Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rob Scallon: Chronosil - 7 string metal song

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chr...
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Lesson video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elgss...
Tab: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search...

Climbing in abandoned buildings to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksKzS...

My last metal tune "Envy"

Mixed by Fluff: https://www.youtube.com/Fluff191
Drums by Nick Pierce: https://www.youtube.com/blastbeatshaman

The guitar is a Chapman ML-7 S
The bass is a Schecter Stilleto 5

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Michael Christie, Rob Harper, Brian Arsuaga, Michael M. Morgan, Charles Jones, James Bryant, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Lirielle, Syahmi Sadikin, John Hendrix, Amit Kumar, Vaughan Anthony Davies, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Cody Melcher, John Edward Farrago, Simon Johansson, Mitchell Riddell, Robin Tregaskis, niks, Joe Cseko jr, Catfish Ronnie Brooks, Polekhov Yaroslav & many other awesome people on my patreon page http://www.patreon.com/RobScallon
Thank you so much!

chronosil (7 string metal song) - Rob Scallon

Joe Pinnavaia: Solace - Featuring Garrett Whitlock

This is my EP I recorded in Atlanta GA last year. Produced by Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia, Dark New Day, Eye Empire). This is the follow up release to Joe's acclaimed 2010 release "Fragile X" and is packed with melodic, intense and technical 8 string guitar work produced by Corey Lowery of Eye Empire and features Mark Tremonti Project drummer Garrett Whitlock.

I used my Ibanez 8 String for ALL bass and guitar tracks.

All drum tracks done by Garrett Whitlock of Mark Tremonti Project.

It is available for download at iTunes and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joepinnavaia5

Thanks for all your support!

Joe Pinnavaia - Solace - Featuring Garrett Whitlock

Dean Murphy: Oakland Axe Factory Falcon 8 String Review/Demo


so i recently put in an order for the limited falcon run from oakland axe factory and here are my findings

Oakland Axe Factory Falcon 8 String Review/Demo

Dhalif Ali: O.F.N.W.A.W. - dedicated to the significant other half

A whole 4 minute 36 seconds of Improv guitar instrumental dedicated to the missus! ♥
Hope you enjoy it babes...
Ibanez RG 550
Ibanez J CUSTOM ... thanks William!

Dhalif Ali - O.F.N.W.A.W.

Ignazio Di Salvo: Playing new ideas over a funk pedal

Making exercises over E minor funk pedal with focus on modal substitutions, timing on legato and symmetrical scales. Playing something very new on a simple pedal would be always a challenge, otherwise you're attempted to play always the same ideas

Ignazio Di Salvo - Playing new ideas over a funk pedal

Maxxxwell Carlisle: Hellion's led guitar player is set to host weekly radio show on Metal Express Radio

Hellion's Maxxxwell Carlisle to host weekly radio show on Metal Express Radio

Hellion lead guitarist and solo artist Maxxxwell Carlisle has partnered with Metal Express Radio to launch a weekly radio program dedicated to the best of Power Metal, True Metal, Shred and Metal classics.

Entitled “The Maxed-Out Metal Hour with Maxxxwell Carlisle”, the program will air twice every Thursday, starting September 10th, 2015.

The launch of the new program will coincide with Metal Express Radio’s new website.

"I did a couple of guest DJ appearances over the past year and really enjoyed it. It was a blast for me and also seemed to go over really well with the listeners. I’m totally excited to host this show. I get to dig up all my favorite metal tracks and also feature some bands that I feel aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve. It’s a win-win for all metalheads!"

In addition to the hosting the new show, Maxxxwell continues to record and tour with Hellion, and work on his forthcoming solo album “When The Clock Strikes Metal”.


Roger Pedersen: Sunday lunatic, eight finger tapping

The choice stood between mowing the lawn and do a little craziness in my music room. Easy choice :-).

I have released two CD´s; "Kernels in a Popcorn Machine" and "More is More". Both got very good reviews worldwide. Available everywhere.

Roger Pedersen- Sunday lunatic, eight finger tapping