Thursday, 19 December 2013

Leonardo Guzman: Randall RG13 - Lead Tone Demo

I'm loving this amp more everyday! so versatile and friendly!!

Leonardo Guzman - Randall RG13 - Lead Tone Demo

News: Guy's Grid offers players of all levels a way to enhance their understanding of chord theory

Guy's Grid offers players of all levels a way to enhance their understanding of chord theory and extend their repertoire of chords to heights not easily imagined." - Peter Pupping, MM Guitar Performance Recording Artist and 30 years music instructor.

For a limited time, you can get the complete set of Guy's Grids for only $99.00. This set of 5 books is the perfect gift for guitarists of all levels. This collection is more than a chord book, but offers a unique and inspiring way to learn guitar chords. "This book is a master-piece. It's a guitar-players must have dream book!" -Allan

This comprehensive presentation of guitar chord forms in a new highly useful "grid" format. It presents related chords in logical proximity to each other which greatly facilitates the memorization process. Guy's Scales, Modes, and Arpeggios is a comprehensive and integrated presentation of scales, modes, and arpeggios, including patterns in all positions of the fretboard.

Fanalo Alaux: Plug-In - Earthquake new EP album

Guitars : Fanalo
Bass : Mobo
Guitars : Denis Cornardeau
Drums : Simon Renault

1. Earthquake
2. Meeting Satch 2013 05:02
3. Lifetime 2013

Fanalo Alaux: Plug-In - Earthquake

During the christmas holidays, get a free digital download of this EP when buying a "Hijack" digipak !

This is a digital only release ! We have included the front and back covers, and the CD art, for those who want to print it !

releases 20 December 2013
Earthquake was recorded by Mobo at Le Ciam (drums) and Conkrete Studio (bass and guitars), mixed and mastered by Mobo at Conkrete Studio.

On this record :
Fanalo : Guitars
Mobo : Bass
Drums : Simon Renault

Fanalo uses Elixir Strings.
Mobo uses Basslab basses, and Two-Notes Audio Engineering's Torpedo VB-101

Sergey Golovin: #03 HeadBreak Licks - Insane Sweep

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Michael Fleming: Guitar Cover Of Jason Becker's Altitudes

Michael Fleming cover Jason Becker's Altitudes on guitar during his lesson. Michael plays in the band 'Into The Chaos' and is taught at
Thanks to Jason Becker for his incredible music and spirit which is an inspiration to us all.

Michael Fleming's Guitar Cover Of Jason Becker's Altitudes

Hans Van Even: Walking In The Air - Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas to everyone, wish you some great and peaceful days ... as a preview of the CD to come, here's my version of the magic "Walking In The Air" from the animation film the Snowman ... hope you'll like it.

Walking In The Air - performed by Hans Van Even