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Kenny Serane: Funk Improvisation - Lâg Arkane

Guitar: Lâg Arkane Collector Amp: Mesa Mini Rectifier

Alessio Rossetti: Secret mirror (Nico Stufano)

Brano "Secret Mirror" dall'album "Waiting for.." (Just Jazz - Sony - 2002)

A masterpiece of Nico Stufano

Alessio Rossetti - Secret mirror (Nico Stufano)

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest
GUITAR SOLO CONTEST by Exivious & The Circle Pit

The backing for the solo section is uploaded here -

Anouck André: Exivious Guitar Solo contest : Entrust - on fire!

My solo over this great fusion tune !

You can join me on facebook :

Exivious Guitar Solo contest : Entrust

Anouck André: We get right to the heart of this French Rock Fusion player

Martin Miller: In The Dead of Night - album outtake

Martin Miller - In The Dead of Night (album outtake - UK cover)
Here's a cut that ended up not making it on my album for various reasons. It's a (barely mixed) cover of UK's "In the Dead of Night", which I never got around finishing. Hope some of you will enjoy it, so it wasn't a complete waste of time :) Composition: Eddie Jobson, John Wetton Arrangement: Martin Miller Get my album through:

Timo Somers: Vette Shit and Carthagods live in LE PLUG - cool soloing from the rising star!

Carthagods live in LE PLUG with Timo Somers

Timo Somers -Vette Shit - Live in Le PLUG - Tunisia

CARTHAGODS - MONEP special PLUG live version - Timo Somers SOLO

Christophe Godin,Richard Daudé: announces clinic date - Guitar Academy Nimes

Richard Daudé announces Christophe Godin to appear at the Guitar Academy

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

On January 29, 2014 - the Guitar Academy

If you are interested, reserve your spot quickly by sending an email to,fr

Jakub Żytecki: Ernie Ball - Music Man 7 String

Ernie Ball Polska

Take a leaf out of his book, guys — with Jakub Żytecki.

*New* Jakub Zytecki 'Creative Fusion' at

Steeves Hostin: Clouds - A-Sync

Steeves Hostin: Clouds - A-Sync

Released 22 November 2010 A-SynC - Clouds

Music written, recorded, mixed and produced by : Steeves Austin @ Despite Behavior Studio

A-SynC is :

- Steeves Austin : Guitars, writting process, mixing, production
- Vassilya Igor Muck : Vocals, song writting

Mail us :

MySpace :

Special thanks to my "Bwoda" Lionel Levy for his work on the artwork and special EP website.
Contact him :
Website :

Dean Murphy: Godin PLAY THIS AD, AD#1

Godin PLAY THIS AD, AD#1, Dean Murphy
went pretty deep on this one for the godin contest going on. the progression goes Verse F - C while playing Am on the right hand Chorus... thing? F-Am-C-E Solo Section F-Am-C-E2-B4-A-B4-A-E2

Robert Culbertson: Bach Invention #4 On The 10 String Acoustic Stick - insanely impressive

If you are new to the Chapman Stick see
This is the acoustic version prototype of the Stick I hope will be in production someday. There are still some design ideas to be worked out.

Thank you for listening, Bob Culbertson

Bach Invention #4 On The 10 String Acoustic Stick Guitar

plus the classic

Albèniz, Asturias(Leyenda) performed by Bob Culbertson

Matthew Mills: Carol of The Bells acoustic Guitar

Carol of The Bells acoustic Guitar
Matthew Mills Performing Carol of The Bells on a Ovation Acoustic Legend guitar. In Leesburg Virginia.

Jack Gardiner: Two Guitar Solos over a Classic Funk/Soul Tune

Two Guitar Solos over a Classic Funk/Soul Tune (Never Too Much)
Hi guys, Here's two different takes over 'Never Too Much' by Luther Vandross. This tune is without a doubt my favourite function/cover tune to play with the band. The first solo is more of a composed idea, and the second is out-right improvisation. I filmed these both on different days, to try and give two completely different approaches! I'd also like to note, i'm still taking on a few more Skype pupils, so if you're interested please contact me here, or on my website:

Steeves Hostin: Lundgren Pickups Endorsement

Steeves - Lundgren Pickups Endorsement
Steeves is now proudly endorsed by Lundgren Pickups along with names like the mighty Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen, Frederik Thordendal and Mårten Hagström from Meshuggah. Check out this promo video for those amazing pickups A very big thank you to Steeves' dad, Vince D. , for the guitar engineering. LUNDGREN PICKUPS : You can reach us on : - Facebook : - Twitter :

Eric Calderone: Sword Art Online (Crossing Field) Meets Metal

Sword Art Online (Crossing Field) Meets Metal
Hey guys, So this was a HUGE comment after I posted Attack on Titan. Such a catchy opening tune. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for all the comments, subs, messages, suggestions, donations, fan art, and support. You guys always always always ROCK my casbah! Best to ya E Patreon: Facebook: MP3, Tab Books, and Album: Itunes: CDbaby:

Kevin Peters: Siberian Solstice - Trinity Lutheran Findley - BumbleBee

Siberian Solstice - Trinity Lutheran Findley - BumbleBee
Here is me with the band I'm in, Siberian Solstice, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Findley Ohio on December 7th, 2013. Good times!

News: Orange Amplification Redesign Website

Press Release: 9th December 2013

Orange Amplification Redesign Website

Orange Amplification have taken advantage of the latest HTML5 technology to redesign their official website. It is now responsive, allowing it to feature sharper high resolution images and display information in a dynamic and interactive format. They also took the opportunity to add a number of new features, such as adding details of artists who use the amps to the Product Pages, improving the News Area layout and a revamped Artist Area.

The use of the Responsive Layout combined with a Retina Ready design means that the visual experience of the Orange website is now more akin to that of a top class magazine only in a web format. The site translates seamlessly from desktop to mobile device with out any loss of resolution. Add that to the use of 100% Flash free, it means the new Orange Website adapts to how users view the website giving them a consistent, beautiful experience they can use across their devices.

The Product pages are now more informative, displaying full product details alongside displays of artists who use the specific amplifiers. Guitarists everywhere will find it even easier to emulate the gear of their favourite artists. They can also catch up on the latest in product and artist news with the improved easy to navigate News Area. The Artist Area has also been overhauled and again it will be easy to find out which artist uses which product.

Give your self a visual treat and check out the redesigned Orange website at

Guthrie Govan: Masterclass Tour Indonesia - December 2013

Guthrie announces his masterclasses in Indonesia for December 2013
Check his official Facebook page GuthrieGovanOfficial for more info

Guthrie Govan December 2013 Masterclass Tour Indonesia

Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Mike Keneally: The G4 Experience




From August 11-15, 2014, musicians of all ages and levels will converge in California’s scenic Central Coast for the G4 Experience with guitar virtuosos Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, and Mike Keneally. This unique music camp that combines entertainment, education and a vacation experience will be held at the picturesque Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Produced by Dreamcatcher Events, the G4 Experience ( is an extension of the G3 tour, a concert tour Satriani organizes that features him alongside two other well-known guitarists. “In 1996 I wanted to find a way to work with the guitar players I respected and we launched the first G3 tour,” explains Satriani. “Since then I have enjoyed countless hours playing and ‘experiencing’ the amazing talents of my peers. The G4 Experience is my chance to expand on the G3 idea. I’ve invited my friends Paul Gilbert, Mike Keneally and Andy Timmons. I know these guys can play amazing guitar and I want them to share that knowledge with the campers and with me!”

The event will kick off Monday, August 11 with a meet and greet with Joe, Paul, Andy, Mike and G4 Experience guests, which will be followed by a live performance from Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert that evening. Both Joe and Paul will offer daily master classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while there will be breakout sessions with Andy and Mike. Evenings will feature live performances and once-in-a-lifetime jam sessions where instructors and guests can collaborate. Paul Gilbert calls the experience “fuel for the musical soul” and Joe Satriani feels the event offers guests “a chance to improve their skills, meet like minded players and be inspired.” “I hope to explore new facets of the instrument, meet some cool new players
and make some great guitar music,” he continues.

The intimate G4 Experience is available for a maximum of 175 attendees. The event size is limited so every guest will have the opportunity to spend time with each of the featured artists. “There are star performers at the camp, but this is much more than a handshake and a photo,” says Gilbert. “We have enough time to relax and hang out. And you’ll get plenty of concrete guitar ideas, and inspiring memories to take home.”

Tickets for the G4 Experience are on sale now at Admission includes lodging, meals, master classes, breakout sessions, live performances and jam sessions. Every attendee will also receive a welcome kit with items including Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert guitar picks, an Ibanez guitar strap, and a commemorative G4 Experience poster.

As an added bonus, the first 100 people to register for the event will receive an Ibanez RG electric guitar courtesy of Hoshino. Each guitar will be signed by Satriani, Gilbert, Timmons and Keneally.

Featured musician/instructor Paul Gilbert elaborates on one of his favorite parts of hosting a camp like this: “I set up a massive jam session where I can play with every single person at the camp. I have everyone form a line, and have a guitar tech ready to help each person get plugged in, so when it’s their turn, they can start rocking with no distractions. When everyone is ready, I start a groove going, and give each person a few chances to trade solos with me. And don’t worry, it’s not a competitive event. Everyone soon gets into the groove, and as the ‘bandleader,’ I steer the jam to make it friendly, and as musical as possible. At the same time, I know that everyone leaves with a serious lot of adrenaline.”

For the G4 Experience, guests will choose from a variety of room options at Cambria Pines Lodge in scenic Cambria, CA on California’s Central Coast. Located on 25 acres of Monterey pines and landscaped gardens, Cambria Pines Lodge ( is within minutes of the Pacific Ocean and Hearst Castle, and is close to hundreds of wineries. Cambria is easily accessible by air via the San Luis Obispo airport and by car via the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

Carl Mörner Ringström: fine fusion form with a little of the Christmas spirit - Silent Night

Carl Mörner Ringström in fine fusion form with a little of the Christmas spirit - Silent Night

Buy the excellent fusion album... sit back and enjoy!
Carl Mörner Ringström: Neocolony

Divaldi Addina: Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun - live open air concert performance

Divaldi Addina
Options for this story
This is my Perform At ROCKLINGERS-4. Bulungan South Jakarta
Yngwie's Far Beyond the Sun (cover)

The sound.. it was AWESOME..!

Thank you very very very very Much..
To.. Uncle Mike Carparelli for Awesome Arco F1... to Uncle Terry..
to Uncle Laurie Monk .. and to all My Uncles, aunties, Brothers, sisters and my FB.. Thank you sooooooooooo Much.. for the Great and Awesome Support..!!
Love Y'all...

and to ROCKLINGERS Friends..
Om Ungki Blves..Om Leodet, Om Indra... and all...
Thank you so much for an Awesome event..and great support..!

and thank you to..- Om Dogi -Revolt Effek- for an awesome American Muscle Effect...
combine with Boss GT100... Very Amazing Sound !!
Divaldi Addina Reza II Dewa Kusuma Nurul Qodariyah II Mahendra Kusuma Valentinus Arfandady

Dave Brons: Star - the single from the upcoming album - great original track and promo video

Dave Brons: Star 
Star was written after Dave Brons heard his 3 year old son sing his own version of the melody for "Twinkle Twinkle little star" as he was putting him to bed. As soon as Brons heard him singing the idea for the song came to him. He quickly recorded his son on his iPhone and rushed out to his studio and started recording and arranging the parts. He worked through the night and finished the arrangement just as the sun was coming up the next morning.

The song features Keyboard player Mark Swift. The middle of the song features a beautiful piano solo of his that Dave managed to graft into the song structure. Brons said this about it; "It is very reminiscent of Einaudi and just transports me to a happy place every time i hear it" John Biglands provides all the grooves across a variety of odd time signatures that weave seamlessly in and out of 5/4 and 6/4 time.

When describing the outro solo, Dave states "Right at the end of the song the epic guitar solo really captures the joy that I felt as I was finishing the arrangement while watching the sun rise through my home studio window."

Here is Dave Brons' Bio taken from his website at

What would you get if you crossed guitarist Eddie Van Halen with composer John Williams?
Rarely does does guitar fuelled instrumental rock music succeed in appealing to both musicians and non muscians alike.

Dave Brons set out to create music that would marry the expressive potential of rock guitar with the epic sound of orchestral film music: “To the average music listener, most instrumental guitar music sounds like morse code over a backing track, a mere showcase for the guitar players technical ability”. Brons states, “I want my music to move the listener emotionally and transport them to the movie in their minds eye!”

It seems like Brons is on track with this aim. Dave Bainbridge, (of celtic prog band, lauded by the music press for his stunning compositions and virtuosic guitar playing said this about the first single “Star”.

Dave Brons is an exceptional guitarist, with a particular ability to conjure a superb, spine tingling, lyrical tone from his guitar. His impressive technical facility never overshadows his innate melodic sensibility and musicality. ‘Star’ demonstrates Dave’s vision to integrate cinematic orchestral textures with soaring guitar leads, which combine to touch the heart.

Brons’ music is also gaining fans from other luminaries in the Progressive Rock arena. Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer, Neal Morse and Guitar Magazine columnist, was so impressed with Brons’ compositions that he agreed to contribute a solo to one of tracks. “Dave combines technique, feel, melody and carefully crafted compositions, making his music something that clearly stands out from the crowd. His love and passion for his instrument clearly shines through his playing.” High praise indeed, from one of the worlds most accomplished guitarists.

Brons was given his first guitar in 1991 by a youth worker. This act of kindness has created a legacy: Brons regularly teaches underprivileged young people in prisons and education charities, “I’ve seen that playing an instrument can help people turn their lives around. Seeing people’s joy as they realise they can play is a great motivation for me.”

Brons is no stranger to hard times himself. Growing up, Money was tight in the Brons household so Dave got a Saturday job, which earned him just enough to pay for his guitar lesson each week. Brons’ guitar obsession was born, often practising 3 or 4 hours a night and 10 hours a day on the weekend. His Dad, himself a classical musician remarked, “the guitar was surgically attached, he even used to play his guitar in bed late at night with the lights out even after we’d told him to give it a rest and go to bed!”

After graduating from the London Guitar Institute in 1999, Dave soon found his technical guitar skills in demand and started teaching privately guitar in the UK and giving masterclasses as far away as Singapore.

Dave has also produced albums for artists from around the UK. After years of working on other people’s music he now he is concentrating his efforts into his own compositions.

Dave will be releasing a single a month starting in Dec 2013. "Star" is the first single. - Star - Available now on CDbabyhttp:// SPECIAL OFFER From Dec 8th to Dec 15th Subscribers to my mailing list can DOWNLOAD it for FREE by going to my website or clicking here:

Please share and like the video, I'd love for this video to be seen by as many people as it was really hard to make!!!

Star by Dave Brons - New single

Irene Ketikidi,Theodore Kalantzakos: Parallels the new project set to release new single

TKG and Irene Ketikidi join forces to Release a New Single with title "Parallels" available worldwide on December 27th. "Parallels" is a combination of rock/metal elements and tasteful guitar and fretless guitar solos. Previous projects are "Pattern Partner [LP]" and "No Shortcuts (Paving the Way Forward)" for TKG and "Martial Arts and Magic Tricks" for Irene Ketikidi.

Theodore's Photo by Nikitas Tsaousis
Loukas Kalantzakos Photo by Photo Nikolaides
Irene's by MarcGriggs

TKG feat. Irene Ketikidi | "PARALLELS" Upcoming Single Release

Theodore Kalantzakos previous project

TKG No Shortcuts (Paving The Way Forward)

Theodore Kalantzakos: No Shortcuts (Paving the Way Forward)