this cover I am using a Washburn Boogie Street Custom, and went direct using a tone I created from my Axe Fx Ultra. Audio Engineering (of my guitar tracks of course) by Matty Pasta. Shirt by Robots Will Kill, and guitar pick from Liuteria Rox (Italy).

Check out more Robots Will Kill gear at:

Liuteria Rox Custom Guitars in Italy

Special Thanks to ChrisRWK for the shirt and Marco at Liuteria Rox for some awesome picks! \m/
DISCLAIMER: The music in this cover does not belong to me, it belongs to Decapitated. Allowance is made for "fair use" under section 107 of the copyright act of 1976 for purposes of non-profit and instructional use.

Decapitated Spheres of Madness Guitar Cover

Tom Quayle: back to the future?

Tom Quayle
Still no internet at home!!! Argh! Still, I'm keeping occupied by learning 51 of my own lines in standard tuning for an upcoming lick Library DVD. How do you guys cope with this tuning? It's making my brain ache! Haha. hope you're all well. I feel like I am lost in the last century!

Akihiko Onji: 8Finger Tapping - Rick Graham - Backing Track

Rick Graham - Backing Track - 8Finger Tapping - Akihiko Onji

Rick Graham - Backing Track - Akihiko Onji - 8Finger Improvisation Rick Graham official web site Check it out!


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Daren Nicholson: Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013

Daren Nicholson - Periphery/Erised Solo - Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013
Being a fan of Periphery, i had some fun playing over the "Erised" backing track. Thanks goes to the guys in Periphery for creating this amazing music and for organizing this event. Hope you enjoy!