Thursday, 17 September 2015

Riccardo Gioggi: a theory of dynamics - CD cover announced

Riccardo Gioggi
I still hadn't posted a physical copy of "a theory of dynamics", Here's the "son"wink emoticon
We have chosen a artwork black because we liked the idea of distinguish him from the digital copy, that has the cover white.

Kyoji Yamamoto: new instrumental album "Lafcadio" has been released

Kyoji Yamamoto
My new instrumental album "Lafcadio" was released yesterday ♪
latest album "Lafcadio" has been released yesterday. 

It will have to Shizuoka tour that begins tomorrow, but also accept mail order on the HP up to 9/20.Towards the purchase by mail order, also has you by ~ ♪ with special post card  for fans in Japan.

Ozielzinho: Rosa No Deserto - EXPOMUSIC 2015

Ozielzinho: Rosa No Deserto - EXPOMUSIC 2015