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Richard Daudé: Guitar Academy #5 Richard Daude - Boogie Rock

Masterclasses 2013 with Greg Howe, Patrick Rondat Richard Daudé, Franck Hermanny ... "The Guitar Academy in Nîmes offers courses in acoustic guitar, electric bass courses .... for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) all ages, all styles: Acoustic, Folk, Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin Jazz, etc. /

Guitar Academy: 
23 Bis Boulevard 
Sergent Triaire 

FR Video filmed and edited by Franck HermannyGuitar Academy #5 Richard Daude - Boogie Rock

Guitar Academy #4 Richard Daude - Plan Shred

Allan Holdsworth: a robot spouts facts about Allan Holdsworth

Facts about Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth is an English guitarist and composerHe has released twelve studio albums as a solo artist and played a variety of musical styles spanning a period of more than four decades but is best know Allan Holdsworth Source Wikipedia

Weird Facts About Allan Holdsworth

Thomas Valeur,The Commander-In-Chief: Zigeunerweisen Op.20 guitar duel

The Commander-In-Chief and Thomas Valeur are the first guitarists to do a professional recording of Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen, in its entirety and played correctly, on guitar. It is normally played by violin virtuosos. The single is for sale on Itunes, CD Baby and Amazon, A limited edition signed CDsingle is available on
This is also the first "guitar duel" between a classical guitarist and a metal guitarist. The Chief plays with clean guitar sound on this recording.
The two guitarists met when they both performed at the prestigious Bergen International Festival in June 2013. They agreed to cooperate, and soon after they started to work on this piece of music. It took five months to prepare, and the recording took place in November 2013, at Modern World Studios in Cotswolds, England. Produced and mixed by James Mottershead. Mastering by Stephen Marsh.

The Commander-In-Chief has been featured in major music magazines, in several countries, and she has been called "1 of 10 modern guitar Gods" by Metal Hammer UK, "The Queen of Shred" by Total Guitar Magazine and national TV, NRK, in Norway featured her as one of today's pioneers and role models in music, in October 2013.

Thomas Valeur has a master's degree in music from the prestigious Grieg Academy in Bergen, Norway. He has mesmerized audiences all over Europe with his classical guitar playing.

Both guitarists are from Bergen, where Thomas Valeur lives. The Commander grew up in many different countries and lives in Berkshire, England.

Zigeunerweisen Op.20 guitar duel The Commander-In-Chief feat. Thomas Valeur

Yngwie Malmsteen: Simple things... I don't know many simple things?


Yngwie Malmsteen teaches guitar novice David Marchese everything you need to know to shred like a guitar god!
Connect with Spin:


How to Shred With Guitar God Yngwie Malmsteen

Eddie Van Halen: All Fired Up

For details about this track, see the Van Halen News Desk:

For official Van Halen Merchandise:

More videos from the series:

Eddie Van Halen - "All Fired Up" - Original song from the Musical Score of "The Wild Life" (1984)

Eddie Van Halen - "Good Enough" from 'The Wild Life' Movie Score

Nelson Mandela: dead at 95 RIP

An inspiration to us all... RIP

1918 Born in the Eastern Cape
1943 Joined African National Congress
1956 Charged with high treason, but charges dropped after a four-year trial
1962 Arrested, convicted of incitement and leaving country without a passport, sentenced to five years in prison
1964 Charged with sabotage, sentenced to life
1990 Freed from prison
1993 Wins Nobel Peace Prize
1994 Elected first black president
1999 Steps down as leader
2001 Diagnosed with prostate cancer
2004 Retires from public life
2005 Announces his son has died of an HIV/Aids-related illness

André Chalifour: Santa Baby - two hands, two necks and available for lessons


Experienced guitar teacher in Montreal's south shore area (Longueuil), graduated and with a APMQ certification, is offering guitar lessons based on your tastes, age and level.

No matter if you want to prepare an audition (CEGEP-University) or just to learn a new activity effective method, very fast.

Jazz, blues, rock, Pop, classical, 2 hands tapping (touch technique), I can even teach you how to play with 2 guitars at the same time (not a joke)

Concert opportunity for students

Possibility to purchase instrument if needed

Lessons in french and english

André Chalifour, DAMPS, Bfa, PMC
(450) 928-2013
Meet me at :,, and

Santa Baby, par André Chalifour

Kevin Pedersen: Bach Inventions for two guitars

Hey guys!
Today I'm continuing with the Bach Inventions with the 11th Invention in G Minor. I wouldn't say there's anything particular in this one except that it is quite fast and has a lot of scales in different ways.
Hope you have fun watching this!


Bach - 11th Invention in G Minor (Kevin Pedersen - Two Guitars)

Bach - 10th Invention in G Major (Kevin Pedersen - Two Guitars)

Michael Schenker: Interview by Mark Taylor of

Michael Schenker talks to Mark Taylor of about his new album 'Bridge The Gap', his wishes for a UFO reformation and about his son Tyson Schenker and his new band State Villains

Interview With Michael Schenker by Mark Taylor of

Oli Herbert: Interview with Oli from All That Remains

Cheryl from Michigan Concerts sits down with Oli Herbert from All That Remains and talks with him about their tour with Asking Alexandria, the summer Rock Allegiance Tour, working with Killswitch Engage and Gwar, life on the road and how they write new music. November 13, 2013 at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Great tips on how not to do an interview.

Interview with All That Remains, Oli Herbert

Great tips on how to do that interview.

All That Remains' Oli Herbert Interview

Jackson Live Interview: All That Remains' Oli Herbert

Alex Beyrodt,Magnus Karlsson: Primal Fear "When Death Comes Knocking"

Buy Primal Fear "When Death Comes Knocking" single on: Amazon: / iTunes:

Primal Fear "When Death Comes Knocking" is taken from the album "Delivering the Black" out on Frontiers Records.
Release dates: Europe, January 24th 2014 / North America, January 28th 2014.

Buy the album on Amazon:

Primal Fear
Ralf Scheepers -- Vocals
Alex Beyrodt -- Guitars
Magnus Karlsson -- Guitar, Keyboards
Randy Black -- Drums
Mat Sinner -- Bass & Vocals

Primal Fear - When Death Comes Knocking (Official / New Studio Album 2014)

Mark Tremonti: metallus interview

We climbed directly on Bus Tour of Alter Bridge to meet the idol.
Mark Tremonti, just minutes from the Atlantic concert on 11 November in Rome, was granted Metallus and reserved, giving fans a greeting strictly in Italian. www .,it

Alter Bridge - "Fortress" - Intervista con Mark Tremonti

Michael Harris: Darkology set to release new album

DARKOLOGY, the Texas-based band featuring guitarist Michael Harris, drummer Brian Harris, bassist Mike Neal and vocalist Kelly "Sundown" Carpenter, will release its sophomore album, "Fated To Burn", in early 2014 through Prime Eon Media. The follow-up to 2009's "Altered Reflections" was mixed and mastered by legendary producer Chris Tsangarides at his studio in the U.K.

"Fated To Burn" track listing:

01. Kill Me If You Can
02. Beyond The Grave
03. On Morrows Break
04. The Eyes Of The Machine
05. Quantum Genocide
06. The Shadows Of Oth
07. Fated To Burn
08. 21st Century Frankensteins (Nobot 2)
09. Festival Of Fear
10. Holy
11. Nightmare King
i. Shadows Of The Abyss
ii. The Summoning
iii. The Construct
iv. Eternus Nocturne: The Dark Domain
12. Your Hollow Soul (work in progress; instrumental mix) (bonus track for Japan)



George Marios: Chordal Slides - Licklibrary with tab A free Lick of the week from George Marios - Download the Free TAB to learn this lesson here: George talks through the technique of Chordal Sliding and then performs the free lick. Free Guitar lessons are now available on - if your new to Licklibrary this allows you a great chance to see what we can do for you. Open the free lessons here:

Jay Parmar: working on tracks for the upcoming album

Jay Parmar

Hi peeps!!! Rhythm tracks done for the first song from the next Inner Road album :) 10 rhythm guitar tracks inc cleans and wah guitars, distorted, etc... all recorded with two mics (one dynamic one ribbon) Sounds BIG and punchy just the way I like it! The Line 6 DT25 is working beautifully as usual. I'm gonna set up mics on the other DT25 and cab in the next couple of days and see if I can record both amps at the same time - that'll be two amps, 4 mics recording each guitar part!!!!! If it works it'll sound every bigger - might be a little too much though.... Hmmm, some experimenting is in order me thinks ;) Lead guitars start tomorrow. I picked up the tiger today and started working parts out. Main melody is pretty much done - I'll figure out the noodles as I go through the track :) More soon. Have a fantastic day!!!

Dave Martone, Stuart Hamm: Performance of G2C at the Guitar Workshop Plus Vancouver 2013

Stu Hamm with Dave Martone and Mike Michalkow
Performance of G2C at the Guitar Workshop Plus Vancouver 2013. Please sign up

Claudio Pietronik: How To Play - Through My Veins guitar solo (Ancient Bards)

How To Play - Through My Veins guitar solo (Ancient Bards)
Hi everybody! Since I have received a lot of requests for this, I decided to film a video in which I show you how the "fast" section of the solo of the Ancient Bards' song Through My Veins, from the album Soulless Child. If you want the transcription please subscribe to my channel and send me a private message! All the best! Claudio

Andy James: Aftershock - Metal Edge Extreme Soloing DVD's

Aftershock By Andy James - Guitar Performance Licklibrary
Andy James performs Aftershock - learn how to play this song on Metal Edge Extreme Soloing DVD Volume 2! Metal Edge Extreme Soloing DVDs are a great way to learn Andy James style by learning metal techniques he uses in his own playing. Across all three DVDs Andy James teaches you some of the licks he uses in his own songs. Find out more about each DVD here:

Metal Edge Extreme Soloing Volume 1:
Metal Edge Extreme Soloing Volume 2:
Metal Edge Extreme Soloing Volume 3:

Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan: Larry DiMarzio gets The Winery Dogs to talk, play, and give insight into a few songs on the band's recent, self-titled album

Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs
Guitarist, Richie Kotzen, and bassist, Billy Sheehan, of The Winery Dogs talk, play, and give insight into a few songs on the band's recent, self-titled album.

Dhalif Ali: Between Two Worlds available from Bandcamp

Between Two Worlds On Air! 89.7fm Vicious Volume
This is Between Two Worlds on radio play during 89.7fm's Vicious Volume with Brader Bo! (Thank you so much) You can purchase my 4-track album which includes "Between Two Worlds" Here: Thank you for your support!
Dhalif Ali: Between Two Worlds

Buy Now $10 USD or moreSend as Gift
1. Between Two Worlds 05:10
2. Darkest Dreams 05:20
3. Sauveur 03:26
4. Ballad In A 07:07
5. Between Two Worlds JAMTRACK 05:12
6. Darkest Dreams JAMTRACK 05:13
7. Sauveur JAMTRACK 03:29
8. Ballad In A JAMTRACK 07:02

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