Sunday, 1 December 2013

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | EP2 - Confrontation | Pre-production & drum recording

Francesco Filigoi: EVH 5150 III Head & Hesu 2x12 Cab

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Quick improptu vid playing a 5150III 100W head coupled with my Hesu 2x12 cab w/ Vintage 30s.
Sounds fantastic, very balanced and not harsh or boomy like other 2x12s I've tried. Built like a tank but doesn't weigh much, I'm genuinely impressed.

In this video I'm using the 3rd Channel with gain at 1 and volume at 0.000001, this amp is LOUD!!!
If you're curious about the guitar, I'm playing my '91 modded RG565 Emerald Green with Bare Knuckle alnico Nailbomb in the bridge and Dimarzio BC-1 in the neck.
Sorry for the crappy iPhone audio/video quality :)

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new Abiogenesis ideas w/ EVH 5150 III Head & Hesu 2x12 Cab

Protest The Hero - Clarity (New song from Volition) Lick Guitar Cover w/ Lesson & TAB

Keston Barker: Dave Martone's student delivers Death of the earth... great original

Keston Barker is a great talent with significant amount of potential. Dave Martone's his guitar tutor which means he'll be getting great guitar lessons. So out comes the PArker Fly for an original " Death of the earth". Sounds great to me.

Death of the earth

The Colors I See by Keston Barker

Panos Arvanitis: Orchestral Arrangement Part II A Aeolian

Orchestral Arrangement Part II A Aeolian
Hi there,i found this backing track and i add some part.U can use Aeolian Mode to play along and G Myxolydian mode .I hope u enjoy it. Gear used: Fender Stratocaster Yngwie J.Malmsteen Signature Ocean Blue Made in USA POD XT pro rack Line6 DOD YJM308 overdrive Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Watch it on HD

Ron Thal: Spend a day with Bumblefoot!


I'm excited to work with Prizeo to raise money for a cause that's really close to my heart - the Humpty Dumpty Institute's (HDI) "Music Matters".

In return for helping me fund this exceptional program, you'll be entered for a chance to join me for a very special day that you and I will plan together. I'm going to give you a list of things we might do and you can pick any three things you want.

A few of my ideas are:
  • Jamming and a guitar lesson
  • A vocal lesson
  • Writing and recording a song together (yours to keep, stick it on iTunes, your album...) 
  • Raid my stacks of obscure metal & guitar-oriented CDs & magazines, keep as many as you can grab and hold in 60 seconds. 
  • A photo shoot together
  • Cleaning my house
  • Pigging out at my favorite Korean BBQ buffet
  • Spicy food eating contest w/ Bumblefoot's Hot Sauces
  • Lay backing vocals on a to-be-released Bumblefoot song
  • Helping me write a script for a Bumblefoot comic book
  • Go see a movie of your choice and share a large buttery popcorn

But, this is a collaboration, so, for helping to support music worldwide you get to give ME a list and I'll pick three things from that too....... (as long as there are things on the winner's list that don't put me in a 'problematic situation'...)

Thank you for your support!


Jan Laurenz: Gretsch resonator song

Gretsch resonator song by Jan Laurenz
my new composition on a gretsch reso with my Lolita in the background :)

Doug Steele,Rick Graham: Drunk jam

Drunk jam with Rick Graham RG is the real deal, biatch!! At my buddy Rob Pejic's house.
Drunk jam with Rick Graham

Dean Murphy, Darius Wave: Plaid & Mahogany Extravaganza

im excited for this one ive been a fan of darius for a while now. i put together this backing track and sent it to him and he cordially agreed to it. im pretty proud of the outcome i hope you guys enjoy. im using my chapman ML1 while darius is using one of his amazing hufschmid customs hit me up on my facebook for the

Jon Neto: live solo Work 2006

Jon Neto - Work 2006

Panos Arvanitis: Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut USA

Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut USA..I hope you like it.Like ,comment,share,subscribe.Thank you people for your support all these years. Watch it on HD

Dhalif Ali: rock instrumental ballads with backing tracks available now!

So here it is my friends, i have compiled the best of my rock instrumental ballads. Not only that, this is the first time i am officially releasing the backing tracks for all these songs. ALL JAMTRACKS are included in this CD package. You can purchase and download a copy at Your Support is truly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy!

01. Between Two Worlds
02. Darkest Dreams
03. Sauveur
04. Ballad in A


Stéphanie Léveillé-Denis: Ibanez Jem 77 FP2 - Chillaxe Jam Improvisation - great jam on Guthrie Govan backing track

Stephanie Leveille-Denis
Stéphanie Léveillé-Denis
I got this little video on youtube of me improvising while testing my new studio gear:

Stephanie Leveille-Denis with cat in the studio!
Little first take Improvisation on Guthrie Govan's Chillaxe Jam Track, First time Testing new recording setup:

  • Ibanez Jem 77 FP2
  • Wampler Super Ecstasy
  • Line 6 DL4
  • Boss GE7
  • Soldano ROS
  • Ultimate Attenuator
  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic
  • CAD GLX2200 Condenser
  • Behringer Board
  • Steinberg UR22
  • Cubase
Main website:

Chillaxe Jam Improvisation / First take, Studio Setup Test

Michael Angelo Batio,Shane Gibson,Dave Reffett: NAMM Metal Jam 2014 Michael Angelo Batio w/DeathRiders Whisky a Go-Go details

Get Tickets(
NAMM Metal Jam 2014 Michael Angelo Batio w/DeathRiders Whisky a Go-Go
8901 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
All Ages
Tickets Available via

NAMM Metal Jam 2014
Metal Beast All Stars - Metal All Star Jam
Michael Angelo Batio
DeathRiders featuring Neil Turbin
Dave Reffett

Just added to NAMM Metal Allstars:
Jeff Bowders of Paul Gilbert Band, G3, POD, MI - Drums

more metal monsters added to NAMM Metal Allstars Line-up:
Michael "Denim" Devin of Whitesnake - Bass
Shane Gibson of Korn - Guitar
Geoff Thorpe of Vicious Rumors - Guitar
Larry Howe of Vicious Rumors - Drums
Juan Garcia of Agent Steel, Masters of Metal - Guitar
Robert Cardenas of Possessed, Agent Steel - Bass
Tony Cavazo of Hurricane - Bass
Thane Farace of Ghost Of War, Bloodied Angels - Guitar
Stuart Fujinami of Reverend, Heretic - Guitar

NAMM Metal Jam 2014 - NAMM Metal All Stars
Michael Angelo Batio w/ DeathRiders
NAMM Metal Jam All Stars Line-up More tba
Special Host MC Caleb Smith of The Sick Room Radio NZ
Michael Angelo Batio
Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent, Whitford St. Holmes - Vocals, Guitar
NAMM Metal Jam All Stars featuring:
Sean Elg of DeathRiders, Nihilist - Drums
Arnold Gonzalez of DeathRiders - Guitar
Michael Lopez of DeathRiders - Bass
Casey Trask of DeathRiders – Guitar
Eli Santana of Holy Grail - Guitar
August Zadra of Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx) - Guitar
Howie Simon of Alcatrazz, Nelson - Guitar
Rigo Amezcua of Agent Steel - Drums
Annie Grunwald of Formless - Guitar
Tracy G Grijalva of Dio - Guitar
Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens - Guitar
Linda MacDonald of The Iron Maidens - Drums
Kirsten Rosenberg of The Iron Maidens - Vocals
Steve "Zeus" Johnstad of Mayday, Son, NRG - Vocals
Bill Hudson of Emphatic, Circle II Circle, Cellador - Guitar
Joe Gettler of Razormaze - Guitar
Xander Demos of Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Guitar
Mike Hansen of Hurricane - Drums
Greg Walls of Anthrax - Guitar
Jim Durkin of Dark Angel - Guitar

Dave Reffett of - Guitar
Michael Angelo Batio of MAB, Nitro, Holland - Guitar
Neil Turbin of DeathRiders, Anthrax - Vocals

Michael Angelo Batio will be co-headlining the event which will feature MAB playing on stage with DeathRiders featuring (Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin) along with 40 of the metal worlds most shredding musical artists from across the world

Andy James: transcription for Lick Of The Week #1 - you need to subscribe!

Andy James - Lick Of The Week #1
Here's my first Lick Of The Week (filmed on my iPad) just for you guys here on Facebook! Transcription to follow!
Here is the transcription for Lick Of The Week #1. For your FREE lessons and some cool surprises visit - .

And heres a Guitar Pro file for the Lick! Next one ill do slow AND fast! You'll get a PDF transcription AND a Guitar Pro file, just like inside the Academy! Enjoy!

Alex Lifeson: from Rush speaks to the Prog Magazine Show

In this interview Alex Lifeson from Rush speaks to the Prog Magazine Show about about touring with a string section, the long awaited remix of their Vapor Trails record and the time he stole Philip Wilding's whisky...