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Zakk Wylde: Black Label Society - In This River

Black Label Society - In This River (Unblackened)
DVD: Blu-Ray: Video: Digital Audio: CD: Black Label Society, formed in the late nineties by legendary guitar hero Zakk Wylde, have established themselves at the forefront of heavy metal with a series of hard riffing and hugely successful albums alongside worldwide tours that have cemented their reputation as one of the most powerful live bands of their generation. "Unblackened" finds Black Label Society in a mellower mood in a performance filmed at Club Nokia in Los Angeles earlier this year. The concert showcases the band's songs with a greater use of acoustic instruments but without losing any of their power and intensity. Zakk Wylde leads from the front as always, performing here on both guitar and piano and demonstrating the subtler side of his music alongside the blistering solos

George Marios: Demoing a brand new Zivory at Box Studios

Demoing a brand new Zivory at Box Studios
Hey guys, Here i am demoing this fantastic guitar. It's a Zivory Custom Guitar and the specs are as following: Black Limba body&neck, Macassar Ebony fingerboard, 6100Ss frets Bulldog Custom pickups, Gotoh510 tremolo bridge, Sperzel tuners Make sure to check those amazing axes out and also stay tuned at for updates on media , lessons and other music news. Cheers, George Marios

Chris Mike: Candyrat artist says Hello Mozart (Electric Guitar)

Chris Mike - Hello Mozart (Electric Guitar)

CD "Not Just Lipstick on a Pig" & Backing Track & Guitar Tabs available at as well as itunes and amazon.

Live performance video of "Hello Mozart"

Visit Chris Mike at and

Chris Mike : Not Just Lipstick On A Pig

Kiko Loureiro: The White Balance DVD - Gray Stone Gateway

Kiko Loureiro·
GRAY STONE GATEWAY from THE WHITE BALANCE DVD. Kiko Loureiro Live at Auditório Ibirapuera

Info: Please send email to -

Rick Graham: Working on my Technique

Working on my Technique - Rick Graham
Trying to get some more technique gains improvising over a groove. I decided to keep the guitar dry with no delay or reverb. HD lessons with me here: Like my Facebook Fan page: Hi guys, please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources: You can also purchase high quality full HD video lessons in the HD Video Lessons section: I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Al Di Meola: Misterio - Live in Warsaw

Al Di Meola - Misterio
Live in Warsaw, Poland on the 30.11.2013.

Charly Tejeda: An Exercise in melody


Max Dible,Jason Becker: Official Lesson - Scale Sequences (Excerpt)

Jason Becker Official Lesson - Scale Sequences (Excerpt)
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:

Excerpt from In The Style Of Jason Becker Vol.2, the official Jason Becker instructional video. The official Jason Becker instructional video. The official Jason Becker instructional video. Volume 2 of an in-depth study on the guitar style of rock guitarist Jason Becker. Volume 2 mainly focuses on scale sequences used by Jason Becker. Each sequence is explored in great detail so that you can incorporate them to your own playing style. Volume 2 contains over 105 minutes of instruction. Guitar: Max Dible About Jason Becker: Jason Becker is an American rock guitarist and composer. At the age of 16, he became part of the Mike Varney-produced duo Cacophony with his friend Marty Friedman....

Jason Becker Official Lesson - Jason's Technique (Excerpts)

Tony MacAlpine,Vitalij Kuprij,Timo Tolkki: Mark Boals - Ring Of Fire - Battle of Leningrad

Tracklisting: Mother Russia; They’re Calling Your Name; Empire; Land Of Frozen Tears; Firewind; Where Angels Play; Battle Of Leningrad; No Way Out; Our World; Rain.

Ring Of Fire's story begins in the year 2000. Having completed a successful mini-tour with Yngwie Malmsteen in late 1999 on the heels of the 'Alchemy' album, vocalist Mark Boals set about creating his second solo album, a collection of songs very neo-classical in their nature. When deciding on a line-up for the album, Tony MacAlpine came highly recommended and Tony in turn recommended Virgil Donati (Planet X) on drums. The impressive line-up was rounded out by classically-trained Artension keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, with Boals and MacAlpine splitting bass duties.

Combining melodic metal songs with fantasy-based lyrics, topped off with virtuoso performances from the line-up, the resulting RING OF FIRE albums proved to be exactly what many neoclassical-metal fans had waited for, creating a solid fan base for the band all over the world.

“Battle of Leningrad” is the band’s fourth studio album, coming after a 9 years hiatus – a period which has seen the band members getting involved in other projects, most notably with singer Mark Boals becoming singer for Royal Hunt and Kuprij and MacAlpine touring with Trans Siberian Orchestra and Steve Vai respectively.

Ring of Fire reconvened with Boals, MacAlpine and Kurprij during 2012, when they agreed to work on their unfinished business and develop a new album from the true story of the siege of Leningrad during the WWII.

Mark Boals explains: “It is a true story of the strength and resilience of the Russian people throughout history and particularly in this instance of 900 days of being surrounded on all sides with no food and no hope of rescue, under siege of the Nazi army. The magnificent city of Leningrad with millions of people trapped, found a way to withstand the daily attacks of rockets and bombs, the lack of food, water, and fuel for heat. Although more than 1 million starved to death, most survived, and the Nazis were never able to overtake the city completely. They were finally forced to retreat by the Russian army. Not widely known by most, this was an amazing story and one of World War II's finest examples of heroism in the worst circumstances imaginable”.

Musically the album is all the fans have been waiting for. True “Neoclassic” Power Metal with technical and exciting musical passages which promise to reignite the RING OF FIRE flame among the fans!


Mark Boals – vocals
Tony MacAlpine – guitars
Vitalij Kuprij – keyboards
Timo Tolkki – bass
Jami Huovinen- drums

Catalogue Number : FR CD 632 
Barcode: 8024391063224 
Label: Frontiers Records 
Euro Release date: 24.01.2014 
USA Release date: 28.01.2014
Price: 14.50 €

Guthrie Govan: TonePrint - the Hall OF Fame edition

Space. The Final Frontier
Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if we could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What? You'd be partying on for days? Well break out the confetti, because it's here!  

Room for choice - all of TC's best reverbs available via TonePrint

TonePrint Enabled

Ultra-small footprint

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot "I think I've been a much bigger pain in the ass to Axl than he's been to me. That's for sure.

Bumblefoot: "I think I've been a much bigger pain in the ass to Axl than he's been to me. That's for sure.

"I am very honest and probably honest when I shouldn't be. Kind of like when you should say nothing and be silent, instead of being silent, I'll [say something] usually on the radio. And he'll get a hundred e-mails about it. Or probably just hear from everyone else.

"I think he kind of, in a weird way, probably likes that I am a pain in the ass. Because even in the beginning, when we had the big management fight, before joining the band, I remember hanging out with him and he liked the fact that I went after his team of lawyers that the manager sent after me to try to take me down, and I just came out swinging at them. And I remember he said to me, we were hanging out one time, he was, like, 'Your balls, when they touch, they go, 'Clang.''

"But he knows what he's gonna get with me. I'm not gonna give him lip service and be dishonest. If he asks me something, I'm gonna tell him [what I think]. And he's a human being. He's like everyone else.

"You just want the truth. Nobody wants games or anything like that. You'd rather have honest bad news than be strung along with things that aren't true. And that's one thing about him is that… He's a human being. I know him as a person. I know what my flaws are, I know what his flaws are, I know what everybody's flaws are. And we're all just human."

On the recently leaked song called "Going Down" which reportedly features GUNS N' ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson on lead vocals and Axl Rose on background vocals:


Andy James: Post number 413 - DV MARK Multiamp at Soundland Stuttgart

Andy James shows the DV MARK Multiamp at Soundland Stuttgart (D) 13.09.2013

Andy James shows the DV MARK MULTIAMP at SOUNDLAND

Andy James shows the DV MARK MULTIAMP at MUSIC STORE

Andy James - Lick Of The Week #1
Here's my first Lick Of The Week (filmed on my iPad) just for you guys here on Facebook! Transcription to follow! 
Here is the transcription for Lick Of The Week #1. For your FREE lessons and some cool surprises visit - .

And heres a Guitar Pro file for the Lick! Next one ill do slow AND fast! You'll get a PDF transcription AND a Guitar Pro file, just like inside the Academy! Enjoy!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Panzerballett / Freak Kitchen - The Ikea Trauma Live Bremen 2014

Panzerballett perform the Song "The Ikea Trauma" with Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen/Freak Guitar) Live at Meisenfrei Bremen 07.11.13
Panzerballett / Freak Kitchen - The Ikea Trauma Live Bremen Meisenfrei 07.11.13

Freak Kitchen - Speak when spoken to LIVE Bremen Meisenfrei 07.11.13

Mark Lettieri: "Futurefun" EPK, Part 1

A brief synopsis of the writing, recording and concepts behind the "Futurefun" EP. Shot by Andy LaViolette. Part 1 of 3.

All music written and produced by Mark Lettieri, Copyright © 2013

Mark Lettieri: "Futurefun" EPK, Part 1

Vinai Trinateepakdee: back with a classic new full length track

Bad Social

Vinai T is back with a

classic new full length track. This composition was written by and features Samsung Wattanakun (keys) and Note Weerachut (drums), Thailand's most sought after rhythm section....and man, can they play!! Vinai then comes along, axe in hand, and glues the whole track together with a blistering performance, as expected. This track has it all....catchy melodies, bad-ass riffs, and some awesome solos full of great licks.

You can learn every note of this track with trusty JTC tab/notation, as well as jam along with the guys using the included backing track. The video will also help you dissect each and every lick!

*NEW* Vinai T 'Bad Social' at

Ray Suhy: now rocking Vigier Guitars and loving every minute of it!

Ray Suhy
I'm psyched to announce that I'm now endorsing Vigier Guitars! Vigier are amazing company out of France that have been building ridiculously high quality guitars for years. I can't wait to get my hands on the Excalibur Supra that they are shipping out to me! Thanks DJ Scully and everyone at Vigier!

Per Nilsson: Strandberg Guitarworks - sexy beast

Per Nilsson
I'm so excited to be working with Strandberg Guitarworks and Astral EXR Systems - they more or less gave me carte blanche to dream up the guitar of my fantasies! Using the Strandberg trademark 'Boden' bodyshape, we've come up with something that cannot be described as anything else than a beautiful hybrid of the guitars of my past and Ola Strandberg's futuristic designs and innovations.

Here's a sneak peak of this sexy beast... A close-up on one of the prototypes: Steve Vai approved!

And no we won't share any more pictures or details at this point

Nili Brosh: announce the title for upcoming 2nd record coming this Friday

Nili Brosh: On Friday morning I will finally announce the title of my upcoming 2nd record, and will accompany the announcement with a brand new video of the album solo from the title track. Are y'all ready??

In case you missed the last announcement, here's the final list of personnel, one more time (in alphabetical order): 

Alex Argento (keys), 
Mike Ball (bass), 
Bryan Beller (bass), 
Virgil Donati (drums), 
Stuart Hamm(bass), 
Ameya Kalamdani (guest guitar solo), 
Eli Marcus (bass), 

Aquiles Priester (drums). 

And I played a little guitar as well.

Stay with me for more announcements! Thanks for your patience!

Tom Quayle: Jam With Steely Dan From LickLibrary

Jam With Steely Dan From LickLibrary
LickLibrary has just launched Jam With Steely Dan (RRP £27.99) with over two hours of guitar lessons featuring Tom Quayle. This excellent double DVD and CD set shows how to play seven of Steely Dan’s greatest hits; ones that have contributed to sales of over 40 million albums worldwide.

Tom Quayle is a leading force in the new breed of fusion guitarists and a respected educator. He goes through each track, in bite-sized pieces, breaking them down to show both the rhythm and solo parts. Tracks include Do It Again, with its distinctive Latin groove, Peg that features a modified 12 bar blues plus some killer harmonics and the more soulful My Old School. The DVD guitar lessons also look at the challenging Kid Charlemagne, which teaches the legendary Larry Carlton solo, walks through the interesting chord progressions of Reelin’ In The Years, delves into the more upbeat, catchy Josie and teaches the kick ass Walter Becker solo found in Black Friday.

This DVD will take intermediate to advanced guitarists on a journey from traditional blues through to jazz / fusion playing. There is a real range of techniques including hybrid picking, country and unison bending and tapping. Plus included with the double DVD guitar lesson is a CD full of high quality pro level backing tracks for each song to jam along to.

To find out more go to where you will find loads of other DVD guitar lessons.

Joey Molland: Badfinger Legend To Release Highly Anticipated New Solo Album 'Return To Memphis'

London, UK – Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, Joey Molland, best known for his work with the now legendary English band Badfinger, will be releasing his highly anticipated 4th solo album 'Return To Memphis' on December 2, 2013 on UK's Gonzo Multimedia! The new CD features 10 new Molland compositions recorded at the world famous 'Royal Studios' in Memphis.

Says Joey, “I was raised on a diet of Memphis music, and it was a thrill for me to record there.... I also made a lot of friends.”

Signed to the Beatles' Apple label in the late '60s, Badfinger would go on to score four consecutive worldwide hits from 1970 to 1972: “Come And Get It” (written and produced by Paul McCartney), “No Matter What”, “Day After Day” and “Baby Blue”. In 1971, a cover of the Badfinger song “Without You” by Harry Nilsson became a number one hit on the Billboard charts. Surviving member Joey Molland has continued to keep the Badfinger flame alight through concerts and recordings over the past 30 years. And now he is back with a fantastic new album 'Return To Memphis', which was produced by Carl 'Blue' Wise.

Says Joey, “The album is quite a departure for me and the sound is very different, the treatment of the songs, the song content, and Carl's production and Memphis roots all make for a much simpler approach. I wrote all the songs and they have a lot of meaning to me...I know everybody gets their own feelings out of songs, but you know, I think the songs talk about relevant things and I look forward to peoples' reaction to them. There are no real Badfinger power chords or anything like that. No real jamming guitars...well...maybe a little bit, and I do play some slide on it... Carl had four girls come in to sing 'oohs' and 'aahs' and harmonies which was great, and I played with a three-piece Memphis rhythm section. So it's a really simple sounding record and I'm just hoping that people will like it.”

Originally from Liverpool, Joey now resides in the US, where he continues to perform with Joey Molland's Badfinger. Along with Joey on guitar and vocals, the current lineup features Mark Healey (bass/vocals), Steve Wozny (keyboards/vocals), Mike Ricciardi (drums). For updated tour information check Joey Molland's official Facebook page at

Joey's new CD comes hot on the heels of the major buzz surrounding the Badfinger track “Baby Blue” being played during the finale of A&E's hit TV series 'Breaking Bad'. The song became the number one download in the world the week of the final episode!

Steeves Hostin: Changing POD patches with MIDI triggers

Quick video to show you how we setup MIDI triggers to switch between our pedalboard's patches automatically on stage.
A very easy and very useful trick if you are using a computer during live shows.
If you got questions you can reach me over here :
and you can check out my band "BEYOND THE DUST" :

Changing POD patches with MIDI triggers

News: An open letter to Google/YouTube from a disappointed disciple

YouTube's Copyright software catches someone who had a licence! 

For more than a year, I have been continuously hounded with copyright strikes from various claimants on YouTube, claiming that the music used in my The Moon video has been used illegally.
Until last month, every time this happened, usually by two or three companies at the same time, and sometimes even by the same company multiple times, I disputed the claim, and it was then released by the claimant. A stressful experience each time, but I like the video, and wanted to keep it public, so I filled out my details and worked through each claim.

Read the sorry tale:

Marty Friedman: Legendary guitarist's new studio album set for spring release

Marty Friedman: Legendary guitarist's new studio album set for spring release

(Los Angeles, CA) Perhaps the most revered lead guitarist in thrash metal history, MARTY FRIEDMAN– whose groundbreaking work with Megadeth, Cacophony and as a solo artist has influenced legions of players around the globe -- is currently putting the finishing touches on a new studio album, "Inferno."

Tentatively set for a spring release, the album -- FRIEDMAN's first original material in four years, and his first album in more than a decade that will be released simultaneously worldwide -- will feature what FRIEDMAN feels is the heaviest, most intense playing of his career. A one-minute teaser can be heard below:


"I'm extremely proud of the work I've done with Cacophony and Megadeth, but I was never interested in stopping there," FRIEDMAN says. "'Inferno' is the album that fans of my work with those two bands have always wanted me to make. I've finally made it, and completely on my own maniacal terms."

As Guitar World recently revealed in an exclusive in-studio feature, "Inferno" will include several collaborations with players influenced by FRIEDMAN, including Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), Revocation guitar whiz David Davidson and the flamenco/metal acoustic duoRodrigo y Gabriela. In addition, the album includes FRIEDMAN's first songwriting collaboration with Jason Becker since the pair played together in the pioneering duo of guitar mayhem, Cacophony.

"On the guests' songs, each would write a song from scratch, and then I would arrange it and add my parts to it," FRIEDMAN says. "That way, we were both invested in it, and it’s a little bit of a deeper experience than just banging out a guest solo.”

Make no mistake, though -- "Inferno" is unquestionably a MARTY FRIEDMAN album, and one he plans to tour behind extensively (including his first U.S. performances since 2003). Furthermore, it features what FRIEDMAN told Guitar World is "the most intense writing and playing I can do," with the goal of "go(ing) completely ape-shit and smok(ing) everything else I've ever done."

"I wanted to create a new landmark to which my future music will be compared," FRIEDMANelaborates further. "That idea of just going completely balls-out -- knowing what the full potential of my music and my playing could possibly be, and actually making it a reality -- was what drove me through the whole process."

Just as he changed the game in the worlds of metal and guitar once before with his revered solo debut "Dragon's Kiss," FRIEDMAN now raises the bar to a new level for a new generation with "Inferno." More information on the album will be revealed in the coming weeks

Jake Bowen, Misha Mansoor: Periphery Pure - The new experimental recording

pre-order HERE:

The new experimental recording, Clear, represents the sum total of PERIPHERY's unrivaled achievements. Clear is set for a Jan 28th North American release.

Jake Bowen (guitars) states: "Clear is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

"Every track also contains a melodic theme established in Clear's intro track "Overture" this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different. Clear shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!"

Marco Sfogli: DV Mark NAMM appearance

Marco Sfogli
Getting ready for the NAMM show next January in Anaheim! If you are planning to attend the upcoming NAMM show, I'll perform and showcase DV Mark at Mark World booth: HALL C - BOOTH # 4778