Monday, 25 August 2014

Tony MacAlpine: latest tour dates

We're adding the final dates to my upcoming US Tour in October, plus a festival date in Bogota, Colombia on September 21!

This is my first US tour in over a decade. We'll be playing my classic album Maximum Security in full as part of the set, along with a preview of my upcoming solo album Concrete Gardens. The band is: Aquiles Priester - Drums; Bjorn Englen - Bass.

Sep 21, 2014: Bogota, COLOMBIA - Metal Millennium 2014 @ Coliseo Cubierto El Campín TICKETS
Oct 06, 2014: Denver, CO - Quixote’s True Blue TICKETS
Oct 08, 2014: Kansas City, MO - Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club TICKETS
Oct 10, 2014: Chicago, IL - Reggies TICKETS
Oct 11, 2014: Westland, MI - Token Lounge TICKETS
Oct 12, 2014: Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern TICKETS
Oct 13, 2014: Pittsburgh, PA - The Hard Rock Cafe TICKETS
Oct 14, 2014: Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar TICKETS
Oct 15, 2014: Dunellen, NJ - Roxy & Dukes TICKETS
Oct 16, 2014: New York, NY - The Iridium (2 shows: 8:30 and 10:30) TICKETS
Oct 18, 2014: Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear's Place TICKETS
Oct 19, 2014: Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java TICKETS
Oct 20, 2014: Raleigh, NC - The Pour House Music TICKETS
Oct 21, 2014: Atlanta, GA - Smith's Olde Bar TICKETS
Oct 22, 2014: Nashville, TN - The High Watt TICKETS
Oct 24, 2014: Denton, TX - Dan's Silverleaf TICKETS
Oct 25, 2014: Houston, TX - CPN Metal Fest @ Concert Pub North TICKETS
Oct 26, 2014: Austin, TX - To Be Announced
Oct 29, 2014: Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock Live TICKETS

For the latest updates visit the Tour Dates page.


Skype Lessons August/September

I'm giving private one-to-one webcam guitar lessons through Skype between now and our US Tour in October. I accept any level of student, and lessons are tailored to fit the things you'd like to work on with your playing. Lessons are $120 for 45 minutes. Payment via Paypal is accepted. Discounts available if you buy a block of 2 lessons or more.

Spaces are limited. Please email to book your lesson.


Hope to see you on the road!


p.s. Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and Twitter profile where I check in regularly and keep you up to date with what I'm up to.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats latest news and tour dates

Hello everyone once again!

We just finished our first tour of Asia in three years, and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to all of our fans in Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Japan for three unforgettable weeks. We posted a whole bunch of pictures from that tour on our Facebook page - check them out if you like.

Now it's back to Europe for the final five dates of the Culture Clash World Tour.


Aug 28 - Rock On Festival (free entrance) - Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro), IT
Sep 1 - Porgy & Bess - Vienna, AT
Sep 3 - Harpa/Norðurljós - Reykjavik, ICELAND
Sep 5 - P60 - Amstelveen, NL
Sep 6 - The Woolley Festival - Merkins Farm, Bradford Leigh, Bradford on Avon, UK

Full info and ticket links are available by clicking right here.


* The bass/drums transcriptions and backing tracks for our entire Culture Clash album will be available at Jam Track Central on September 1. That's in just 6 days!

* Work on Culture Clash Live continues, and it's now going to be even more international than before, with footage from our Asia leg being reviewed for addition as you read this. It's going to be quite a package.

That's it for now. If you're in southern Italy, Vienna, Iceland, Holland, or the UK, we hope to celebrate the end of this incredible world tour with you in style.

Best wishes to all,
The Aristocrats

Derryl Gabel: Guitar Fretboard Positioning System - new lesson package available

Guitar Fretboard Positioning System
After a long break I've just released my 15th instructional video, "Guitar Fretboard Positioning System"!!!( GPS for short ) Look below for more details.

In this one hour video I show you a systematic approach for memorizing the notes on the fretboard. This is a time tested, proven method that I have used with my students. This is a new and improved method that I use to call Note Recognition which was shown on my FIT video. Most everyone that I have shown this new method to, once mastered, is able to instantly know the notes on the guitar without even looking at the fretboard. I've found that most new students master a string within 15 minutes or less! If you are serious about becoming a better musician and guitarist this DVD is for you. It doesn't matter what style you play. Knowing the notes instantly will make you exponentially better on your instrument. Let me show you how! As an added bonus I have included a live in studio performance which includes the transcription.

Look folks, this is not just for beginner / intermediate players. If you have chops but you're constantly getting lost when playing through changes because you don't know the notes, this is for you.

If you are a teacher and your looking for a methodical, systematic approach that will quickly help your students memorize the notes, this is for you.

I will be putting out a series of DVDs in the near future and in order to use the material to it's fullest potential you must have this down. This will set the foundation. Think about this, if I were to show you a system of how to master all 12 keys on the guitar in any position how will you be able to do it if you don't know the notes first?


Chromatic and Major
Guitar Layout
Mapping Out the E String
Mapping Out the A String
Mapping Out the D String
Mapping Out the G String
Mapping Out the B String
In Studio Live Performance ( Pud Wud ) Included on the DVD are neck diagram and document files that will help you follow along.

When purchasing the DVD or Blu-ray you will also get the download version. Once your order is placed you will be redirected to the "Thank You" page that will have the download links. Also, you will receive an email with the download links but if it doesn't show in your inbox check your spam folder. The download will include all the documentation and neck diagrams. This will also be located on the DVD and Blu-ray as well.

Blu-ray : $45.00
S & H : $5.00
Click Here to order the Blu-ray Edition

DVD : $35.00
S & H: $5.00
Click here to order the DVD

Download version: $30.00
Click here to order the DOWNLOAD version

Katalina González: Rock Fusion soloing practice

Katalina González: using only a small number of guitar techniques


Nikki Simmons, Ryan Robb: should You Return - Drewsif Stalin - No Struggles Tour July 2014 England

Struggles Tour
July 2014 England

Drewsif Stalin - Guitar/vocals (DSME)
Wayne Courtright - Bass (FFAF/DSME)
Michael Lumer - Drums (FFAF/DSME)
Nikki Simmons - Vocals (DSME)
Anthony Marshall - Guitar (FFAF)
Ryan Robb - Guitar (FFAF)
Maxi Curnow - Vocals (FFAF)
Kaan Tasan - Vocals (No Consequence)
Dan Reid - Guitar (No Consequence)
Harry Edwards - Guitar (No Consequence)
Colin Bentham - Drums (No Consequence)
Tom Parkinson - Bass (No Consequence)
Carlos Mejicanos - Merch/Cameraman
Christopher O'Brien - Driver
Andy May - Tour Manager/Hopeless Romantic

Footage by:
Nikki Simmons
Pete Graves
Carlos Mejicanos
Harry Edwards
Kaan Tasan
Drewsif Stalin
Anthony Marshall
Ryan Robb
Dan Reid

Nikki Simmons & Ryan Robb - Should You Return (Copeland cover)

Amaury Cruz: Spiral Architect - Fountainhead

Spiral Architect - Fountainhead
here are some 11/16,12/16, 13/16, and 14/16 nice song.

Spiral Architect - Fountainhead

Per Nilsson: Noumenon - tapping, Weed and bending phobia

A few excerpts of what went down at my visit at Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp 2014.

PER NILSSON at FREAK GUITAR CAMP part II: 'Noumenon', tapping, Weed and bending phobia

Jeff Loomis: Performs 'Conquering Dystopia' - Summer NAMM 2014

Jeff Loomis live performance of songs from 'Conquering Dystopia' at Summer NAMM 2014.
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Summer NAMM 2014 - Jeff Loomis Performs 'Conquering Dystopia' Songs | GEAR GODS

John Mayer: Ice Bucket Challenge - just made Jason Becker's day!

Jason BeckerShared publicly - 04:10

John Mayer accepts my #alsicebucketchallenge, and he plays "Air" beautifully! Holy Cow! John, I am such a huge fan of your music and guitar playing! I can't tell you how much this meant to me! Your version of "Air" melted me, brother. My parents and I are so moved. Thank you big time!
John Mayer’s Ice Bucket Challenge

John Mayer
I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Jason Becker, a phenomenal musician who has ALS. Though he can no longer play guitar because of the disease, he still continues to compose beautiful music. I thought I'd play along with one of Jason’s old guitar recordings before I went for the bucket. For more info on Jason check out his site

Domenico Lorusso,Luca Mantovanelli,Roberto Restuccia,Pritesh Walia,Hedras Ramos,Fayeed Tan: International Guitar Jam

Hey guys! This is our jam on a Coffee Break backing track!

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Luca Mantovanelli:
Roberto Restuccia:
Pritesh Walia:
Hedras Ramos:
Fayeed Tan:

Coffee Break Grooves Backing Tracks:

International Guitar Jam