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Akihiko Onji, Jack Gardiner: Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014

Jack Gardiner - Akihiko Onji - Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014
Akihiko Onji
Jack Gardiner - Akihiko Onji - Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014

Chris Gordon: Requiem Intro - I wrote for my father Fly High Dad!

Requiem Intro
Chris Gordon
The intro to a piece I wrote for my father
Fly High Dad!

Andy James: 'Continuum' Solo - 'Ultimate Metal Improvisation Vol 1' - great new track

Ready to learn to improvise? Heres Andy's solo from 'Continuum', one of the tracks from 'Ultimate Metal Improvisation Vol 1'

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Andy James 'Continuum' Solo - 'Ultimate Metal Improvisation Vol 1'

Michael Dolce: last master class for the year

Michael Dolce last master class for the year

Thanks for all your emails and constant support I really appreciate it.

For all you Sydney based guitarists the last master class for this year will be happening on the 9th December at Cilia guitars showroom.

You can book your seat online at the following link

On the 8th December I will be conducting a band master class with the members of the Voice band in Penrith you can email

Thanks again for your support and hopefully I’ll be in your town some time soon.

Tom Hess: How To Know Whether You Can Become A Great Guitar Player Pt. 1: Do You Want It Bad Enough?

How To Know Whether You Can Become A Great Guitar Player Pt. 1: Do You Want It Bad Enough?
by Tom Hess

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of your guitar playing greatness is NOT learning complicated techniques, becoming a faster player, memorizing scale patterns or anything else musical. Fact is, anyone can master these aspects and play guitar well. However, most guitarists are not committed enough to doing what it takes to become great in order to actually do so.

Think about all the tasks you must get done to become a great guitarist as a mountain you must climb. Right now, you are either at the bottom or somewhere in the middle, and you want to be at the top. As you scan up the side of the mountain, it can feel intimidating. BUT one thing is for sure, you will never get to the top by only focusing on how tall the mountain is... instead, you’ll need to see the ascent as a series of steps.

You need to:
1. Pinpoint each step that will lead you to your goals for guitar

2. Achieve one step after the other until you have reached the top of the mountain
To do this, you have to answer one question:

Do You Want To Become A Great Guitarist Bad Enough?
Being aware of the best steps to take, and actually doing those steps one after another will lead you down the road to success... but to pursue and accomplish musical greatness, you’ve got to truly want it BAD ENOUGH. So what does “wanting it bad enough” refer to exactly? To begin with, it definitely does NOT refer to practicing guitar for 5+ hours every day (something that is not at all required for becoming a great guitarist).

Here is what wanting it bad enough really means: “Choosing what really matters”... Choosing to do what is best for reaching your goals and not fabricating excuses for why you think you can’t accomplish them (more on this below). You also need to make better choices with how you utilize whatever available time you DO have. When your friends are out partying, watching videos online, or watching pointless TV shows, you should be realizing your dreams, becoming the great guitarist that you deserve to be!
Change Your Guitar Practice Mindset From “I’d Like To” To “I AM”
The majority of guitar players do not become great because they invest most of their time thinking about what they’d like to do rather than actually doing it. This is a basic symptom of NOT wanting it “bad enough” to achieve greatness. Have you ever found yourself saying the following:
-I'd like to find out how to effectively practice guitar to obtain my guitar playing goals, but I don't have enough energy or the time to do it

-I'd like to wake up early in the morning to get extra guitar practice time, but it’s too hard

-I'd like to take lessons with the world's best guitar teacher, but I don't have the funds available to do so

-I'd like to be coached for success by the greatest guitar trainer, but I don't have the time, or I’m intimidated

-I'd like to develop good guitar practice discipline, but it's hard

- I'd like to become a great guitarist fast, but I’m uncertain if it’s really possible

It’s clear that actually DOING all these things is going to massively speed up your progress towards achieving your guitar playing goals.

Whenever you think to yourself “I’d like” to do something rather than actually DOING it (or taking action of some kind), you are keeping the door open for excuses to control your mindset. With this approach, you will over time allow mediocrity to infect your guitar playing and your progress will stall. It’s been said that: “Those who want something, find a way? those who don’t, find an excuse.” Excuses are the DEATH of your musical goals!

On the bright side, it’s pretty easy to turn this around. It all starts with the basic process of imagining what could happen to your guitar playing if you replaced the “I’d like” part in the list above with “I AM”. Go through this right now by reading the list below out loud. Don’t merely read in your mind... actually say it out loud:

-I am learning how to practice guitar in a highly effective manner

-I am getting up early every morning to work towards achieving mastery in my guitar playing

-I AM taking lessons with the world's best guitar teacher

-I AM being coached for success by the greatest guitar trainer

-I AM developing more disciplined guitar practicing

-I AM becoming a great guitar player fast
?now, picture how your guitar playing would be right now if everything above was true for you on a regular basis. Picture how much more progress you’d be making and how much more you would be enjoying the process of achieving your goals if you could truly say “Yes” to the items in the list above. Take just a few moments and think about it...
Now, guess what: these statements truly CAN become your reality. This starts with:
Choosing What Matters Most
To bridge the gap between “I’d like to” and “I AM” you must say: “I CHOOSE?”
Reality is, people who became great guitarists did so by “choice”. As you read above, discovering the correct things to practice isn’t a big challenge - anyone can do this (read this to find out what you must do to reach your musical goals). The fundamental difference between great guitar players and everyday guitarists is the CHOICE they make to become great. This choice is the product of their “bad enough” need to attain their goals, mixed with the important reasons behind their musical goals. Rather than allowing excuses to take over your mindset, challenge yourself to CHOOSE excellence.
To do this, eliminate all your excuses for NOT doing something by replacing them with a reason TO do it. It’s simple. Complete the following exercise: read the following statements out loud, and this time complete the part that comes after the word “because” with your own personal reason.

- I CHOOSE to learn how to practice guitar in a highly effective manner, because?

- I CHOOSE to up early every morning to work towards achieving mastery in my guitar playing, because?

- I CHOOSE to be trained by the best guitar teacher, coach and trainer, because?

- I CHOOSE to be focused and disciplined, because?

- I CHOOSE to become the incredible guitarist that I am destined to become, because?

- I CHOOSE to control my own destiny, because?

Once you replace “excuses” with “big enough reasons” that you want to achieve badly enough, everything becomes very easy. Your reasons are the thing that drives your choices and forces you to take actions to accomplish incredible things. So whenever all your friends are playing around on guitar, playing the same licks (instead of TRULY practicing), sleeping more than they should or watching YouTube videos, you will be the one taking a single action, one step at a time, to achieve your dreams and become the great guitarist that you deserve to be!
Success Leads To More Success
While desiring greatness bad enough is the initial step needed to truly become a great guitar player fast, you create long-term, intense desire for practice by taking one positive action after the other. While keeping a close eye on your greatest guitar playing goals, pay attention to feeling of achievement you feel after completing even a small step towards greatness. Maybe you just finished practicing intensely for several hours or simply woke up early in the morning so you could practice before going to school or work... THIS is what will give you the motivation needed to continue on the same path tomorrow and the day after that. As you consistently take action, what you do will compound upon itself and you will eventually transform into the great guitarist you want to become. Keep focusing on how great each action along the way makes you feel and you will become more motivated to feel this way every day.
Now that you have read this article, do you want to become a great guitarist bad enough? Don’t be just like most other guitarists who only want it a little (but never achieve it)... you are much better than that and you deserve better too!
Getting started down the road to becoming a great guitarist is simultaneously the most difficult and easy part... Get things going now by doing something to achieve a quick, small victory. Choose what matters and take action to head down the path to greatness!
Take the best guitar lessons online and accomplish your guitar playing goals faster than ever.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is an online electric guitar teacher, recording artist and virtuoso guitarist. He trains guitar players from around the world how to reach their musical goals in his correspondence guitar lessons online. Visit his website to receive many free guitar playing resources, mini courses, guitar practice eBooks, and to read more articles about guitar playing.

Divaldi Addina: my 2nd improvise over backing track

this is my 2nd improvise over the backin Track,
i called it..(The Whisper)
and I'm using the Red queen ( Carparelli Infiniti S1 Guitar)

so ..i hope y'all like it and
please, Like, Subs and Post the comment.

enjoy the video.. and Have a great Shredding Day :-)

my 2nd improvise over backing track -13years old Divaldi Addina (HD)

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories - new release avaliable online

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories

Alexandra Zerner
My debut solo album "9 Stories" is available on the online music stores, so the choice is yours!

1 A Perfect Day for Bananafish 7:53
2 Léon 5:22
3 Lolita 4:43
4 Memoirs of a Geisha 6:36
5 Light Breathing 2:53
6 For Esmé - With Love and Squalor 5:41
7 Girl with a Pearl Earring 6:03
8 The Seducer's Diary 5:50

9 The Sorrows of Young Werther 2:10

Also, here are the official online stores links, if you want to put my album on your sites:

Alexandra Zerner - For Esmé - With Love And Squalor (intro) - teaser

Alexandra Zerner - A Perfect Day For Bananafish - Teaser

Alexandra Zerner - Girl With A Pearl Earring

Eric Steckel: @ The Shack, Oude Meer, The Netherlands 2013

Eric Steckel @ The Shack, Oude Meer, The Netherlands 20 jan 2013. Filmed with a JVC GZ-VX700

Eric Steckel - Guitar/Vocals
Barend Courbois - Bas
Henk Punter - Drums
Bob Fridzema - Keys

Eric Steckel 2/6 (Re-edit)

Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, Mark Holcomb: PERIPHERY - The Scourge

U.S. Pre-Orders:

Spencer Sotelo - Vocals
instagram - spenciphery

Misha Mansoor - Guitars
Twitter - @iambulb
instagram - mishaperiphery

Matt Halpern - Drums
Twitter - @MattBandHappy
instagram - mattbandhappy

Jake Bowen - Guitars
Twitter - @JakePeriphery
instagram - jakeperiphery

Mark Holcomb - Guitars
Twitter - @MarkPeriphery
instagram - markperiphery

Adam "Nolly" Getgood - Bass
Twitter - @NollyPeriphery
Instagram - nollyperiphery

PERIPHERY - Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega - U.S. date: 01/27/15

Physical double disc release includes:
(Alpha CD + Omega CD/DVD Documentary)


PERIPHERY - The Scourge

Yossi Sassi: Numbers World - Live @ Red Sea Beer Festival

The NEW album "Desert Butterflies" is out May 1st , 2014!
Band Camp:

Bouzoukitara - Yossi Sassi
Bass - Or Lubianiker
Electric Guitar - Ben Azar
Percussion - Roei Fridman
Drums - Shay Ifrah

Sound & Mix - Ofer Froind
Video photography - Liron Liber
Video arrangement - Christophe Charretier
Yossi Sassi - Numbers World | Live @ Red Sea Beer Festival, Eilat (Oriental Rock)

Beledo: Beledo Trio at Mexicali Live NJ 2014

Beledo Trio at Mexicali Live NJ 09/19/2014

Beledo guitar
Tony Steele bass
Doron Lev drums

Opening for Allan Holdsworth

Beledo Trio "Mercury In Retrograde"at Mexicali Live NJ 09/19/2014

Beledo Trio "Ballerina"at Mexicali Live NJ 09/19/2014

Beledo Trio "Mechanism" at Mexicali Live NJ 09/19/2014

Vinnie Moore: UFO launch album A Conspiracy Of Stars and announce UK tour

UFO will launch their latest album A Conspiracy Of Stars early next year, they’ve announced.

Their record label will also launch a Blu-ray titled Showtime on December 1. It was filmed during their 2005 tour supporting album You Are Here. Along with the live performance, the disc also features bonus features including interviews and a making of documentary.

Apr 16: Norwich Waterfront

Apr 17: Cambridge Junction

Apr 18: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

Apr 19: Manchester Ritz

Apr 21: Dublin The Academy

Apr 22: Belfast The Limelight

Apr 24: Glasgow O2 ABC

Apr 25: Newcastle O2 Academy

Apr 26: Leeds O2 Academy

Apr 28: Nottingham Rock City

Apr 30: Bristol O2 Academy

May 01: Falmouth Pavilion

May 02: Exeter Phoenix

May 03: Salisbury City Hall

May 05: Brighton Concorde 2

May 06: Oxford O2 Academy

May 07: London HMV Forum

Feodor Dosumov: Fusion Pig (Delay-pedal "Echolution2" by Pigtronix)

Feodor Dosumov: with a demo of the new Fusion Pig Delay-pedal and "Echolution2" by Pigtronix - "It gives very interesting space!"

Fusion Pig (Delay-pedal "Echolution2" by Pigtronix)

Jakub Żytecki: "Hedwig's Theme" funked up

I had to take a little break from the album making and decided to tweak that magical theme a bit hehe
Harry Potter soundtracks are sooo amazing!
Big thanks to my dear friend Grzegorz Rybicki for lending me this nice acoustic guitar, I really want to write at least one acoustic piece for my album so wish me luck!

"Hedwig's Theme" funked up

JS Begley: Peruvian Flame - Mood Shift live performance 2014

Mood Shift
live performing "Peruvian Flame" by J.s.Begley in Savannah Ga. 2014

Drums - Rhett Coleman
Bass - Bobby D
Guitar - J.s.Begley

"Peruvian Flame" is an original composition written by J.s.Begley

Peruvian Flame

KristoferDahl: Oh Brother (w/ breakdown & analysis)

This song is about getting through hard times with the help of your guitar, and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

03:57 Lick 1
04:44 Lick 2
05:57 Lick 3
06:52 Lick 4

Guitar pro tab for first licks:

Please let me know if you're interested in me explaining the whole song? Is there anything specific you would want me to focus on?
Oh Brother (w/ breakdown & analysis)

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Coaster Coat - Pike 93

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Coaster Coat

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Coaster Coat - Pike 93

Dave Decker I cant take it how good this Pike is...
Buckethead you complete me.....

Coaster Coat
by Bucketheadland
1. Coaster Coat 12:43 download
2. Flying Cat 09:00
3. Coastline 11:03
released 20 November 2014

Scott Jones: Drum Solos For Improv Duets *FREE

Scott Jones: Drum Solos For Improv Duets
Digital Album
Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

These tracks are offered for FREE, but you may donate in the amount of your choice. Thanks... and feel free to record, upload and share. Just link back to my bandcamp page.
Buy Now name your price
Send as Gift

1. Convergence (Drums ONLY) 02:02
2. Chaos Theory (Drums ONLY) 02:44


Drum solos derived from two tracks of mine from

"Freedom Re-Mastered" for use in free improvisation with soloists of any instrument.

released 20 November 2014

Scott Jones - drums